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RE: How to Remain Effective as a Team Leader Without Getting Burned Out?

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Hey there. Not ignoring the comments but rather things than prioritizing important things being a full time to a two year old is already a big responsibility plus having 27 members doesn't also make it easy but delegating some tasks to my members really help. 😊


The grammar and construction of your comments doesn't read commensurate to that in your posts, it's like two different people are writing. Interesting.

you're right. I mentioned this in my previous blogs that I hired people to help me with some of my blogs and this person I hired recently from upwork. My apologies for this mess!

You are paying people from upwork to write your blogs? How does this make you a full-time blogger? It makes you a full-time payer.

I have seen this kind of thing several times before and it is not received well, especially when the "blogger" makes it seem that they are the ones doing the work. There is a massive difference having an editor and having someone write your blogs.

All good ... not take this text very big ... you text when you have time not then when they say it :) @purepinay

*prioritizing things