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RE: The Black Death

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How do you know its gregarious flowering and not sporadic? I looked up the year and the last one was in 2008, and black bamboo has a 40-60 year flowering period?

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Well he seems quite confident that it might not necessarily die. Phyllostachys nigra being one of the gregarious ones. UK and Europe wide. I will feed it like mad and see if it helps

I will have a look for native willows. I know that it is a common thing to grow for the think branches that people make things with. Might be for another bit though, I have a bamboo fixation!

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Quite impressive! I am definitely sold on the willow.

I have a giant bamboo, it is only a baby though. Two years old and just about thigh high with the odd shoot waist high. It's chusquea gigantica I think, apparently the canes when they start properly appearing canon be really think and massively tall like 30, 40 foot.

I like growing shit, it seems you do too. I like the idea of willow also for the dank aspirin bark water you mentioned. Herbal is good

I have had a look, most seem perfectly suited to here. They seem to like damp, wet boggy conditions which is kinda perfect for Scotland. Defo something I will get