Life is good!

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Good evening, Hive! It’s been a minute. One blog post I missed but really wanted to make was regarding Punks on Hive! I’m not sure who was behind it, but it’s one of my favorite developments to happen on the Hive blockchain in a long while. Honestly, the Hive creature concept project I started […read a few blogs back] was only meant as an effort to kickstart more NFT engagement for @nftshowroom and digital asset collections on Hive. After all, we are a creatives blockchain first. Punks on Hive definitely got people talking and I bought a shitload myself.

Every now and then, I take the opportunity for a freewrite here on Hive. That’s what this’ll be, so please don’t expect a lot of structure. I tend to write here as a therapeutic act for my own mental and psychological health. It’s good for me to reflect. Things are pretty good right now, so this is an opportunity for me to appreciate all of it. For starters, we’re back at $1 Hive and that feels amazing. I used to talk to @lovejoy about how when a project loses momentum and enthusiasm, it’s so hard to get it back. Hive is thriving and as someone that’s been here since the very beginning, I can’t help but to be inspired by our journey and perseverance.

Personal life; going well also. I mentioned this casually around July, but I placed an order for my Telsa Model Y and I just got a notification that it’ll be delivered earlier than expected! Mid December now. I grew up in Scranton, PA which is blue color, dead end, life long career in some kind of labor field. Artists from Scranton almost never amount to anything, let alone find themselves in a situation to be buying a new Tesla Model Y. It’s a huge achievement and still seems surreal. I never would have gotten here without finding Hive and blockchain, so there’s a tremendous amount amount of gratitude accompanying this happiness.

November 30th, Dark Pinup Act Two goes on sale on WAX. May of this year, I released Act One with @facingsofficial. It was a success beyond my wildest dreams selling out in just a few weeks and earning $350K in revenue. I’ve been working on Act Two with the same talented team and we’ll be launching a companion set of physical cards called NOIR along side the digital NFT release. I have so much more I can tell you about Dark Pinup, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, visit for more information. Life is good. Thanks for reading!


I bet you are just giddy with excitement over your Tesla. I have been looking at the new electric Audi's and those are kind of sweet. Way out of my price range though. Dark Pinup 2 is going to be awesome. I agree on the price of Hive. It is awesome to see it so high. I was on the road over the weekend, so I totally missed out on the Punks NFTs on Hive. I am kind of bummed about that.

Did the Punks sell out, @bozz? Yeah! I'm really excited for the Tesla. Like I said in the blog, I just don't come from a demographic that is ever able to get a Tesla, but with some good fortune with my investments in a few projects, it's actually happening. Thanks, man!

Yeah, I am pretty much in the same boat as far as finances go. Crypto is set to change all of that though. I am pretty sure they did sell out. Most people have been talking about picking them up on the secondary market now.

That is awesome on the Tesla - can't wait for a ride along tour :)

Oh, you know that's happening, @tarazkp! Remember when I was doing those electric unicycle VLOG's? As much as I love that thing, it wasn't the best for the medium. We're heading in the frigid Minnesota winter now, so I'm happy to continue the VLOG journey from inside the self driving car with heated seats, lol

So happy for you to have achieved so much success here lately. Your work has always impressed me. That Model Y will be here before you know it. Hope we get to see more of you on Hive.

Thank you, @daltono! I can't wait for the delivery. With the infrastructure bill, I'm really hoping I can get it on January 1st. It would mean a $7500 rebate, assuming it passes in the senate. I want it soon, but not "too" soon, lol. Appreciate the kind words, man! Hope all is well in your world.

That rebate is looking juicy 🤑 let’s hope it all unfolds in your favor.

Thanks 🤝 life is good

That's a big step up from an electric unicycle!

I actually measured it and the EUC can fit in the Telsa's front trunk. No compromises necessary, lol

Electric ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Products Is feature lifestyle ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Yes, you right electricity is needy
Mush new days life

Your photographs are superbly amazing, no wonder you sell very well! And that Tesla is awesome, congratulations for the upcoming car!

Thank you, @mers! It is awesome. The full self driving is one of the wildest things I've ever experienced!

ooohhh GZ! And Nice.

Thank you, @manniman!

You are welcome!

Congratulations friend, you have become the reference for more than one of those that we publish on this platform, always enjoy your achievements, we are with you ...

Thank you, @mlrequena78! Hive is a transformative platform. It certainly has been for me. I see the growing Venezuelan community as well and I know it's having deeply beneficial impacts on many Hive users lives.

So good to hear it bro :) Glad you're doing good. Not doing too bad myself.

How to start in NFT, please can you share?

Congratulations on your car, much deserved! It’s starting to feel like January 2019 with these price bumps isn’t it?🥰

Ps you were missed💜

"Artists from Scranton almost never amount to anythin".I felt those words .Congratulation on the Tesla andlooking forward to more art