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RE: The Black Death

in #life2 months ago

Oh no! That's too bad. I didn't know that baboo died after it seeded. So does all bamboo seed at some point in its life cycle or are there male and female trees or something? I don't know much about baboo.
It looks like a beautiful bunch though.


I only vaguely remember when I was researching getting it for the garden reading that they only flower once then (mostly) die. I am kinda hoping mine is one of the few that make it although it's not looking good just now. It was getting really sleek and black too. I showed it off more than my kids! :0D

That's interesting but too bad. It sucks to lose a plant that you've had for a while that takes a long time to grow. Sucks to lose the privacy as well.

I hadnt seen my neighbour for ages too. I will be getting some kind of massive replacement tootsweet. I have to wait though, It seems there is a very small possibility that it could survive although they usually don't. I don't want to be digging it up if I don't have to