War Beers!

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Pre hardfork Saturday!!!

And it's WAR!!!


Yes, we have a barrel aged beer from Murica! And a barrel aged beer from Scotland!

Who will win this incredible battle? It's all to play for! Fortunately, we have, in myself, an incredibly independent unbiased judge who in no way will let external influences affect his choice of winner...

I am very excited this week, the pair of them look like fine beers indeed.

You could say. My udders are aquake with what's gonna shake. As I am led to believe they say in Tennessee.

So without further ado let us get to the tasting.

The first bombastic beer will be...


This is a MONSTER!! Aged in both whisky and brandy barrels. And created with Amburana wood chips thrown in... I don't even know what that is.

Hot Donkeys, Daddy's got a fizzy Bentley in the downstairs garage!

Let's go!


Look at this thing, it manages to be both despairingly black and caramel at the same time. It's like a Doberman!!!

A sexy whisky and brandy flavoured Doberman!

It's not often I walk dogs in my mouth but tonight is the night.

This is a beer almost beyond compare, it sits astride both worlds of whisky and beer like a Colossus!!! I like it very much. It startles with whisky settling into brandy then sweet treacle toffee with a deliciously smokey madness straight after.

Not sure about the wood spirals but it's magic. 9/10 booms!!

Amurca!! Nothing can stand against them it seems. Nothing.

So let us move on to the plucky underdog of the Scots. The beer aged in 12 year-old Highland Park whisky barrels!


Funnily enough, this beer is based on an old favourite of mine, Old Engine Oil. It is quite the famed and distinctive beer.

But how does being aged in whisky affect it? Some say you shouldn't mess with a winning formula?

Should you?


A fine leathery looking black. As if someone had rinsed a henna tattoo into a glass and stirred in some arse muck. In a good way of course!

To the tasting, c'mon Scotland!!!

What in the fucking blazes is this lame shit!? Is this how William Wallace would have faced the English? NOOOOOOOOO! THIS IS A DISGRACE!

How could it have betrayed me so. Traitor beer tastes like weak wankage. 4/10 booms.

Hmmph, well done America... This time.

That was all experience and a half!!

I'm off to get drunk. Happily so!

Have a great weekend everyone!!




Pitty about the 'engine oil', it deserved a good thrashing, the disappointment.

The Bam thing (is that to be considered a barley wine?), now that had some magic inside. Probably them wood-chips?

Cheers and have a splendid weekend!

Cheers dude!!

I dont think it was a barley wine. Im still drinking it. Potent stuff. The scottish one was a wan and pale weak beastie next to it!

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I'm from Tennessee and I've never heard that one 🤔 I am however familiar with getting corn from a jar and what a fine flavour that mash takes on when it's charcoal filtered!

Happy to hear the winning beer was the American with mystery amburana wood chips to polish off the whiskey to brandy finishing move...

Rocky top you'll always be home sweet home to me good ole rocky top, rocky top Tennessee where the Scottish said aye this looks like a fine place to stop and make a life..

Cheers 🍻

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Heheheheh!! I did make up that saying, it sounded like a good old tenessee saying. Well, in my addled Scottish head anyway! lol

Murca was the winner, and I had fully intended to be biased and give the Scottish beer the edge too but it was outclassed!

Sun shines on a dogs ass every now n then 😃

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Waahhahahahhaha!! Yes indeed!! :OD

Not the first Scot to receive a thrashing on the turf!

So America wins the day, I'm glad you've got more of those beauties in the fridge - although the comment was made an hour ago and so they could be gone by now. Cheers!

Oh they are gone, a bit like I feel now! Hey, I hope you are enjoying that crazy sun and warm over there! Not for you the darkness at eight!


Sunk :D

Yes thanks, it's rather toasty over here still and I'm hoping to soak up some sun before heading back to the gloomy homelands. Boooo!

It's mental hot here this weekend. I think it's summer's last hurrah!

bahahahaha it has been too long since I have seen these. hahaha America for the win! :) At least this time. haha. I love the stick bit at the end of the second one. That will teach that beer a lesson.

It taught it good!!

America!! I know, I was totally angling unashamedly for Scotland to win! lol!

lol well now you will have to do another Battle between America and Scotland! haha

I bloody well will!! This time with a boit of a better pick ;O)

Raaar!! The nectar of the gods that no-one believes in anymore!

If if tasted like Dr. Pepper I'd be in, but blech.
It's better after the second one.

I haha had beers that taste like Dr Pepper!! Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of Dr Pepper!! Lol

My dad gave me beer when I was 3, it wasn't until I was in the army that I drank any more.
I have had good beers, but not until after the third, and that was a problem for me.
Now I DP and 'medicate' freely.
We got some freedom in my state, finally.
Still got to pay for it, though.
200usd for the card plus what the store wants each time.
My bill went from 10usd a week to 5usd a day, but the glut is coming.
Prices have already dropped.

I don't think I tried it till my teens.

I went through a phase of drinking loads but Parenthood liked that dead. Loads of stuff in fact, I am quite the clean liver now! What state you in?

They say we got the loosest law yet, except for outright leglization.

What a shame that second beer ended up not being too far off from the green water in the old leather football. I get the feeling that imagery might have come from real life at some point in your childhood :)

Love all your details in these videos. You sound like quite a character to sit next to at the bar.

Hehe, I was quite entertaining back in the days I managed to get out too bars more regularly!

And, the this we used to get up to. I am amazed that kids of that era didn't become superheros with all the strange random much they ate or drank!!

now that is different way to dilute the fine product of Tennessee,
the head this morning should tell the story.

Next time use the usual dilutants, coke, 7 up, or similar.
Use the beer as a chaser if you are thirsty.
Oooops, that isnt how to do beer tastings, ignor the above, continue with the disprin.

Disprin!! Hahahah, that takes me back! At least its fizzy

Had to think of a headach pill that would be common to both countries
It aint got no zizz if it aint got that fizz

Sorry about Scotland loosing - funniest part of the video is the good lady not even looking up when you pass by........ I guess she is use to you going off and doing weird things haha

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lol! fantastic videos sir meesterboom. America actually did something good on this one! I don't think they say that saying in Tennessee though. lol.