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After taking a moment to grab life by the balls — then needing to fend off the Me Too movement with the garden hose for a few hours because apparently we're not allowed to touch life there anymore — yours truly, @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself, has decided to change things up a bit.

Do not be alarmed.

I have not forgotten about the fine art of shitposting.

And it seems to be all the rage these days.  I almost feel foolish for showing up outta nowhere then dropping two 2000 word bombs upon this charming little community.

Let's be honest.  I talk too damn much.  There, I said it so you don't have to.  Was that so hard?

So much has changed around here.

For instance:  Where is everyone?

Seems really quiet.  An attention whore professional like me requires a packed house in order to feel like waking up the next day to do it all, all over again.  Don't we pay people to consume this stuff?

Profit sharing.  This concept should be foolproof.  It works.  Just look at how many lost kitties there are in this world.  That's right.  None.  Because people write up nice articles, add a fancy picture, post it up on the bulletin board, and offer a reward.

When I lived in Edmonton, a rough looking dude offering handjobs told me at the top of his lungs:

There's more money in pussy than there is in cans, asshole!

It took me a few weeks to figure that one out but I get it now, and he was right.

I see a few folks these days recommending changes to the platform, again.  I've been around here for over four years, forever watching folks fiddle with the dials and play with their knobs, trying to find that sweet spot.  Suggesting anything and everything in order to appeal to a tiny market that sometimes doesn't seem interested in what we're doing here, at all.

Meanwhile, for the past four years, I've been staring at that other market.  The one not many here seem to be paying attention to.  The one that gladly shells out millions of dollars every year to support online content and its creators.  As it stands now, this Hive platform offers those consumers a far better deal than anywhere else.

"I've been framed!"

Earlier today I was out browsing the feeds here.  Stumbled into another one of these big names, begging for change.  Here and now there's another one of these deplatformed creators with a sizeable following asking for donations.  His goal is a quarter million dollars, of all things.

I'm honestly becoming annoyed with these folks making a career out of being fired.  Especially when they're sitting directly upon a solution and don't even notice.

Oh well.

Check out this picture of Spiderman I made!

NoNamesLeftToUse  Spider Slam.png

If you look close enough, you can even see his dick.

Have a nice day!

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Short and sweet today.  Didn't even have to work for those curation rewards!"

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Yeah there are a few post out and about all about changing or doing away with the reward pool. They want Hive to be like steem to be like all the other also ran coins.

I hope we can make it past the first year of Hive being on its own with out changing the reward system, I know it is un-likely to happen but we can hope. I keep coming back to why would I invest when I don't know if in two months the economic layer of Hive is going to be the same.

Not sure where people have gone, posting has gotten a little bit thin since the HF, the errors are slowly going away since the HF, and the price has been dropping since the HF. I don't think it is all because of the hard fork, but I know people will blame it on the hard fork.

I have trouble trying to sell the idea now, since I can't even guarantee six months worth of a future here for any potential talent and their crowds, due to those posts talking about change and the uncertainty that comes with it.

Tough times but I've been through far worse here. Hoping things get better, for everyone involved.

Shit I can sell ice to eskimos...

Horse trader master.

Your sales skills need help. I've got a 30 second pitch that hasn't gotten a no yet. And more than a few yes.

I'm working on getting enough invested here to be able to help onboard friends and get them going.

If you have any people that need small delegation to get going RC wise, let me know. I am getting ready to clear the ones I currently have out, and find other to delegate to from my alt account. I 200 HP that I delegate out in 25HP amounts to help get those 0HP accounts going.

Right on and actually I'd love to talk with you and see what we can do about helping out the small fish grow.

I have a specific account that has been running for a while earning interest. As well as a bunch of other accounts I could throw on to curation trails.

Empowering the small guy helps all of us especially if we can empower enough individuals to keep our governances into our own hands

I just feel uncomfortable setting someone up for potential failure. I can sell the idea, just unsure if I should. That's what I meant.

Honestly enough forward progress is something that sells itself.

This has empowered me and shown me the value of myself and opened my eyes and empowered me financially even more.

I have stopped trying to preach to the masses and started upping my search into quality individuals.

It's not about massive amounts of local people I can onboard its massive amounts of amazing people that I meet and show them how to empower themselves...

Failure ICU is highly successful I'm doing more successful than my initial goals here. I remember when it was a fight to get to a small benchmark and now here I am nearly with 4,000 HP! From only being me and posting and interacting with the world.

Every penny is a blessing and it is being invested into the future here.

Also I've gotten my two cents worth Bitcoin so hopefully that will be an excellent retirement option when I get into old age.

My service dog recently passed away I need to get an account for the puppy.... However my last dog had an account and the fundraiser to help out the new puppy the funds are going to be set up to help this new amazing puppy and his future.


With the price drop recently the donations are only worth about half what the original donors sent. however the price will go back up and these funds are printing interest and helping good people.

The more of that things go on the more of that things get better. And investing is going to take a while so we are just going to stand back and watch however I do think this is an excellent opportunity for people because the price is so low...

however it's what we make it and what I'm making is a lot of comments to help others out and hopefully encourage them positively.

I have a feeling shortly things are going to change very quickly.

Stability in the economics, I feel, is one of the reasons there is not more interest in Hive. It is a unique place, a unique concept, and I hope the people of Hive can allow the economics time to settle in before trying to fix something that is not really broken.

Those big names constantly coming and going over the years could have set themselves up with solid revenue streams had they actually taken the time to explain to their paying consumers the benefits. It wasn't explained to the big names though. Dude who wants a quarter million could earn far more, over time, if that quarter million was locked in, supporting him...if the concept was marketed to far more consumers, creating steady demand for the token. It's not broken at all, the consumers are never targeted is all. Everyone who shows up wants to earn. It's continuously marketed only to those who want to earn. Without consumers, and paying consumers, there's no audience. Stage is full, seats are empty.

For too long they ignored and villified those who created content here. Then when they leave and the chain becomes bare talk about how it's failing and how we should change it to be like any other shitty crypto Blockchain that nobody cares about.

And we know who they are.

Pisses me off :0)

I think about that quite often and of course there's always new reminders popping up.

I've been talking about that other market of consumers for quite awhile. I've been shot down a few times but it never really bothered me. Even shot down for being a useless artist/entertainer or whatever and that didn't bother me. Still doesn't, especially now when I see how much money is exchanging hands. Only took a couple years and it's far more than when I first started talking about paying consumers and all that's happening online nowadays. Can't even watch a livestream now without the host stopping to thank people for the donations, every few minutes. People drop 20's just to say hi, for fuck sakes. The art scene. We all see how much money is exchanging hands over on Makersplace, etc.

Blah. My head explodes once I start thinking about it all and go off in the direction of these thoughts. There's enough solid proof out there now, without my words. Content distribution and consumption is incredibly lucrative. It was like that even before the internet and typically reaches nearly everyone on the planet. .... fuck. I'm still rambling about this. There will be 3000 words here soon if I don't shush...

It's happening so well on other platforms. I am usually quite astonished by the donations that fly forth on live streams. People do want to pay, it's an undisputable fact.

Yeah. Awhile back I compared it to strippers working the pole. Those platforms take a huge cut as well; the consumer's money isn't worth full value at that point. Pimps and club owners do the same thing. Consumers are being ripped off when compared to this setup we have here. The only thing I'd change is the 10 vote deal. Make it one vote somehow, so when the consumer drops a 20, it doesn't take 20 years to reach the creator they came to support. And of course this token should have been made more accessible, long ago, to the average consumer. That consumer is going to be dropping 20's, several times per year. Allowing creators to actually succeed would be smart as well. Twas quite the shit show shortly before I left, watching artists and creative types being targeted with ridiculous downvotes simply for doing a good job.

What was worst about the downvotes was not the actual votes themselves but the clique who sneaked about on various off-platform chats talkibg about these people being over-rewarded and then when the downvotes came those with clout didn't do anything to defend those creators. Partly because of the narrative painted that this was a balanced thing

Anyway, I sound bitter. I'm not that bitter, just think it's a terrible shame that this place was effectively ruined by those with substantial stake who could have made the place far better.

The votes could be tweaked. I have always been a fan of that.

I certainly don't critique these follies to be a general pain the ass in order to offend. I've offered plenty of advice, solutions, explanations; straight from this unique perspective often ignored. I usually do that before things fall apart, so they hopefully don't fall apart. These messages fall on deaf ears though, largely due to the fact it's tough to break through to that echo chamber behind the scenes.

I'd prefer to see things improve. It's certainly not all bad; all is not lost.

Indeed it's not lost and if there is a drift in the price upward then people can and do return. Amusingly, a few months ago the price went up a couple of cents and all these long gone people started posting again. Sorry I've been away, I had to bake a cake but the cake ended up being a tiger and I ran and ran but the tiger caught me and pulled me down into the bowels of the earth and made me pregnant with it's tiger meat brood. I'm back now though!!

I did have a wee chuckle.

I have a track record of leaving, then coming back. The price doesn't dictate my return, or my departure. I'm just the guy who takes breaks. The way I do things makes this a tough gig. Sleeping patterns are already screwed up and this is only my third post back. See Spiderman up there? Do you even know how difficult and time consuming it can be to make something flat appear to be 3D? Or the previous post image that messes with the eyes, then suddenly you start seeing faces. How does that happen! I'll never tell, but I'll tell you it's exhausting. 2000 word articles and I don't even use Grammarly(because we used to call that a keylogger back in the 90's and I don't trust anything that analyzes what I enter into a keyboard). Even sitting here shooting the shit, talking. I end up stretching my days well beyond the 24 hour time limit. In a few months I'll be beyond burntout, again. The price could be $10, but if I can't focus, I'm out. I spent much of July and August completely disconnected again, no internet, no distractions, just living. That's healthier than water.

^ Current Vibe around here
But yea, all this time later, people still don’t get it...well a few do, but there’s way more dial fiddling and counter suggestions for alternative dial fiddling with very few going in the direction of “what if we just got really good at that thing we were supposed to be really good at”

I’m still here watching the tumbleweeds go by.

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Yeah. I've said everything I can say over years. Arts, entertainment, information. The money comes from consumers, those are your investors. Blah blah blah blah blah blah tumbleweeds crickets no dice


Right on. At least you are honest.

And yeah it's about winter and america is stressed. But hoax it up and wear that mask. Who cares if the unmasked person is medically cleared for that...

But let's submit liberty for temporary security.

Change is coming... Just have to hang on and just wait...

Investing... It's about waiting.

I'm not becoming impatient.

Which honestly enough is a trial and of itself.

I bet you have a little bit more patience than I do. That is something I'm still working on myself!

Were nft's a thing when you left?


I think so. Not 100% sure though.

Would seem to be one of your things.
Minnow Support Project is doing it.

It's a great concept. I wonder how large the market is though.

I've sold something.
Some folks have done really well.
They say it is big on ethereum.

I missed his dick your graphics dude. That's enough ass kissin for now. short and sweet.

I'll see your 2,000 and.. well, "call."

Back by popular demand, or whatever.

Fuck me dead the dick at the end made the coffee go out me noise.

Wipes his nose with her bush.

Guess pussy does pay more...

The reverse snort. I told ya that shit gets messy. Warned you to be careful around here!

"There's more money in pussy than there is in cans, asshole!"

That is probably true but I also feel like there's definitely more money in asshole than there is in pussy (it is dryer, after all) so who really came out on top in that in that exchange?

Also, I think Spiderman might be on drugs because he seems to have melted into the abyss. Maybe we should have an intervention when he reconstitutes back into reality.

Wait, no, I think he meant pussy, not pussy. As in cats, and how much money you can make finding cats. I'm hope that's what he meant! I've based my entire existence around these concepts. The carry kennels are in the mail, stopped at the border, ffs!

You're probably right. I tend to go straight to filth. I overheard my boss saying he likes to suck the bones the other day so I thought "hey this might be an easy way to get a day off." You can imagine my embarrassment when I sauntered into his office without pants only to find him finishing off his order of bbq ribs.

...and why to they always have to get the police involved...

Well you know how it is, everyone's got to be a joyless Keren these days.