I Said I Wouldn't But Now I Am?

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Don't worry, people.  I'm just as confused as you are.  One day I say I probably won't be posting for a while because my brain is scrambled.  A few days later I'm back posting.

This is taking scrambled brains to a whole new level.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Well Shit.png

Am I coming or am I going?

The plan was to kick back and focus on some of that tasty content consumption stuff.  The thing where you post and I read instead of I post and you read.

So I've been looking around.

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

And I think I'll go for another scroll.


Here.  Look at this picture while you wait:

NoNamesLeftToUse  Pop Goes My Normal.jpeg

I made that a long time ago.  Actually, I'm writing this before I even decided on which old totally awesome but probably kind of fucked up looking picture to use here.

None of that matters though because this post isn't about that.

To be honest.  This post isn't really about anything, but do you remember that time I said I'd go for a scroll?

Oftentimes folks will say, "It's so goddamn hard to find good shit around here."

I don't fucking know why the fuck they have to fucking swear so fucking much but sometimes I agree.  Other times I simply ignore the things I don't like and only focus on, whatever.  Everything else.

To be honest.  I don't really know what I like.  I just know what I don't like.  The things I like are usually the things I've never seen before.  Like this post I found within seconds after going for a scroll.  I don't know who the hell @ellenripley is but hey!  Thanks Ellen!  Good show.

Now let's see what else we got here...

I'm using PeakD!

First I press the word, "Explore."  I'm given a menu!  Now I must make a decision.  Hmmm?  I think I'll press 'All topics' again.

Done.  Oh look it's the trending page!  I'll save that for later.  Right now I want to press the word, "Trending."

Oh my god it turns into a menu!  I actually already knew that though.  Not sure why I got so excited.  What I'm looking for is the word, "Recent," and like magic I'm sent to The World of All Things New Around Here.

Of course by the looks of things I have to hit the refresh button since what I'm seeing are the same things I saw the first time I went for a scroll.

Round 2


What?  There's a post here and it just says, "Hi."

That is so useless.  I wonder what's going on here.  More of the same by the looks of things...

That guy is so fucking fired.

Back to the goddamn drawing board I guess.  I hope that wasn't just beginners luck on round 1.

Ooo Shiny!

Look what I found!

That's ripped straight out of a @ervin-lemark post.  I'm pretty sure I've seen him around before.  And by now you're probably thinking, "@NoNamesLeftToUse you bloated shit sniffer!  How dare you snag the photo from someone else and just slap it here like it ain't no thang!"

But you need to calm down, okay.  According to the post, it's totally legal.  Apparently some kind folks are putting together a Hive Stock Images database thing of sorts.  Full details and more information is available in the post I linked.

I didn't know we had something like that here on Hive.  Trippy.

So I'd say round three was a wild success.

So far I've seen some new shit.  Learned some new things.  Found two more people to follow after removing a couple hundred seemingly dead accounts from my master list of talent.

Do I dare try a Round Four?

While I think about it, please stare at this stupid picture I made:

NoNamesLeftToUse  The Reason Why Your Arm Hurts.jpeg

And we're back.

Before I even go for the scroll, I'm going to attempt to predict what the first three posts will be.

  1. A crypto post
  2. A crypto post
  3. A crypto post

Now let's see if I'm right!

Screenshot 722.png

One out of three.  Not too shabby!  I'm 33% psychic.

That art post in the middle looks kind of interesting.  Shall I click?!?

Hmm.  Interesting.  The picture inside looks just like the one on the outside.  I like it.  Usually when it comes to art here on Hive I lean more towards the digital stuff, but I can be flexible.

100% vote.  Well done, @shirahoshi"Nice post!"

Now what the fuck am I doing with my life...

NoNamesLeftToUse  fin.png

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
Except for that mountain one but you knew that.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"That was the shittiest curation post you've ever seen."

© 2020 @NoNamesLeftToUse.


That is a pretty spectacular picture from @ervin-lemark, so who can blame you for sharing. 😉 Glad you like the idea of Stock Images and thank you for using one. It's so much nicer to tag another Hiver than to be sourcing another site, in my humble opinion.

Visit the Stock Images community here.

If you're interested in contributing to the Hive Stock Index, please first read About Stock Images and Important Information for more information.

Are you looking for specific stock images to use? Please view the Stock Images Main index where you can search by genre. This will be updated periodically as more images are added.

I'm joking around a lot here in the post. My serious side was blown away by that photo. I rarely place photos in my blog. With this service of yours, that might change. They always say, "Buy local."

And yeah, I included a couple rabbit holes by simply mentioning these folks. People visit those posts and notice there are mentions in those posts as well. Good times.

Thanks for stopping in.

Just because this has been on my mind for an hour now, is the first art piece “ a period” ? Just wandering. I am off to visit Ellen ripley now be back later maybe, if not I stumbled across a great piece and decided to stay there. Good content is hard to come by these days

Ha! Well. That wasn't my intention but I usually keep that part a secret in most of my work. It's wide open to interpretation. It's whatever you want it to be.

Good stuff can be hard to find. I agree. Not much out there really grabs people.

We all keep periods to ourselves hahahahaha

Grabs people? Well there is something for everyone and there were better days indeed these days I am happy with a person doing an introduction in the right tags but one with a sign like undid three years ago is hard to come by. But when it’s done with love and passion and looks neat I am happy and like some vloggers i see and art or contests well I like what I am seeing. It’s divers and ok some is really bad but that’s on all the socials. It’s the “i give your attention “ that counts cause I treat others like I like to be treated cause I need attention aswell eventhough I am not a newbie and accumulated some hive overvragen pst three years. Let’s hope it will change into a “ different period “ in 2021

Gosh period could be a great meme for ladybugs contest

I feel so awkward when it comes to approaching people and suggesting improvements. There are some folks with a lot of potential but don't apply themselves. Expecting to get paid, struggling to do so, thinking the platform is broken, but really when I vote, it's like I'm purchasing that product. There needs to be value in my eyes and with so much to choose from, I'd rather vote what I see as solid effort. I do like to leave comments but it's rare to get a response back. Usually if folks don't want to talk to me I feel like they want to be left alone.

Like @brittandjosie said, TAGS perhaps? #thoughtfuldailypost comes to mind (shameless plug) but I understand. Just because we use machines to interact, doesn't mean we need to act like machines...

End of line..

Ah the maze of scrolling. Time gets distorted and flies so fast when scrolling without a particular reason and without any particular goal. Scrolling eats time and accentuates the feeling of always never finding what you didn't know you were ever looking for. This is why I never understood the purpose of always scrolling habit. Looking for what, for who, for what and for how long?

Some days I scroll just to scroll past the things I'm scrolling over.

Yes, I think this is the purpose of non purpose scrolling

Every non purpose has a purpose.

I couldn't decide what was funnier!!! your post or the chain of comments.... I'm bad at decision making so I'll leave that to you... I'll go to the corner and laugh some more.... yikes (whispering) I'm in my office shush

I've always enjoyed the show here in the comments as well. Sometimes it's serious but majority of the time we're sitting here messing around. Unfortunately I just woke up, one sip of coffee into my day, can't find my pants or the cleanest dirty shirt again, so it's been a weird one so far, the brain's still cloudy, and I can't really offer you any kind of jokes today.

But I'm still happy you got to have fun!

okay.. chillax.... take it easy... you'll eventually find the dirtiest clean shirt and be captain underpants for the day... why not get some fog too along with the clouds and redo Halloween.... if not Friday the 13th, could be Thursday the 26th!!

Or maybe Friday the 27th Eve!

Haaaaa... that does sound cooler

you are my ideal see my art i learn to you
Thanks for introducing art
#hive is really best place to sharing yourself and art
#sketchbook is my favorite community ever

I'm so happy to hear you're having so much fun here!

I would like to see more consumer-friendly content as well. I think that is the key to mass adoption: Hive needs readers as much as it needs writers and content creators. The question is and has always been how to achieve that. Ideas?

That's a tough one. I tend to look first at the fact many people, all over the world, spend a lot of time consuming content. I was reading on average a US citizen will spend 7.5 hours daily, glued to a screen, and I believe it. Millions of people, nonstop browsing. They have an opportunity to be rewarded for that behavior, on this platform.

So the second place I point to are the consumer incentives; I suggest those be explained and marketed accordingly. Yes, some folks would benefit from purchases tokens, staking them, so they can earn a little more. That's like the 'premium membership', the sky's the limit as to how much they want to spend, totally optional, and after some time if they decide this isn't for them, they can have their money back, and honestly stand a chance of leaving with more. That's a good deal, an easy sell, and incredibly fair.

Of course those folks will need a product to buy and that's where the content creators step in, creating a catalog for those folks to browse. There's a lot here and there could be more. Apps and games. In this industry those capable types who can create something many are attracted to, they typically go where the largest market of eyeballs and earning potential exists. I noticed recently and talked about it in my previous post how the current environment pulls consumers in all directions leading out. It's kind of confusing here and people don't confusion.

Honestly I could talk about this for years, and I have been. That's a pretty long comment though.

Good post boss. As always, comments are hilarious!

This Man knows what to do.

I have faith in this man.

Still enjoying your time here in the Hive?

More or less. Low price of hive does kind of suck though. Have gotten into dCity which I'm liking.

I've been thinking about trying that but is it a game where things become expensive over time, almost out of reach for those who come in late?

I don't think its too late to get in. Start out by purchasing random cards and you'll get lucky sometimes, and sometimes not. Over time, the game will attract more and more users. I'm the last guy to get into games, but kinda like this one.

I have an addictive personality that I'm highly aware of, so when it comes to things that combine fun with spending money, I tend to steer clear, out of fear of going in with everything and coming out with nothing.

I'm not criticizing the game. I assume it's a productive hobby for many who get what they want out of it in ways that are satisfying.

"I don't fucking know why the fuck they have to fucking swear so fucking much"

I when I talk, I also struggle to limit myself to four fucks in a sentence. We should start a fucking support group something.

That support group will need a good name.

The Fucking Fuckers for Those Who Fuck Too Fucking Much.

Thank you! 🙂🙃

LoL! You're welcome.

And thank you for those awesome shots.

Thanks to you, I have also now discovered the 'Talented Ellen Ripley'.....@ellenripley

Very talented indeed!

Thank you @nonameslefttouse. I appreciate that!

You sir have got what it takes to curate, would you like to do this more often?

Enjoy the curation returns on finding that masterpiece!

I've been doing it for years!

Always manually as well. There must be something wrong with me.

Me and you both! Who needs 3x higher returns when we can carry the maximizers on our shoulders to give this coin some value!

Can't pull a cart without an ass!

Have you found your way into the communities yet? :)

Why would I do that?

You can sometimes find some gems in there that would otherwise have been buried by volume in recent.

Though it's entirely possible you scroll longer than I do XD

I like the randomness. Scrolling the main new feed is like multitasking. Visiting all communities at once.

Hahahah @nonameslefttouse, this post made me laugh (:

Scrolling about on Hive is a good way to relax and may even lead to unexpected surprises.

The magic of serendipity.

Yeah there's always something to see. Never a dull moment. And I was hoping people would laugh at me today. Thanks!

I can't unsee the testicle W you drew. 🤣

Could be worse, a @klye dick drawing is burned into my memory and I'd cut it out but I might mess up the last few capable brain cells I have left.

As is tradition.. The drawings creep into your mind and lay eggs. :D

Thanks for the laugh!

I might mess up the last few capable brain cells I have left.

You still have a few?

They're introverts and stick to their own part of the brain. It's only those rare occasions where they gather. For a long time I only thought there were two but then the third showed up with stories and drugs. Of course it had to stay, despite the chaos.

I think I know which one you're talking about. Messy little bastard.

Messy yes, but the drugs are good.

A good artist knows how to leave their mark; burned into the retinas.

Lol...33% psychic.

Sounds legit.

Mathematical facts don't lie, man.

Mathematics was my worst subject, along with physics, chemistry, English, economics, classical studies and...Well, let's just say, lunch and home time were my best and everything else was bad. However, even I can see the mathematical logic found in your calculations. 😉

Math is not actually my best feature. Me done very good English better in school.

Eye kan c how gud youre inglish is...Ur tichers mast be prood of you.

They either hated me or didn't care. And look how good I turned out.

look how good I turned out.

Perfectly abnormal like all of us. :)

Lol what HI guy is more of a whack job than me.


Well I wouldn't go that far.

Content about other people's content. A few more posts like this and you'll be well on your way to becoming one of those curation accounts 😂.

I'm personally quite pleased that you've gone somewhat contrary to your latest stated goal. Sure, consuming content is fun, but consuming it through the eyes of someone else's dry humor can be even more fun.

Hats off to you, good sir.

I'd have to automate it and talk like a robot in order to be a professional Poster About Posts Guy. I have a long ways to go before I'll be able to reach those levels.

Glad you had fun though! Because that was kind of the point!

You have no FUCKING idea what you are doing do you?

I am in FULL control, kind human.

Are you going to change your name to...


... just like Prince did? Or would that be simply.. Plagiarism?

I can't possibly change my name to that. Have you not been paying attention? There are no names left to use.

Lovely. And shitty :)

You made me laugh, thank you.

Your pictures are awesome. For a moment I wondered if you've drawn them, especially for this post.

Yes, some good folks are really maintaining an index of publicly available stock images on Hive. Manual work, go figure.


Lovely shit is better than just shit by itself. Good to see folks are still laughing around here.

I made those images digitally. Sometimes my art style is... whatever that is. I like them though.

And hey, maybe this will help get some more eyes on that project.

You should sell the pictures as NFTs :)

I don't understand the craze around them yet it's not my business :)

Have a great day.


I'm not a fan of that business model. I can see benefits, as in, yeah, I'd make money. Or they'd sit there and accumulate. I'll study it for awhile, figure out an approach. Only fools rush in.

Good approach. Let us know if you learn anything useful.

Since I don't see any real benefits (with real meaning not just for profit) I'll skip the whole thing.

Hey @nonameslefttouse, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


You're fired!


Well damn, you made it back... I've been thinking about a comeback too, your presence definitely sweetens the pot a bit! Good to see you old friend :)

It's nice to see you as well. I'm not really back fulltime but I am around now, dropping a post here and there. Can't seem to create anything cool to look at these days and it's driving me insane... but look what happens when I go insane!

Anyway. Enjoy this random song.

Now that is a video to start out the day with, haha!
I've been blocked too...Howie made a good point, for me anyway- Stop being entertained and entertain yourself. Boredom is the key. And I have to admit I've been droning on mindless entertainment from social media to netflix to youtube, far more than usual the last few months.

I was hooked on Youtube for awhile. I was digging while all that controversy was going on, because I wanted to write an article about media manipulation. This world hardly even knows what hit them over the past few months. Instead I became sickened with it all, shut the internet off, went away. Now I'm back. Not sure what I'll do, but I'm here. Trying to engage a little more with some folks around here. Make my presence felt. Post when it feels natural instead of grinding daily to sometimes no audience. This post was a miracle though. Look at all the people.

Sickened with it all- hell yeah. I've learned things about people in general that jaded me a bit. The fact that so few people have critical thinking skills, the unbelievable amount of people that are so easily brainwashed.by what seems to me a pretty damn flimsy narrative. How they can't see that everyone on that screen from politicians to news to so called medical experts are Actors. Cuomo is getting an EMMY for fuck sake, I don't think they could make his role as actor any more clear than that, hahahaha, shittt.

I was pointing such things out to people for awhile, but when suddenly friends I've had for years were arguing with me using lines they got verbatim from the tv or headlines...I had to give up or lose my damn mind. Along with losing almost all of my respect for them.

Thank God for Paul, one of the few I've been in pretty constant contact with who is not fooled by the illusions.

And yes, the engagement on this post is awesome!

I experienced something similar. I would observe the news media, as it's hard to miss sometimes. So I was familiar with what's happening. I'd still sign in to Facebook or glance around from time to time. Looking at society become divided. Sit around with people and holy fucking shit, I could predict what they'd say next. And now they're doing it with the election scandal. They did it with the BLM/Antifa thing. Did it with Covid. Two groups, two cults, all chanting. No fucking REAL thoughts. Parrots. Then if I injected my view, as an observer, I was the crazy one.

Even here earlier today, if you snoop through my comments you'll find, "I was being sarcastic; facetious." If you look in that post you'll see the character I responded to in another comment thread sounding exactly like CNN. Another one who has no clue those are actors reading from a script. I was going to write an article about the odd connection between Trump wanting to lower costs of medicine by eliminating the middleman, which would take profit away from pharmaceutical companies. Watch CNN, they smear Trump constantly, in between pharmaceutical advertisements. Weird. But if I wrote that, people would automatically assume I'm taking a side or preaching a narrative, or on their team, yadda yadda yadda. Then I'd get comments of a political nature and they'd be the same ones I've seen all over the place and heard everywhere.

I snooped. You're a Canadian and I'm an American who is also a political atheist... and we're having a very similar experience.

I almost like the Donald. Would definitely like him if I didn't think he's also an actor and that he and dementia Joe secretly have beers and laugh about the reaction to the script. Well Trump laughs about it, Joe just laughs because someone else is.

Actually even then, as an audience member I've got to appreciate the Donald's performance and what he's had to deal with.

On the very off chance Donald is for real? Kudos to him and his legacy.

I have no respect for the "left" because they are obviously blind. But that doesn't make me "right" either. Both sides are working from a narrative, both sides working against the middle.

In the end all I can say is they can take their vaccination and jab it up their ass, I'm good with living off the land if it goes that far.

Donald use to be far sharper in his earlier years. Now is brain is so scattered with everything going on. He can't just take one thing and put people in their place effectively.

One of my earliest posts here, and for most of life I've said something about this left wing/right wing nonsense. Either, or; that concept doesn't have a place in my mind. Take your left hand, stretch it out. Take your right hand, stretch that out to your side as well. Now choose? How the fuck you gonna fly with only one wing? Why not use that thing in the middle most people can't see. Your head.

That stupid picture you made could be a pokemon, I think.

It could be a lot a stupid things.

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

I think everyone needs more beer and steak these days.