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This series was once known as, The Shit That's Bugging Me.  Due to the fact it's 2020 and aside from a few other issues making life hell, the world has gone soft; the people are fragile.  The word 'shit' within a headline might be enough to push someone over the edge, and I don't want to be responsible for that mess, so I changed the title in order to save your lives and my sanity.  You're welcome.

Warning:  This is not a post about food.  No actual soup for you.  My mind simply starts misfiring when it becomes full of the leftover thoughts I've yet to figure how to express externally.  When the fridge is full of leftovers, some people throw all that mess into a pot, add water, maybe some salt, then stir, let simmer, sprinkle dry parsley on top, serve hot.  Like food, why let good ideas go to waste?  Whatever pops up, I'll throw into this post; try to make it taste good.  So if you came here expecting actual soup and are now offended you don't get any, clearly I've failed at attempting to write a headline the right way, again.  Maybe the warning should go before the headline?  I don't know what I'm doing.  If, for some reason, you find yourself wanting soup so bad you're now out in the streets smashing windows or lighting cars on fire, just know it's not my fault your city looks like shit, it's yours, because you're acting like a goddamn three year old who's about to go in timeout if that attitude doesn't change.

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I'm lost

Society.  You're in for one hell of a nasty hangover.

Before I left the writing world back in early June to pursue my sanity after losing it then being told, "It went thatta way," I basically pointed out in plain words how the media was manipulating everyone.  It's dangerous and I even demonstrated how easy it is to warp a mind and insert thoughts.  So easy in fact, I did it again, just now.  As you're reading this, I'm altering your thoughts.  All forms of media do it.  It's natural and depending on intentions, not always a bad thing.

Millions of dollars, massive studios, talking heads, a top notch education, solid connections, a big name, credentials, a reputation.  It's nice to have those things if you're in the business of spreading the message but these days, hardly a requirement.  A social media account, maybe a few friends, the ability to share something; that's all you need.

Original thoughts are few and far between.  Society prefers to leave the 'thinking' to the 'experts' and the professionals now know the people, acting as slaves to the media, will do all the heavy lifting, free of charge, oblivious to the fact distribution can actually be an incredibly lucrative gig.  Local thoughts spread faster than wildfires, yet the flames can't even be seen; the people still get burned.

I look around.

The world is unrecognizable.

That tree is still growing in the same place; but what the hell is Karen yelling about this time?  Leaves?  On her lawn?  That belong to her... neighbor?

Since we're cancelling everything we better cancel the fall season, wind, gravity.  I mean, it's offensive right, and we cater to those people, apologizing for any inconveniences.

She's already on Facebook with seventeen snapshots of leaves, a long-ass rant, fifty likes, and a decade's worth of establishing an echo chamber all chiming in with their own horror stories about the times their lawns were attacked.

Those were oak leaves on her lawn, the neighbor doesn't own an oak, but that doesn't matter.  Why would it?  And it's too late anyway.  The neighbor was a renter, the landlord used to be Karen's neighbor, saw the Facebook post and that was the final straw.  He'd seen enough, because Karen has been yelling around for years.

By the way.  True story.

Deductive reasoning.

Kick logic to the curb and bring in those bags of ignorance.  Invite the mob over for some wine and cheese.

Back in the day, if you wanted to see videos of actual murder, all you had to do was hit up Limewire and dig up a snuff film or maybe head on over to to get your fix.

Now it's everywhere.  The news.  Social media feeds.  Usually involving police these days, of course, because, well, politics.

The problem with what's fashionable in the gore scene these days though is the fact, 9.9 times out of 10, those aren't murders.  Cops aren't murdering anyone, unless you redefine the word murder.

What would you do if someone's charging at you with a knife or points a gun at you?  Is it wrong to defend yourself with a weapon?  Most people I know haven't even been in a fist fight.  How would you react?  Run away?  Lunge at him with a flying superman punch?  Elbow off the top ropes?  When was the last time you ran for your life?  Are you fast, or are you dead?  Have you ever even been in danger?

People are such pussies these days.  Protected and pampered.  Safe, and it's all taken for granted.  The nastiness is out of sight, out of mind.  Simply call the cops if there's a problem and stay back, right?  Except now we burn down cities nearly every time a moron takes a knife to a gun fight, leaving cops no other option but to shoot.  It's unfortunate but damn.  Show me the book on life and chapter within that states nothing bad will ever happen on this planet, to anyone, so grab your picnic baskets and go hang out under the rainbow for snacks.

Millions of armchair cops sitting on social media pretending to know how to do a job they're too much of a pussy to sign up for.  Some mentioned sending unarmed social workers to the scene?  I bet they'll be lining up all the way around the block to apply for that gig as well.

Some think a gun is a little too much force and possibly unfair if it's a man with a knife they're attempting to counter.  So maybe the cops should come prepared with a knife, just in case, in order to be prepared for a fair fight?

For some reason that flawed logic actually makes sense to some.  They don't have the mental capacity to be able to envision how that battle is going to go down though.

A murder scene is typically a bloody mess when a knife is involved.  The sadistic mind puts a lot of passion into those blows.  Pardon this bit of graphic violence I'm about to place within your mind but some of these psychos are still going after fifty jabs and that body is still gurgling.

Now picture the video on your Twitter feed of a cop taking someone down with a knife.  This isn't the movies.  One little poke isn't going to drop a man rushing on adrenalin, drugs, or both.  There's going to be blood everywhere.  When it comes to the current options available, when there's no choice, pulling the trigger is far more humane.  Or I suppose we can go back a few hundred years, arm them with swords, maybe hack off a few limbs?

And a police force that simply runs away like cowards any time there's a threat is useless.  They exist so we don't have to do the dirty work ourselves.  Much like how you'll gladly eat meat, but have no fucking clue how to kill the animal yourself.

There's an intruder inside your house.  Or maybe it's your Uncle Drunk.  Totally out of line, won't leave, has a weapon, threatening your family.  You call the cops.  They send a goddamn social worker.  Social worker sees the weapon.  Calls in reinforcements.  Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock.  Ding-dong!  "It's the police!"  Finally.  Half hour late, this better be free.

They walk in, see a weapon, run away.  Should have just shot the fucking guy yourself but nope, because according to this flawed logic I'm seeing, that act would be 'murder' according to it's new and revised, politically correct, definition.


Nobody wants to see this shit happening.  Naturally, those of sound mind leave with nothing but a broken heart.

Except for those who benefit.

Who benefits?  This is a sick and twisted world, my friends.  It's dirty.  Filthy and full of humans.  The soup is rotten.

I'm Canadian.  Much of this chaos is coming straight out of the USA.  These aren't my politics.  There's no reason for me to pick a side.  That makes it all one hell of a lot easier to observe without some stupid bias clouding my judgement.

One political party down there and a few fringe groups discreetly connected to it along with a few looters benefit each time one of these cop on criminal shootings meets the criteria and goes viral.  Without a slow a steady stream of these incidents, would any of these fringe groups receive funding?  Their money depends on these deaths.  Without this steady stream, would that political party be able to use it in their favor, incorporating this madness into their campaign?  That's gross.  They use it to make the other team look bad.  Pure evil, and I've not seen even one human point that out over the course of these past few months.  Taboo?

Do you know how hard it is to make something go viral?  I do.  I've been producing content online for many years.  Nearly impossible is the answer.  Yet within minutes after these incidents meet the special and consistent criteria, the information is all over our feeds, even across borders and oceans, and groups are already mobilizing, ready to smash and burn.  That can't happen by chance, not consistently; yet it is.

The soup smells fishy.

And don't get too attached to your cause.  The playbook is wide open.  Everyone can see what's next.  History has already shown us.  Those under the spell of media mass manipulation will soon be guided towards forgetting all about what fueled their madness, so they can focus on the next few months of rioting over something else, convinced to feel cheated and defeated.

Have a nice day!

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"We're in the soup now."

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I wished I could find the documentation but I recall during our training that a man with a knife a short distance away (let's say 5 m away) is a greater threat than a man with a gun a long distance away. The gist of it was target prioritization.

Also read that there was some sort of drill that concluded a man with a knife can close the distance of 6.4m in approximately 1.5 seconds. Considering the condition of your weapon (e.g. firing condition, condition 1 = round in chamber ready for BANG!), you could find yourself out of time if you have to pull the slide, sight in and pull the trigger.

Point is if we're talking close distance and a fast moving, hopped up on My Dew or other "things", the guy with the gun's advantage may be negligible especially if they are a shit shot (storm trooper aim. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Lol)

Oh and most def forget all that nonsense about leg shots like you said. If someone coming at me like that, they getting the 3 piece special. 2 to the chest (center mass) and one to the dome.

Oh and I forgot revolver is kind of a different story, too.

Place yourself in the other shoes as well. Everyone knows cops have guns and fire when threatened. What's going through your mind? A knife in your hand, guns pointed at you. At that point, moving closer is the dumbest move, yet they still move in... That kind of mentality needs to be taking the blame. Make a choice, deal with the consequences.

I saw an incident come out of Chicago recently. Two cops in a park, they approach a man after getting a call to check it out. He pulls a knife and the young lady cop was one the receiving end of a few stiff jabs to the belly. And honestly, I think the cops hesitated because of these politics. All it takes is a split second. Even in a fist fight, most people with experience know waiting around for the other to throw the first shot is how you get your ass beat.

Oh my God, what a brilliant post!! I'm sending you a gift for this one, damn dude, it's like you peeked inside my head and wrote it down in you're own talented fucking way. Looking forward to checking out these comments!

This part, one week before the election:

And don't get too attached to your cause. The playbook is wide open. Everyone can see what's next. History has already shown us. Those under the spell of media mass manipulation will soon be guided towards forgetting all about what fueled their madness, so they can focus on the next few months of rioting over something else, convinced to feel cheated and defeated.

Convinced to feel cheated and defeated. And it's not even over yet.

One side now feels cheated and defeated. Watch what happens when the other one does.

P.S. Thanks for the tip! Nice to experience that evergreen content feeling every once in awhile.

You picked a side the minute you decided not to pick a side, mister. You're doing down!

"Get him!" Wait. That could only be true if there were only two sides. Crazy talking lion.

Never trust a lion!! Never!! They are lion!!!

Gawd boomy, I see what you did there. lion.

Wahaha!! Awesome eh, I still gots it :0D

Oh yeah, you're still rockin' it mate.

Oi, bit late for you isn't it? Don't you need your beauty sleep

I was just thinking that but how could I not answer my illustrious broham from the other side of the globe!!!

Kind of like how, if you're in a hurry, you must be Russian?

Exactly so!!

Or a Scotsman because they're Scott!

Speaking of which, have you folks made haggis out of Glasgow yet or are you all managing to keep it together?

I think we have been haggised... Haggisized! Something anyway. Life has become a fucking dull thing indeed for the moment.

One day though, we shall pop open the cocoon and emerge as beautiful butterflies!

A man can dream; and that's about it.

I get the breaks man, breaks, not brakes. I was able to see things differently after removing myself from the platform for awhile. Everything looks the same out there again. But that's not the point.

I'm glad you're posting your content again, that's the point. You've got a way with words dude, thanks for sharing them again. See you soon.

You still over there in Cali? I was getting worried about some of you folks out that way. That was quite the bbq.

Negative (you're probably in for a lengthy one).

After being abruptly kicked the fuck out of our previous lockdown confinement in England, 6 months short of our 30 month once in a lifetime road trip, we had to make a decision: "Where?"

iheart California, born and raised, but unless you're working 6 days a week which is no longer required of me, it's ridiculously overpriced to live. Having worked and/or lived in a good majority of the states, it was a toss-up between Colorado and Tennessee--both have the kindest people and gorgeous scenery. Tennessee, however, is one of 5 states exempt from state taxes so the decision was made.

They kicked us out on August 1st, quarantrantula (whatever they're calling it) in Florida for two weeks and made our way north to Tennessee. But we did have to do a turn around trip to Ca and back about a month ago to retrieve the few items we couldn't part with prior to leaving and it's even worse than media paints it.

My own state man, my own people, and they're the biggest assholes across the country--don't even have to fake smile anymore and the lockdown restrictions are substantially worse than the rest of the country. Disappointing.

Pura's family is all there, of course all my friends are there so we'll be back going and forth. Just not sure when, it'll be awwhhhhhiiiiiiiiile (that's a long while). And the mountain bike trails here are the shit!

Even lengthier than I anticipated.

It's tough watching that place fall apart. I have friends all over and not many have much good to say, about anything. Falling apart across the pond as well. Sorry to hear all this but life does find a way. Or at least, it used to? Kind of? Or was that all an illusion?

Reminds me of a Styx song.

It's definitely an illusion...or, maybe not…???


Verbal ratatouille!

Oh man, Limewire, that's some ancient stuff for people! Lol

It's really sad that we live in an age of cancel culture and so much anger, echo-chambering and rage that people just take to the internet and Fakebook to try and seek revenge on their fellow humans instead of having, you know, that old fashion 'words' stuff.

It's pretty crazy what people will demand from the safety behind a keyboard, in suburbia. I'm not in the thick of the battlefield myself but I've lived a bit more on the edge than many that try to decry things that happen. Life is hard, but we can't cancel it simply because it gets a bit more real than we see it on the tube.

I hope I can raise our son well enough that he will be able to stand on his own in a difficult situation instead of running away and hitting the keyboard in anger or ptotest.

I used to make bank fixing computers for friends after they downloaded viruses. Always porn. Always the red face to go along with the thank you. Good ole Limewire...

Part of raising this gen z crowd is recognizing the fact their friends and devices also play a huge role in raising them. I have two kids. For the most part this new generation develops a thick skin, recognizes this crybaby crowd for what it is. The tides will turn.

Soup is a dish best served cold. The world lost the plot and decided to make it up on the fly with a few low grade writers who spend more time playing Fortnite then writing. If you want to go viral quick all you need is a devilishly high kill count on COD - wait were we talking about gun problems or soup - I forgot.

True story on some random video social media thingy where you swipe past videos I noticed one where someone made a "Drone Catcher" - cool right? Drilled and fabricated the compressed air tanks, painstakingly screwed all the the air pipes together - and literally ended up with a device that fired four weights on the four corners of a net out at force that could net a drone at 60ft plus away.

Makes you wonder, social workers versus knives or guns, if someone can build from scratch from random bits a giant compressed air fired net - why aren't the cops just netting the nefarious instead of "he's got a knife - shoot him in the face just in case"

Maybe it's all a bit too Spiderman. And the net blasty thing was pretty big, didn't look like you wanted to be walking the streets to protect and serve with it.

I'm off to open a tin of Scotch Broth. I might throw a net over it first - just in case.

A couple months back, those fancy algorithms offered up a video showing me someone rant about all the things they hate about now, including gun violence. I'm unsure if they're were attempting to be ironic with a touch sarcasm though, because she was talking over a round of COD or Battlefield whatever. Imitation blood and guts everywhere...

And sure, humans could easily invent an entire arsenal, an answer to every possible situation. I don't think we can honestly expect to have a human carry this all into every disaster setting though, then know exactly which to reach for within the split seconds it takes to decide.

Even in the video games, sometimes we forgot what all those buttons do. Even the microwave can be confusing, but I suggest you at least try it on the soup, because cold soup is, unfinished business.

That was good soup.

@tipu curate

This is why it has never been a good idea to spend too much time connected to the media, it drains you of valuable time and contaminates your head with ideas you never wanted in the first place. It is better to make your own soup than to taste the left overs which are served daily as high end cuisine

It becomes incredibly difficult to create and harness your own thought process when someone's busy injecting their poison. Even when it's not poison, I tend to struggle. Far easier to write while music without lyrics is playing. Impossible to write if that sound is interrupted by an advertisement with spoken word. The thoughts of another human are a distraction at that point. The media is a one sided conversation. You can see its impact on minds everywhere. When you look closely, you'll notice plenty of minds all saying or writing the same things a different way.

You have a point and often I feel the same. The idea is that most people fail to realize that their process of thinking and making decisions is based on recycled waste information. It takes a lot of awareness to be able to hear yourself in the middle of noise

First I must say I was kind of sort of hoping for a soup recipe, I knew it was unlikely, but the hope was there. I tried looking at the picture, that was pure mind foolery going on there. my screen suddenly started having alternating black then really dark grey lines running up and down my screen. I had to look away to scroll to the next block of words, the next set of things to play out in my mind.

This disease is spreading out from America, more and more countries are becoming infected with it. It is like a lot of French men came over and started whining. Our cities now look like the streets of Paris. We have become what many Americans have fought against for two hundred years, we have become Europeans. We accept the riots, the war torn look, we accept that we have no culture of our own only those that have been brought in by asylum seeker. Asylums used to be where the crazy people went.

Yeah that image is a bit of magic. I figured an illusion would go well with a confused and seemingly contagious society.

Remember when those statues were going down, a few months back? There's a reason why many artifacts from ancient Rome are often unearthed in pieces. Pissed off people did that, and look how they turned out. What good is history though when you got a future to destroy.

We, for what ever reason even though we are told over and over again to learn from the past or you are doomed to repeat it, still have not learned from the past.

There's a lot fishy soup around. Nice to see you back!

Certainly not the ocean we're smelling.

I kinda like fish soup. Less sure about fishy soup though XD

I remember Limewire, but it took a while more to remember what I used it for >_>

I'll eat a fish anything but that bait most definitely smell a little funky.

And yeah, I can't seem to recall what I used Limewire for either...

Please sir, can I have some more?

On second thought, I'd rather not have more fishy soup. There's enough already.

Good words mate.

That might just be the clams, and the fact they were a little overripe. Nothing a little bit of hot sauce can't kill though.

Hot sauce cures many ills. Although I say that with tomato sauce as well, what you'd call ketchup. :)

Actually, I call tomato sauce, tomato sauce; I call ketchup, ketchup. Things get weird though when I start hearing TAHMAHto and catsup.

Lol, it's all the same. In the UK they call it red sauce. Makes no difference to me, as long as it's on my food! 😏

I missed this first time round but @dreemit told me to read it.

Great post!

This one was stewing around inside for awhile. It'll be a couple more months and I'll do another, because I know there's some shit about to go down.

A truly monumental turd is coming down the orrofice!

Ah, my kindred! This is where we should be congregating :)

It's getting colder.
Good soup is a convenient way to warm up a bit.
Nice to see you back.

Getting colder, and it's only just the beginning. You ready for a another long-ass Canadian winter?

I think the soup is still cooking. He's not completely ready. There is still little blood, it is not sharp and toxic enough. People have been turned into puppets and the threads are the media.
It can be assumed that after the US elections ... maybe someone wants this election to be the last one?
The recipe for this broth is carefully crafted. The right ingredients are added at the right time. It doesn't matter what really happens. It is important that you are told about it.

Do you know how hard it is to make something go viral? I do. I've been producing content online for many years. Nearly impossible is the answer. Yet within minutes after these incidents meet the special and consistent criteria, the information is all over our feeds, even across borders and oceans, and groups are already mobilizing, ready to smash and burn. That can't happen by chance, not consistently; yet it is.

Well stated and worth repeating...

We're in the soup now.

Better start paddling.

A very interesting story :)

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Trippy. First time in over four years.

Better late than never. Congratz @nonameslefttouse 🍾🎉

This post triggered me. Another one goes on my list.

What kind of list?