I do do my gardening posts a tad differently! :0D

A tad madly, the Boomy way.
Btw. Bamboo lasts here for many years and they grow as wide as your arm.
I will get you a picture if I can find it in my files, else I will charge you for the gas to go and take another photo of them :)


Charge me for the gas! I want to see. I have several types growing including one that is meant to be a big thick giant. That black one was myfirst and biggest bamboo baby. Sob!

Hahaha, you know that I won't charge you for anything, but I will go and get a shot of the bamboo for ya in the week.
Unfortunately there are no black ones!

Hehe, I know.

That's magic! I do love the stuff!!

No time yet, but I promise this week.

Right my heartbroken friend, I have just posted a bamboo post for ya :)

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