A nice restaurant with awesome decorations on my birthday night

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Normally, birthday cake is the highlight of most people’s birthdays, including me, but it’s unfortunate that I didn’t have it this year even though cake is one of my favorite desserts…. It’s just because I’m on a diet at present….

Nevertheless, my brother bought a piece of cake and ate it for me… Haha! ;D

The restaurant that provided us the cake is opposite the ZAB ZAB restaurant where we celebrated my birthday dinner. (refer to my previous post)

It’s a little bit bigger than the ZAB ZAB restaurant and the decorations are totally different.

(Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the name of this restaurant. And I forgot to take a photo of the cake. Sorry!)

In fact, I didn’t intend to take photos of this restaurant until I saw these decorations which attracted me at first sight. It should be an ancient Khmer style, I think.

And I assume that the following sculptures and the decorations are in Chinese style.

Apart from those decorations, other things that impressed me are two giant fish tanks with various kinds of beautiful fish and the underwater decorations are also awesome.

For me, the most magnificent fish are the goldfish which live in separate tank.

They are huge and have bright colors.

When the sky was getting dark, the lights of the fish tanks were gorgeous and made the fish tanks look more fascinating.

Last but not least, I love that they decorated the outdoor area with various kinds of plants, they can make the area refreshing in the daytime indeed.

Let's finish my birthday posts with this nice restaurant and their awesome decorations and trees....

I do love everything that I did and I found on my birthday this year and will keep them in my good memories forever....


Wow! Very nice restaurant! The decorations make the restaurant looking like a museum!

The fish in big tanks are really impressive! But the jungle effect seems to be the most attractive for me! No cake!! You are very hard on yourself! 🙀😂

Yeah! The decorations are very awesome and the fish are really impressive indeed. I love the jungle effect, too...

I have never missed a piece of cake for my birthday in the past until this lately birthday..... It's so sad, but that's for my good health, I have to accept it.... 😅

Wow a good place to stay.
It's really beautiful there.
Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎁

Thanks so much for your kind wish for my birthday! I'm glad you like the place, too. 😀

😉🤙 nice decor AND FISHIES!

and how nice of ur brother to buy for u AND EAT the cake! :P

Haha! He's always so nice to me.... 😄