Something Special on My “Birthday”

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Even though the number 13th may not be liked by some people, especially when it comes exactly on Friday, it’s the “lucky” number for me because it’s my “Birthday”....

Yeah! It is the best day of my life….. I must thank my mother and my father a million times for giving life to me on the 13th January….

I can remember well how I felt, when I was a child, on the night before my birthday; I was so excited about what gifts I would get, etc. This made me want to wake up early and jump around!

But as an adult, I realize that birthdays are just another day….

By the way, it was different this year, I felt special as if I was a child again. I started my birthday with happiness in the early morning and ended the day with overwhelming happiness. I received warm love from my family and friends. (I have a few close friends, but I’m proud to have them in my life.)

I tried to do something new and one of my favorite activities on my birthday this year was to take a walk and admire the beautiful scenery and nature at Benchakitti Park. It’s one of the large public parks in the center of Bangkok. (apart from the well-known park, Lumpini Park)

I went there after my birthday dinner, so it’s already dark when I arrived.

Exercising in the fresh air like this can refresh my body and restore my energy. And it’s also good that my stress can be released as well.

Another specialty of my birthday this year was that I could choose what to eat… And it's great that my family joined my birthday dinner this year. These were my birthday foods…

All are really yummy!

(it's unfortunate that I forgot to take photo of one of my favorite dish, "Som Tam", which is well-known as "papaya salad" or "papaya pok pok".)

Before the end of my birthday, I made myself comfortable by listening to my favorite songs and writing this article with these beautiful pictures and presenting them to you here…. ;)

It's really a special day for me indeed!

p.s. There will be more photos of Benchakitti Park and the restaurant atmosphere for you in my next posts...


Happy birthday and all the best wishes for you! :-)

Many thanks for your kind wishes, my friend! I much appreciate for your always great support.... 😍

p.s. In between, I just saw that you and your wife, @kobold-djawa has changed your profile pictures recently. Is there anything happen with you both?

Is there anything happen with you both?

No ... don't worry. I guess it is probably a HIVE problem if the profile pics are not shown correctly. Here for me, my profile pic looks still the same like before.
Concerning the profile pic of @kobold-djawa I will ask her if she is awake again (it's deep night here now). :)

I'm very glad to know that nothing's happen to your account and hopefully to your wife's, too.... 😃

In the meantime, I'm so sorry to disturb you during your precious time at deep night. Hope you have a good night sleep now...., my friend! 😊

Happy Birthday my friend!
Great pictures....

Thanks so much for your kind wishes and for your great support, my friend! I'm glad you like the pictures. ;)

Congrats Tangmo, I hope you had a great birthday!

Thanks so much for your kind wishes for my birthday. 😊

Have a happy birthday 🎂

Thanks a lot for your kind wishes on my birthday. ;)

Happy birthday! Many happy returns!

Wow! You like spicy food! Too much chili for me! I am afraid of red chili!😂

Nice walk in the evening! You had no red wine with your dinner?! You forgot the birthday cake! One big piece for me!🙀🐈🐈


Thanks a lot for your kind wishes.

Yeah! Spicy foods are my favorite and this was from my special request. All dishes are E-sarn foods. I'm a Southern woman, but E-sarn foods are the number one for me when I have to choose.... I'm much surprised when knowing that you are afraid of red chili. As far as I know, most E-sarn people can eat spicy foods more than Southern people, right?

There was "no red wine" because I don't drink any alcohol. I didn't forget birthday cake (which is, in fact, my most favorite), but I'm on diet now.... ;D

I'm glad that you like my evening walk at the Benchakitti Park. It's my first time in visiting there as it's too far from my house, so I was so excited and really happy as this was very special for my birthday this year. I, therefore, took a lot of photos and will present them via my next post. ;))

Nice foodie :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you like the foods. ;)