Liketu! The Image Sharing Frontend On Hive | Data On Posts, Comments, Users | March 2023

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Liketu has been one of the Hive dapps that has been quietly but consistently building their product for the past few years. In the last period they seems to be gaining more and more traction and keeps growing their user base.

Let’s take a look at some of the data.


As mentioned, Liketu has a focus on photos. Users can share their photos, make some commentary, and earn rewards. Its not a 100% copy of Instagram, as usually users share more than one picture and give a bit more explanation on them. The frontend is overall with a focus on photos and has a nice UI.

Here we will take a look at the activity on the platform, the overall number of posts and comments, and the number of users. The top content creators for the last month will be presented as well.

The period that we will be looking at is 2022 – 2023.


First let us see the number of posts coming from Liketu.

Here is the chart.


We can see the sharp growth at the beginning of 2022, reaching a peak in May 2022 with a 140 posts per day. A drop in the summer, and a growth again. Another drop in November and again a growth afterwards, reaching another peak of 160 posts a day.

There has been some drawbacks in 2022, but overall the number of posts has an uptrend in 2022. This is a growth in what has been a very bearish year for the market with an overall drop in the crypto prices.


The chart above was only about posts.
What about comments?

Here is the number of comments made per day from Liketu.


On the commetn side of thinsg we can see a lot of oscilations, but overall a small number of comments. Users are usuing the site to post mainy, but not for commenitng.

Somewhere between 10 to 30 comments are made per day on the frontend.

Posts and Comments

When we combine the posts and comments on one chart we get this.


We can see the dominance of the posts here as well, with the comments being the white on the top of the chart.

The overall uptrend in noticable here as well.

When we polot the numbers on a monthly timeframe we get this.


Between 3k to 4k posts and comments per month.
We can notice the overall uptrend here as well, with February 2023 reaching an ATH for the number of posts and comments. March being longer will for sure have another ATH.


How about the numbers of the authors on the Liketu. How many accounts are posting?

Here is a chart for the monthly numbers of accounts posting.


The number of MAUs on Liketu has also seeing a growth in the period. Starting with just around 200 MAUs back in January 2022, and reaching a 700 MAUs in February 2023. I expect a 1000 MAUs in the following months.

Next the number of unique authors that posted from Liketu. These are authors that posted directly through the frontend.


The number of unique Liketu authors is showing continuous growth.

There is a total of 2.7k unique authors that have used Liketu to post.
In the last month alone there was 150 new accounts that have tried out the app for the first time.

Authors That Posted The Most

Here is the rank of the authors that posted the most in 2023.


Quite an even distribution 😊.
The @borniet account is on the top with 75 posts, followed closely from @bradleyarrow and @jlphotographyart. Thes accounts have been averaging around one post a day on Liketu.

Overall Liketu has seen some decent growth in the numbers of post and authors on its app in what’s has been one of the worst year for crypto. Everyone likes photos, and now they have a nice frontend on Hive to use it for that. Also, they seem to find a right balance in terms of type of posts for Hive, where posts are not just one photo, but a combination of few with a story behind them.

All the best


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Wow. I had no idea I was number 2 user. Could be more if I had a mobile version 😉


100% agree! A mobile app for Liketu would be a game changer for sure

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Absolutely 😀


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Yes, it won't survive without the mobile version - they urgently need to do it!

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good stuff

Very interesting to see how liketu grows in a market where everything went down (2022).

Do you have data on monetization? it would be interesting to see the rewards received on a dapp that only has 2700 users. That comparison beats any social network for sure.

I have heard about likeu but never given it a try perhaps I got another opportunity to visit them . Thanks for updating.

I love their frontend and I have used it just once but I still check it out to view some amazing pictures

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Oh wow! I am really tempted to register on Liketu (an IG alternative) and 3speak (a YT alternative). I have so many contents I can't do all. Hehe! For now, let me just focus on PeakD as I am still learning to navigate here.

Very happy to see the growth of this app. While I am not much of a photographer myself I do enjoy seeing what other people post there.

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Lovely stats report as always, however, one of your images says "unique Ecency Users" instead of Liketu

So I can just share a photo on liketu? Just a photo with a few words?

I had no idea😂

I think Liketu is one of the frontends that I haven’t explored but I like to see posts from there tho.

People there travel a lot and give us vivid details, it’s interesting to be at home but get to explore the lifestyle of the people of Thailand by mere pictures and words.

Ps: @dalz I read somewhere that you’re the “number guy”, you sure proved that🙃

Cómo siempre excelente información mi amigo ya voy a investigar sobre esa aplicación para utilizarlo.

happy to see the success @liketu is gaining. I have seen many people using Liketu and getting benefited from it. i wish them more and more success in the coming future.

Thank you for this amazing stats

One of the best frontends we have, perfect for photos, I bet it's one of the easiest interfaces to use, both for new and veteran users


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liketu is the best image sharing posts


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That's good to see
I think Liketu has a lot of potential so it's nice to see it's growing steadly

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It is really nice to know about all this analysis and thanks for sharing.

I like this application very much. I am waiting for LIKETU to come out in mobile version iOS system as well. At that point I will use it even more. Thank you for giving us information about this application

I will be using Liketu to post my thousands of travel photos from 2010-2022! Asia, Europe, Australia & the US

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Wow... its nice you are focusing on spreading awareness on other apps onn Hive... I need that a lot...

Was intending to checkout likeu... now more motivated...!!!

Cool na... so many dapps on Hive, varietiful!!