Do Not Insult Your Character or Capabilities by Trying to Prove Yourself to Other People…

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Hi, Steemians!

Even though our societies are highly competitive, it is easy to forget that so many people are out there everyday trying to question your competence.

Sometimes, even the people closest to you dare to be doubtful about your capabilities and ultimate potential.

We waste a whole lot of time trying to prove some things to people that should not be of any importance of value to us…

Ultimately, we are the only losers in a game like that.

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Once, people wanted to test the faster breed of animal by pitting some dogs against a cheetah.

The cheetah didn’t even leave his cage for the match. No one knows exactly why, but some people seem to believe that the cheetah found the challenge insulting.

Obviously, if the cheetah went out and raced against the other dogs, he would unconditionally win.

But is that a worthy prize? Is that something to be remembered for? Racing against those dogs was the biggest insult to the cheetah.

Now I don’t mean to increase your dangerous vanity by telling you that you should be nonchalant towards other people and their advances.

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What I am suggesting is that sometimes, we shouldn’t try so hard to prove ourselves to people that are not really important in hindsight.

You don’t need to prove your worthiness to other people. Other people are hardly important.

What really matters is your goal and purpose.

Work towards achieving that goal and impress the right sort of people that can get you where you want to go, not any old soul who would undermine you with no justifiable cause.

You do not have to prove yourself to other people.

Other people should see your capabilities and potential for themselves, if they are conscious enough to see it.

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Trying to prove yourself to the wrong sort of people can sometimes be the greatest insult to your own character.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand some people and the depths that they are willing to go through in order to prove their worth to people in their lives…

People who, frankly, couldn’t care less about them in the first place.

Do not be that type of person. This is not about vanity or ego, but self-respect and understanding.

At the end of the day, we are what we make ourselves to be!



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Cheetahs are one of my favourite animals

Greetings @ chbartist

The bible states "no one is a prophet in his own land"

you must leave the comfort zone, looking for real challenges, according to the plan outlined

It is not about demonstrating that we can do something. It's about making things better every day, constantly improving. That must be the goal.

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I have spent my entire life trying to please everyone else, and for what? It hasn’t made me happier or gotten me any further in life except for a hard Knox education. It wasn’t until I stopped caring about what other thought about me, and started caring about what I thought of me, and I will say I didn’t like it. So I am on a path of change! Single and loving it, focusing on this dude and his physical, mental, spiritual, and financial well being instead of everyone else’s. Don’t get me wrong I have teens that still need me, but they totally get where I am, and actually starting to follow the same path, so yeah, we are all WOKE around here! Lol! Thanks as always for the posts!

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Thanks for the enlightenment!

Many of us, especially at this modern time, are really competitive for even the smallest of things. A simple argument about a topic in social media will last for what it feels is a lifetime. The funny thing is that none of those arguments or debates are concluding anything. It is basically a waste of time and worthless.

Great post, I learned something valuable today ;)

Sometimes people go too far in trying to prove something to others and come off as arrogant or even stretch the truth of their capabilities. We should always focus on the task at hand to focus on our goals and objectives!

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If you compare yourself with someone then you're insulting yourself
I completely follow this and dont try to compare and prove myself to someone else. Everyone's aim and priorities are different and can't connect with someone else.

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Yes, we should never prove ourselves in things that are worthless but to the things that make us great and better person.

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Hi @chbartist
I could not read this blog because I am busy in work. But I know that you always give good content. I know that this blog will be very useful and fruitful for everyone.
Good Luck........Have a nice day.......

It's reality, we never know that how much we are closed our desire. We are doubtful about our capability and our ultimate potential.

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This is entirely true!!! thank you for your words my friend!!!

If you always try to prove yourself, you will lose your inner happiness.

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Biggest hurdle of happy life is
Do not trust on self abilities

Another great piece of work @chbartist

I would love to upvote it but I drained my voting power (below 70%) so I need to recharge it first. Till next time :)


You should ...

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Self respect important much them proof.
Ego a type break in progress.

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Dear sir @chbartist
Very nice topic ... I have seen people to go to any extent to prove them on front of the people who don't even care. This is quite common in work in work places.
I think we should maintain our self respect and should not go beyond that.
I am new to this platform and got this post while surfing around. I will try to read more post of yours. Thank you for sharing this very good post.

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@chbartist Hola, I suppose this is the mentality of most of people... I think this is because people underestimate themselves or they don't know their real value... We need to know ourselves and judge ourselves first... We should believe in ourselves and instead of proving other people and hope they will applaud or appreciate then we are on wrong track as we should do some value things for ourselves and for our family.... Thanks=) Hats Off for your interesting blogs... Keep going=) we have long way to go =)

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As long as I know my self worth, I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I am not in competition with anyone to live a fulfilled life.
I make my own rules for my happiness.

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When I was a kid I never like competing against others but I really liked to compete against myself. I would spend hours trying to beat my best score, whether it was academic, a sporting pursuit or music. I have carried that into my adult life and use it when I practice music. How I compare with others first really matter to me.🙏

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Yes I am trying

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There is a lot of truth to the headline of this post. Once I realized that just being yourself is not only the better option, but it makes your life so much easier.

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Be ourself bot to be impress to others work your own goal is best way

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Inspiring words

Wow! I love this!

@chbartist you're very right that we shouldn't belittle ourselves. We always have to follow our heart and do things for our heart's content.

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''Trying to prove yourself to the wrong sort of people can sometimes be the greatest insult to your own character.''
i like this line from your post @chbartist

@chbartist you always introduce the things which a absolutely true in reality

Wow! Mind blowing write up.thanks a really uplifting.

I couldn't agree more, and I actually have a poster with words to that effect. If someone makes you feel the need to explain or justify yourself, that is not a person you want in your life or anywhere near you.
never explain yourself.jpg


Nice article! Really inspiring!

Hello, dear chbartist. My name is Karla Alcala. I have been reading your post, and I must say that I enjoy them very much. I also upvote them all the time because I want you to succeed and excel in this community. I hope you do not mind becoming my follower and help me to improve with your comments.

Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

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