State of Motivation?

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Have you also been hit by the recent universal energy shift?
It is much more powerful than I had expected.

I feel like my brain has melted (and still is) and my inner self pushes me strongly into a completely different direction.

My VP is:

but my state of motivation looks like:

I'm still wrestling with those energies, but I guess they are more true than I want to realize.

Did we lose the essence of life while we were sitting here all the years, clicking buttons and writing shit to grab some coins?

It felt so real, I must admit, but today it seems like it was all just a dream.
Will the dream live again?

How do you feel? Are you sensitive enough to feel the energies?

Much Love,


If the Mighty Ducks movie taught me anything; and I think we can all agree it definitely has; then this flat point is essential for character development, and sets the stage for the dramatic third act.

Alles kommt in Zyklen. Wenn man den Energiekalender nach Johann Kössner sich anschaut befinden wir uns seit dem 26.07.2019 am Anfang eines 13 Jahreszyklus und selbstverständlich tut man da nochmal alles anzweifeln was gelaufen ist bzw. sich Ausrichten für diesen neuen Zyklus.
Wenn du die ganze Zeit hochmotiviert kreierst dann bremst das Universum dich halt aus.
Ist bei mir aber genau so mein Lieber und bei Steem wird längerfristig noch mehr passieren als wir jetzt gerade denken ;-)
In diesem Sinne wünsche ich ein gutes Durchhaltevermögen ;-)

Das ist wirklich interessant! Vielleicht solltest du mal einen Post darüber schreiben.
Wenn dieses Gefühl noch bis zum 25.07.2020 andauern sollte, bin ich mit Sicherheit bald ganz woanders, chille in der Stille der Natur unter einer Palme im Paradies oder so. Mein Leben lang am Arbeiten gewesen und bisher nichts davon gehabt außer Probleme. Lange geht das nicht mehr so bei mir.

Wünsche dir auf jeden Fall auch alles Beste auf dem Weg dahin ;)

So fühlen sich sicher die meisten. Ein Leben lang arbeiten gewesen ohne etwas davon zu haben.
Hier ist halt die Frage was man erwartet.
Nur der schnöde Mammon?
Wenn man ganz genau hinguckt, wird man sehen, dass es meistens nicht so schlimm ist wie man denkt.

Schau mal wie viel Zuspruch du hier bekommst. Klar kannst du dir da im ersten Moment nix für kaufen, aber es ist ein Beweis das du einen Bombenjob gemacht hast.
Ein Danke ist manchmal mehr wert als Kohle.

Und daher,


In Chile dampft momentan aber ziemlich die Kacke..

So much is being built on the Steem blockchain and 2020 will be exciting!

That is my guess too.
Latest 2021 Steem will be back on track to the moon again ;-)

Did we lose the essence of life while we were sitting here all the years, clicking buttons and writing shit to grab some coins?

Yes my friend, you talk out like from my spirit. We are in our best years and work for 0 and 1. I dont know, why, but sometimes it feels like change the world and on other times it feels like wasting time. I do lost my girlfriend for this dessicion. But i know it is a chance and if i ignore it, i will never know it has been go lucky out.

I wish you a good time and say thank you for your insane work. I hope you live enought between you work.


@steemchiller, In my opinion without any doubt Universe 🌌 is interfering to awake people because for sure Human Beings became overly materialistic and they forgot their sole purpose and that is Expansion Of Soul.

Due to overly Materialistic Lifestyle we are suppressing our souls, that's why many started to feel no meaning in life.

But we have to awake and have to see the truth and the truth is, we have to go back to the roots and that is Mother Nature, and not the overly constructed world.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Lol, back to just us beneficiary setters,...

Nah, I'm fine, even though I had to surivve Post SteemFestic Blues (see my post for a playlist if you want to suffer ;-)
Last time when I felt energy was 230V outlet.
Terrible service, 1 of 5, wouldn't recommend ;-)

Last time when I felt energy was 230V outlet.

Good, so @gtg is now powered enough for at least a year and the blockchain will keep running well :)

Only if it would work that way I would stay connected all the time ;-)

Last time when I felt energy was 230V outlet.

How did that happen? Sounds like a story that would be funny to read

Ever since being badly electrocuted as an 8 year old, I quite enjoy the feeling of electrocution :)

This explains a few things :)

Not sure I agree with the mojo drain you seem to be describing, although I have shifted to posting far less content in recent weeks than normal.

With Winter arriving, most of the content I usually photograph (trees, garden) are not very presentable. I tend to have more working hours in Winter to keep me busy, and away from my computer.

The main thing I have been squeamish about is the lack of leadership taking responsibility for the high turnover rates in new users. I get excited every time I see new users posting incredible content, and my enthusiasm drains right out when they disappear a few months later. The majority of new posts I read are still focused on how to get more rewards, rather than how to reward more people. So I think we fundamentally have a greed loop built into the blockchain rewards that will eventually suck our user base dry of activity.

It is very disconcerting watching the SP in my account rise, and watching the account value depreciate far faster over the last two years. Makes me want to focus less on content, and more on supporting others through curation.

My voting power was over $7 at its highest point, and now it is barely $0.02, even though I have lots more SP than before. I can imagine how new users feel thinking they will be able to grow quickly, and find their votes are still not worth a penny after months of hard work.

The main reason I'm feeling in the dumps this week is because dtube and dsound don't seem to play my recent uploads when I try to access my posts on my phone. It's like they only work for a little while, but not the next day later.

we have a greed loop built into the blockchain rewards that will eventually suck our user base dry of activity

100% accurate.

Excuse me for replying to something that's months old but I just wanted to let you know that I have never been able to access Dlive until the app became available on iPhone. So although I don't check in very often I have been missing even more that was published there.

Yes this is an old post. Any particular reason you chose this place to bring Dlive into the conversation? Maybe you thought that's what I was talking about. Think I mentioned dtube and dsound dropping my uploaded content too quickly, but I never mentioned Dlive. Are you trying to let me know you had similar difficulties using this dapp?

Yes, I could never get Dtube to load and didn't try Dsound so I was please that I could get the app for Dlive on my iPhone

I don't know if it is a universal lack of motivation, but I know I have been less motivated, and from seeing people ask about who to follow post because their feeds are a bit thin lately, I would have to more than just you feeling the lack of motivation.

It's really bad currently. Can't do anything since days already. When I start to work on SteemWorld, I get strong headaches and need to stop again short time afterwards.

Thats not good. Sounds like you need to look after yourself a bit. I went through a spate of headaches a while ago. I found winding things back a little helped.

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Increased solar activity, or after effects of the Leonid meteor shower, or an increase in the background radiation in space, a weather change, I ruled out solar activity for myself, meteor shower, possible effect that could never be proven, moving into a more radiation filled area of space? I think that is still a few years off before we get to the next dust area,

I think it could be weather related though, we had our first snow, and cold weather and today it was back up in the 40's F. or 4.4 C after dipping down to about 25 F or minus 4 C. So for me I think the weather is driving my motivations, not sure for all the other people though.

We don't really watch the skies anymore like our ancient ancestors, and so we have lost touch with how the cycles run and what effect they have on the individual and the group. I am sure it is a cycle, and like all cycles they turn to another eventually, so maybe in a couple of days all will be well.

I do know for myself trying to push through these short cycles just make them harder, so kick back a day and just chill out and chat with friends or do meaningless type things. Every now and then the Muses need a day off too. I would not be to over worried about it, and definitely don't let others tell you to worry about it. As for myself, I am just playing CIV 5 until I can get a nice picture, or get this short story sorted in my head and on paper. It will happen just not right now. have a good day.

Dein "state of motivation" kann ich gut verstehen. Das dumme ist einfach, dass die, die hier "anschaffen" nur Wenige mit viel SP sind. Ich weiß auch nicht, wie wenig Gefühl man haben muss, um diesen Post auch noch ein Downvote zu verpassen.

So hoffe ich jedenfalls sehr, dass sich für dich neue Wege und Möglichkeiten auftun. Die Idee von @dalz gefällt mir schon mal sehr gut. Oder es kommt etwas, jenseits von Steem.

Ja die Idee ist wirklich sehr gut. @dalz steigt als Marketing Manager ein und @Steemchiller kann in Ruhe weiter entwickeln ohne sich Sorgen zu machen.


Yes, the idea is really very good. @dalz starts as Marketing Manager and @Steemchiller can develop further in peace without worrying.

@mima2606 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

Have you thought of payed superscription model for steemworld?
For example 1SBD monthly per user. This I think is very cheap.... you can go easy for 2 or 5. But lets say for starters 1.

I bet you can get 1000 supscirbers for 1SBD, meaning 1000 SBD monthly, or more .... that is a secure income that can easily go up .... balance between no of subscribers or fee ....

You can even make like a light version (very basic) free and advanced with subscription.

Thanks, I like the idea. In that way there would not be just a few big investors funding and controlling the future of SteemWorld and my income would be generated by the whole community, which makes it all way more predictable and better plannable for me.

You can do the Wikipedia model of a small banner pops down saying please donate to keep me afloat or something. I'd support you.

That has been tried. Lots of messages promising support, but not that many following through.

@steemchiller - I like the subscription idea, but I would tie it to the SP of the subscriber, something like this:

0 to 100 - no fee
101 to 500 fee of 0.25 SBD per month
501 to 1000 fee of 0.50 SBD p.m
1001 to 2000 fee of 1 SBD p.m
and so on

Why? Because even with an SP of 1000, all I have as voting power is 0.01c Steem. Makes it hard to earn enough to pay more.

PS: When earnings are set as to be made to a beneficiary, is there a way for us to see it is so?

Per user or per account, I have 15 SW's open :O

Als Neuling sollte ich hier besser den Mund halten, was ich natürlich nicht kann.

Bei dieser negativen Stimmung hier frage ich mich wie da noch etwas positiv sein kann??
Wenn Ihr nicht mehr an Euch glaubt, dann glaubt an mich.

Versucht das mal - bis zum Ende durchhalten und nicht lachen!!

Ihr seid alle alte Hasen hier auf Steemit und da soll ich nicht verzweifeln, bei eurer Stimmung?
Der November-Blues ist in ein paar Tagen vorbei. Also besinnt Euch - gegen Kopfschmerzen hilft frische Luft - und greift es mal wieder an.
Liegen bleibt immer noch genug, oder?

In diesem Sinne erschlagt mich nicht und habt noch schöne Tage.👍👍😃😍💖💖😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Der Filosof

Steem does seem a bit lackluster of content or my feed does.
But isn't this natural? Like low light and winter time impacts ones motivation and energy.

But isn't this natural?

Yes, to some extent, but I didn't feel like this for years.
I hope my motivation will come back soon.

Nimmst du Vitamin D3 + K2?

Vor allem wir nördlichen Europäer haben nicht nur im Sommer einen Mangel ;)

Schön zu sehen das Du auch kurze Posts kannst ;)
Gerade wenn es nicht läuft muss man sich auf die Würze konzentrieren, statt ein Haufen Gemüse zu schnippeln.

Hab vor wenigen Tagen wieder angefangen nach gut 6 Monaten Pause. Zum Depot auffüllen nehme ich ein paar Tage 20.000 IE und reduziere dann nach und nach auf 6.000 und ab Mai auf 4.000.

20.000 ist schon ne Nummer, sollte aber schon passen wenn du eh runter gehst. Hab auch D3 Tropfen, als Nachtschichtler seh ich die Sonne oft eine Woche lang nicht.
Mit der normalen Kombi Magnesium K2 D3 ist das kein Problem. K2 + D3 jeweils als Tropfen, so kann man leichter Dosieren. Mache das nicht täglich, mittlerweile merke ich, wenn es zu wenig wird, dann leg ich halt wieder nach. Ein in paar Tage 10k I.E. und dann passt es wieder. Pillen mag ich nicht, da ist einiges unnötiges Zeugs dabei.

You change and your enviroment change all the time. Maybe small and suble, but it can have an impact or like the other guy is saying, maybe you need vitamins :p

Try to do something that is enjoyable to you. Leave SW for a few days. It is working just fine :)
It happens to everyone that after intense work you just cant look at it anymore, no matter how much you love it. I was ready to leave Steem few times already myself. I am enjoying it back again now... just focus of the good stuff.

I woke up full of energy and ambition for today , but huh 20 min later I’m dead energy 🤪

I know exactly what you mean. Experienced the same again and again in the last few weeks.
I'm still asking myself when it will finally stop...

Recently I increased my intake of extra vitamins, but this didn't help much yet.

Ich kann das gerade leider sehr gut nachempfinden.

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Hallo Ivy das kann sogar ich nachvollziehen gestern und heute dunkelgrau ekelhaft kalt bei 14° und heute regnet es mal richtig schon seit ein paar Stunden, nicht wirklich schon ich denke ich sitze in D im Büro, aber es ist Besserung in Sicht habe ich gelesen wieder 20° oder mehr und natürlich Sonne satt.

regnerische Grüße aus dem sonst sonnigen Andalusien
Don T

Yes I think I understand.
You have developed the most popular tool around, the easiest to use and you are not getting the support you deserve.

I am certain you will find another path and achieve your vision.
This time of adversity will lead you to a much stronger and much more influential position. Of that I am certain.

Go into the stillness for a little while, let your path reveal itself to you.

Much respect and admiration Hone

Don't be down! Lots of exciting are happening outside of the Steem Garden despite the sombre mood some people may have felt here.

That being said, Steem is a wonderful place where we at @coingecko come and chill.

By the way, Steemworld is an awesome app! We use it often!

Nehme Dir eine Auszeit! Mache einfach Sachen bewusst die Dir gut tun. Lass den Steem Steem sein. Einfach mal nichts entwickeln, nichts posten, noch nicht mal steemit oder steempeak whatever öffnen. Das wird Dir Kraft geben und hoffentlich wieder neue Energie. Steemworld läuft sehr stabil! Das kannst Du einfach mal so laufen lassen. LG Michael

Take a break! Just do things consciously that do you good. Let the Steem be Steem. Just don't develop anything, don't post anything, don't even open steemit or steempeak whatever. This will give you strength and hopefully new energy. Steemworld runs very stable! You can just let it run like that. Best regards Michael


Sehe ich genauso ist eine wirklich gute Idee!

I think that's a really good idea!


@querdenker denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

Will the dream live again?

Maybe when the nightmare is over.
Hope dies last. 😎

Have you also been hit by the recent universal energy shift?

I feel like my brain has melted

Does it feel like a burning between your eyebrows?

Does it feel like a burning between eyebrows?

Which eyebrows? They melted away with my brain, dude.
No, not really between eyebrows, a bit higher located in my forehead.

Keep doing your weekly, daily, even hourly funding posts.

We never needed the SPS system.

True. I removed my proposal today.
Life's greatest lessons are often learned at the worst times.

I'm wondering if you could use another account for your daily funding post, So it's easier not to trigger autovoters on every single of your personal posts.

That's exactly what I was thinking about lately. I could use for this.

I think is the time of the year. I always feel like a bear wanting to hibernate this last 2 months of the year. So basically I feel like -100% and all seems like a pain in the butt... and then I look at the exchange market and feel like burning my pc down and going back to my bed. Yeah, all is a pain in the behind these days! 😞

Go and hibernate a bit, you'll feel better!

Did we lose the essence of life while we were sitting here all the years, clicking buttons and writing shit to grab some coins?

But... life means doing that stuff that makes you feel good, even if it is clicking the same button several times a day.
If motivation is lost, the best option is to take a break and reorganize personal preferences.

@astrophoto.kevin hat dir genau dir Richtige Antwort gegeben. Ziehe einfach mal den Stecker und geh raus in die Natur. Scheiß aufs Wetter und lass dich treiben. Steige auf einen Berg oder radel um einen See. Wenn das alles nichts hilft dann treffe dich mit guten Freunden und genieße die Zeit mit den Menschen die dir etwas bedeuten. Lies ein Buch und wenn du den Schinken durch hast, blickst du aus dem Fenster und ich bin mir sicher, es scheint die Sonne. Anschließend funktioniert dein Gehirn wie eine Flasche Wasser, es sprudelt wieder ;-)

Genau so... 😊
Am Ende ist der Kopf wieder frei und voller Energie.

Nothing to thank for 😊

Live has it’s up and downs. I have so much content I want create and the pile just keeps growing.

Sometimes you just need to make a small change and stop to appreciate the little things. Other times something is just not working out and it’s time to make some bigger changes.

Either way life should have some fun in it. If you are lacking motivation it’s time for a small break to enjoy something else you love.

They are more true because you think that way. Shift your thoughts, look at it from a different angle. I know from where its coming , but consider them as all negative energies trying to stop all your positive work that people love so much.

If you see from an angle how much love is there for what you do, then you will see a difference. Feel like you are not doing the work only for grabbing some coins. But see how much people respect and love your work and how it changes their life.

I am sure, you will be able to find the good and not shit then.

Just keep swimming!

It’s a part of the cycles, I think. The financial markets are accepting more and more crypto so I really think this is truly the calm before the storm. When the storm hits I don’t know but with the traditional financial markets it’s so insanely manipulated that it’s going to hit the fan then people flock to find safe spaces.

Not sure where you live but it’s also the time of year. In Boston here the weather has been crap, super gloomy and rainy for weeks. Cold and not fun but we just stay positive and wake up ready to enjoy the day, at least I do.

Also wanted to thank you for the Steem world site, I use it very often and it’s very helpful.

Try something extra-ordinary every once in a while, not code and not Steem related. That might fill up your motivation bar. :)

Yes, it seems as if many people feel the same.
I do, but it is not a #STEEM phenomenon.
It is also spread amongst people I know do not #STEEM.
The time frame ( some weeks ) also matches with them.
Hmmm . . ... . . ...

Things are not going well here, but it could be even worse. Remember: Be thankful for any misfortune that does not happen to you. There is no reason to be unhappy with this way of thinking.

I could not say it better :-).

ups and downs of enthusiasm, ups and downs of mood are common. All of that will become a reality that we cannot avoid. There are times when just beginning to be full of enthusiasm, but in the middle of the journey has fallen our desires. It could also be when starting with the lowest mood in the journey can add excitement.
Beyond that, we cannot lose. Not because of winning, but because of always get up again after fall

Did we lose the essence of life while we were sitting here all the years, clicking buttons and writing shit to grab some coins?


Yup, effect of mercury retrograde. It just passed today. So another week to come, everything will be better again.

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Being engaged in crypto coins is mainly to regain a better world without central bank(sters). So we are fighting a longlasting battle against many odds.
This is my motivation and it will never stop until the work is done.
Steemit is only a part (but surely an important part) of it all.
My motivation is still high enough to go on and I wish you will stay on board.

So we are fighting a longlasting battle against many odds.

That's true and I am currently not so sure, if it will ever work when we calculate the success in USD prices. I mean, they will always win in the game they created and who knows how many coins they will buy when the real FOMO kicks in.

Of course, also many small investors will get rich, but don't you think that the kings of the old world will in the end again be able to control the prices as they wish to?

I think the world would need to calculate directly in BTC/Satoshis to finally free itself from the old system and that will not be accomplished within just a few years.

but don't you think that the kings of the old world will in the end again be able to control the prices as they wish to?

Maybe. But we are the people. And we are many. We are building a soft revolution without weapons. Peace!

Weaponless and peacefully is the best path. I respect your wise thoughts.

Hallo @steemchiller einfach mal 7tage den Laden zumachen oder auf ein Minimum runterfahren geht nicht?

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I have zero energy from work to crypto and everything in between. "We've got no fuel for this." - Top Gun

When I take a walk in the woods, my energy levels are replenished because DEMONS HATE FRESH AIR...

I should send my cat to the woods :P :D

Yes @steemchiller, I'm finding it hard to stay motivated these days... and I think you're right, it's a sort of "universal energy" because it seems like so many people in my circle of friends are all "having the blahs" these days. Some are just plain suffering (seems like I have more friends than ever who have cancer... even a couple of our friends in their 20's!), some people are just suffering from lack of direction and motivation.

Is it a reflection of some true "Cosmic energy?" Or is it a reflection of a world gone mad, in general, and people feeling depressed about it? Don't know. Will Steem have a great comeback in 2020? Seems like the underlying blockchain is still more viable than most, and people keep developing dApps... so at some point we surely must hit "full saturation" and people will start recognizing we have a good thing going here... I lost some motivation today because my country is in a civil war (Chile) and I sent 63 STEEM to @upvotebot and I don't think I'll get it back. I'm new, help me guys... Things like these may scare new users off the platform! I am @endless.drugs and I will get the truth of what happened out no matter what! I need those funds since every penny counts in my situation. :/

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Aww and I thought it was just me lol. I feel as though my best friend in the world just told me they were moving away and we should 'keep in touch'. ......ouch!!

Here's hoping the mojo comes back quickly :D

it will pass my friend , it just a short period , tomorrow it'll be better !

For me, everything seem normal.

Not many posts, price falling you would think everyone should be moody and unmotivated but I am not! this is when we are all tested, are we as a community going to pull through!?

Thank you for sharing your feelings in this post. I could relate to it a lot. In fact, it helped inspiring me to this post, dealing with how many of us seem to be affected by this same gloomy feeling, for various reasons.

I wasnt really doing it all fpr the coins and I still enjoy writing amd connecting. Feed is thin and full of crap though. How will we ever entice others if people keep doing that? I have run out of a bit of puff though. Less clicking more living?

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Kann man das Essen? Wenn ja, hier noch ein !BEER zum runterspülen. :)

Hey @steemchiller, here is a little bit of BEER from @dotwin1981 for you. Enjoy it!

I am with you on this. The wind went out of me on a lot of things. I'm just kind of ...existing.

Some time in nature and away from the internet may restore your energy and give you perspective on what’s important in your life going forward 💭

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@mima2606 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

Well @steemchiller.

Since everyone here has already expressed in words almost everything that possibly could be said to make you feel a little bit better. Then, as a witch doctor, let me now throw some of my most powerful 'curative' medicine...

¡Music Is Balm For The Soul!

Lately I also feel sad, and more with the lower price of the BTC these days.

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Habe dein Proposal wieder gevoted. Würde mich über regelmäßige Updates freuen. Eventuell können diese Dir auch helfen zu sehen, was du alles in einem bestimmten Zeitraum geschafft hast, neben dem Hauptaugenmerk, dass wir (die Voter) wissen was genau bei SteemWorld los ist. Versteh mich nicht falsch, ich habe schon gesehen, dass sich ein paar Sachen geändert haben, aber das ist grundsätzlich für den normalen User nicht direkt bzw. überhaupt erkennbar.

PS: Habe den Post nur gedownvoted, da mMn viele auto-votes reinkamen und er doch recht kurz ist. Bitte nicht persönlich nehmen. Devevelopment Updates bzgl. SteemWorld up-vote ich selbstverständlich ;)

Of course, giving downvote is up to you @therealwolf

But can't you understand why we give an upvote or autoupvote to @steemchiller. We want his services with SteemWorld.

As you can see, @steemchiller has so far received 1483 votes from the community on the post and it is also related to his services to us.

He does not post every day, but approx. Once a week and then you come up with a downvote that you think the profits are too high. @steemchiller does not post every day otherwise he would not get as much upvote from a part of us. I hope you understand that and don't give a downvote next time to @steemchiller.

Flagging @steemchiller who is a developer is completely wrong, he gives us SteemWorld for free. I understand well his motivation is not quite on top of what has happened lately.

I vote for you as a witness, have been doing it ever since you asked me if I could do it once in a while. Yes you do a lot for the community and I am happy about it. But I don't like what you do with downvote @steemchiller

I understand your point-of-view. But, I've told steemchiller already that I want to see development updates. This post, on the other hand, is a slap in the face. It is a sarcastic version of a development update. It is mocking the concept of responsibility & transparency regarding the SPS.

This doesn't mean that his honest expression of his feelings shouldn't be rewarded, but not as a placeholder for SteemWorld related stuff.

I understand that you're very glad SteemWorld exists, I feel so as well, but this is about how you/we want proposals to be structured in the future. Do you want people to earn SPS rewards without showing what exactly they're working for? Or do you want to incentivize transparent work, which is valuable for everyone, even if steemchiller decides to quit altogether?

Also, are you as supportive for developers of SteemConnect, SteemKeychain, SteemPlus, SteemApps and all the other useful tools as you are for SteemWorld?

And if you're wondering what I mean with a development update, it could be something like this (should be longer than a sentence of course):

hey guys, this week I achieved this and this ...... next up are that and that, which I hope to get done in x days....

Or similar to this:

You have now clearly stated what your opinion is.
Then I know it and how you think @therealwolf

This attitude you are exhibiting is one of the reasons people loose incentive to stick around on the Steem blockchain platform, sadly.

An attitude of what? Honesty? Transparency?

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I was wondering if it is too much trouble to add a text editor to steemworld? I would probably use it instead of most frontends to do 99% of my kinds of stuff.
That is a feature I would use a whole bunch.
Thank you for providing a kick-ass service!