Finally got to see my favorite band live! Bring Me The Horizon live in Bangkok 2023

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Inspired by Bring Me The Horizon's current aesthetic

A lil bit of history

It was 2012 and I was a 15yo exploring metalcore and deathcore genres because pop music doesn't resonate with me. I was listening a lot to Suicide Silence that time when I met another kid in the school who likes the same genre as me. It wasn't a very big school, so finding someone who likes metal as me is very rare. I think I only know 2 people like me lol.

I still remember when I first heard the song "Crucify Me" and it stuck with me since then. The message of the whole album just resonated with me well and it became my instant favorite. It speaks the struggles that I have within me that I can't put into words.

I remember just fangirling over them. Looking at their live shows on Youtube and have Oliver Syke's picture as my phone wallpaper haha. I was basically just dreaming of the time when I am able to see them live - and I was so sure I was gonna.

2013 came and they released their album Sempiternal and that just got me through college really lol. I think this is the time when they got mainstream and there were a lot of memes cos of it. This genius album made them stand out from the other bands of their time. I love how this album made me feel, it's kinda like a hug really... Bruh I didn't even know what I was depressed about but thankfully I had music to help me with my everyday stuff.


My drawing of Oliver Sykes back in 2013 hahaha

My favorite album is That's The Spirit and they really did amazing with them. It has more of a depressive sound for me - kinda like everything is already fucked so you just accept it and we're ready to die vibe. I kept on telling myself when I set foot on Europe this is the first album I'm gonna listen to, since the whole sound just screams European history to me. :P


bmth bangkok.jpg

You can only imagine how happy I was when they announced they're gonna go to Bangkok. I've never attended big concerts before since I'm not really comfortable with big crowds, they just make me feel anxious. But there was no way I'd miss this one especially this was so close to my country.


I was so excited I forgot to eat lol. We arrived at around 4pm, 1 hour after the merchandise store opens. The concert starts at 8pm so we had plenty of time but I didn't anticipate how big the line would be. :P This is also my first big concert so I didn't really know how these works.


The line for the merch was already long despite still being 4 hrs before the concert starts. :P We managed to buy some merch and had a snack. The band I Prevail was playing before the main show but I wasn't a fan so it was okay for me to miss them. The line for the gates were also long, and it just makes sense that people would want to get there as early as they can so they can get as close to the stage as possible.


I Prevail band playing - shot by @acidyo cos I'm too small for that XD


I really love the theme of their recent tours. It is similar to their current album that is yet to be released. They're leaning on towards more of a video game theme with a lot of post apocalypse and cult stuff. They have these video presentations that make it seem like it's an alien of some sort talking to the audience lol. What I love about them is they are constantly changing, every album is getting better and better. They never stick to one style which is something I dig.

They opened the show with "Can You Feel My Heart", the song I guess made them really popular lol. The crowd was just jumping and singing which was really nice. Everyone was like CAAAN YOU FEEL MY HEARRRTTT.


They played "Amen" next and it was such a thrill for us since they're kinda going back to their "Count Your Blessings" era with this heavier song.


Circle pits would sometimes form randomly haha. We were somewhere in the middle and the pit can get big as well. There was a time there were 2 or 3 pits formed separately, just people jumping and running in circles. XD

I really wanted to join so bad but I didn't wanna get lost since I'm smaller than an average Thai. :P


Their set list was really great since they picked the favorites from each albums. Making it really exciting for the fans compared to when bands play just the most recent songs. It was a great balance of favorites and lesser known songs so everyone vibed to them pretty well.


A lot of times I couldn't see the stage cos I'm too small. XD But that's not really a problem for me as long as I can hear and move around. I was worried about it being too tight but it wasn't really. There was room to move around and stuff which was really nice and unexpected I guess. I thought those shows have really packed audience haha.

Follow You

Days before the concert, I was having a conversation in my head like asking myself what my favorite song is. "It might be Doomed... no, it must be Follow You". I repeated that same conversation quite a few times, as I really just think of random stuff all the time lol.

The day of the concert came and the vocalist said "I would really like to see people on people's shoulders". I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying at all, but luckily the guy beside me told me I could get on his shoulders since THEY'RE ASKING FOR IT!.

When I got up, the vocalist noticed me!! There was another one who got up first but I was the one he noticed first lol. When he saw me he was like "LIKE THAT YES. Thank you. I love you. I love you, more than anyone else here right now." and the crowd went WOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH.

With my detective skills, I found a video from one of the people there who was able to take a video of the moment and posted it publicly on Facebook. T_T



It took me a few seconds to process what's happening haha. After Oli turned his attention somewhere else, I was looking everywhere and realized how big the crowd was. It didn't make me feel scared tho, but instead it felt like a big warm hug. I was surrounded by people who liked the same stuff as me. These things I've longed for a long time since I've never really met a lot of them irl. In my group of friends I'm the only one who's really into metal, so being here with the crowd feels safe.

And then I realized what the next song was...

It was my favorite song!!!


I don't know what I did to get this lucky. XD To have been noticed and had the song that I really love played at the same time... while having a clear view of everything. I was just singing along the whole time while waving my hands.




Overall this concert has been really great. Their performance really was spectacular and I love how engaging Oli is to the audience. In the end he went to the crowd and sang Drown and hugged some of them too. His vocals were really good live and just the energy of everyone was really contagious.


I'm so happy to have seen them grow from just another "screamo" band to one of the popular and unique bands in this era. I'm glad they have stayed true to their craft and didn't really care what people would think. They kept on experimenting and their sound is one of the most beautiful and unique one I've heard, just combining elements and stuff. A lot of people really hate bands/artists that change their sound but BMTH has never cared about that. They just want to create art and I love them for that.

They're also not one of those problematic bands. They have always been genuine with their art and their fans unlike some other bands who commit crime or just being straight up assholes cos they're "rockstars" lol.

This is for sure not gonna be the last time I'm gonna see them. XD 12 years a fan and counting. :D


Ahhhh, is this a coincidence, I'm currently listening to the song Follow You, ehe. I can't call myself a fan of them but I love some of their songs. I actually just discover them because of my brother who have the same type of music, ehe.

And congrats as you were able to watch them live, if it's me I will also do some fangirling coz why not right. It's a hell of experience that need to be celebrated and jump in happiness 🤩🤩

Yeah it's been a long dream of mine haha. Are you a metalhead as well? It's always a surprise to me to know that people who aren't a fan of metal love listening to them, but then again I forgot that their current albums nowadays aren't metalcore anymore hahaha but really a nice thing that they have a wider audience now. They're one of those who deserve it. :D

luckily the guy beside me told me I could get on his shoulders since THEY'RE ASKING FOR IT!.

Not all heroes wear capes ;-)

Bring me the horizon también es mi banda favorita desde los 17 años…son súper creativos y excelentes canciones..muy fans de ellos, buen post Saludos desde Cuba 🇨🇺

Wow, you look really have fun and for sure on cloud nine. Hoping also to experience like this in my favorite band.

Yeah!! I hope as well for you. It's really an amazing experience when you listen to them for years and suddenly you see them live with people who like the same thing as you. Really fun :D

Must have been an amazing experience. Going to your first ever concert and seeing your favorite band is awesome. You even got noticed by Oli haha. Can't imagine your first experience going any better than that. Shoutout to the good guy who shared his shoulders! :D

I agree with what you said about the crowd feeling like a big hug too. I always loved that about concerts as it makes everyone feel like one big group of friends just enjoying their favorite thing together.

Glad you finally got to see your favorite band. BMTH Rocks!

I wasn't asking for a lot but damn they delivered more than expected hahah. Yeah that was really awesome for the guy and I'm so grateful for that. They say metalheads are scary people but shit like this happens!

It's also so easy to make friends there and it's almost funny I didn't know this is how it feels lol. I knew that the metal crowd are nice people in general but it really is different once you get to experience them.

I can feel you with this post girl! I attended my favorite artist last year and the emotion and all the vibes from the concert are hard to describe into words as it's a thing that must be felt! Also, I didn't know Bring Me The Horizon is your favorite band! I know only a couple of songs from them but I always appreciated their music :)

Right??? It's sooo different when just listening to the studio versions or just looking at the live videos. A lot of times it's not the performance anymore but the people around you, it's all positive energy lol. Yeah, I would say I listen to a wide genre of music but my main 'bitch' is really metalcore-nu metal. :D

Wow! Nice to know a fellow BMTH band. I've been listening to them since early 2006. The videos that you shared on Facebook were also amazing.

Damn those are Myspace days hahaha. I heard they got popular cos of that. I was too young to even be on Myspace so I didn't know lol. Oh no that wasn't my post haha, I just saw them there. It would be fun to have them post the whole professional concert video as well but I don't see any that's why I had to search for videos from the crowd.

Myspace era was golden. There were lots of bands and subgenre that was formed during that time. I was high school during that time.
Oh I see but anyways, their performance was still great. Thanks for taking the effort to look for those videos.

BMTH was supposed to have a concert in Indonesia several months ago, but unfortunately the promoter was not accommodating properly and that made many spectators angry and the concert was even canceled on the big day.

Yeah I heard that too. After this concert, they went to Indonesia a few days later and they had to cancel in the middle of the concert while they're performing cos the stage was also jumping and moving - was a safety issue... the crowd was wild for destroying equipments on stage.. I would also just leave if someone tells me concert is cancelled because of a safety issue haha

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Wow, what an incredible experience, it's one of my favorite bands, very good photos by the way, Oliver's were brutal