My Wartime Diary. Birthday and long-distance relations. Day 84

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It's been 84 days since I am alone with this nightmare. Almodt always by myself. No family, no friends, no pets. What is the meaning of the life of a person who lives alone? Sometimes it seems that if there is no one to take care of, then there is no point in taking care of yourself.

How do single people manage not to go crazy? Sometimes I feel like I can't take it anymore. The last week has been unbearable. I've been crying 2 days. And then Nick came home. And my despair is gone.


He has been at home for two days and 2 nights, and I'm so happy not to be alone because... because it's my birthday today. ❤


We visited the hairdresser (for the first time this year 😃), walked around the neighborhood, went to a cafe. In addition, I did some work, attended a company meeting.


I get calls with greetings all day since early morning, and I feel like didn't talk so much for ages. It's so warming to know that my friends don't forget me in these terrible circumstances, to share news and our stories, fears and hopes, and best wishes. We have the only huge shared wish - a victory for our country. Victory over invaders, over darkness, death and destruction, injustice and deprivation. It will be the greatest day in our live, and we'll be the happiest people in the whole world.



I dream of the day when I will see my daughter and mom. I miss my friends, work mates, Nick's friends, and his mom. She is a wonderful and strong woman, and lives much closer, in 45 km from my place. Hope I can see her and hug when our oil shortage will be over.

Look what my sweetheart has sent me! The box came today in the morning.🎁 She knew her mom will be looking for a birthday cake and sent me a Tiramisu 🥰 And a bottle of a Cianti (yummy 🍷) and one avocado, and some food supply. I raised a good girl. She is my heart, my love and my life. 💕💖


Although, today Ukraine is celebrating Vyshyvanka day. It's a very special day for Ukrainians, as vyshyvanka is a part of our national code and heritage. On this day we used to put on our best embroidery, take selfies and group pictures, go to parades and boast about. This day is always very joiful and sublime....

Nat is wearing vyshyvanka that I bought her a while back. Good lass.



Tomorrow is another day. Nick made a decision, he'll join AFU. I wish he'd stay at home, return to work, but ... it's his decision, and I respect it. So, today we enjoy each other and our blue sky that our defenders hold for us every day and every hour. Enjoy every bit of our life - street art, blooming trees, singing of birds, sunbeams, the chance to hold hands and hear a breath of the loved once in the night.



Life is a miracle. And we highly appreciate it.


Happy Birthday,
We wish you,
Birthday @zirochka
Happy birthday to you.✨

Happy birthday beautiful friend, God and the Blessed Virgin fill your life with blessings today, tomorrow, and always, grant you all the desires of your life, and fill you with lots of health, life, love, prosperity and peace.

I am so happy to have been right here, and to see your publication on such a special day for you.

I am so happy to see that you are being pampered so much, you deserve it, and you are spending your day with your husband, and that your friends are keeping you so present.

What a beautiful daughter you have, she looks so much like you, she has your look, beautiful eyes, God bless her, may you enjoy what she sent you with so much love, I hope you can meet her again soon.

Have a happy day, take a break and enjoy life, we have no other choice, as long as we have life and health the rest will come by itself.

I ask God to grant you your most precious wish, and that you get the peace, freedom and happiness that you long for.

These days I have felt a little better, at least the light has not gone out, and I have been able to be a little more active around here and with a little less anxiety.

Kisses and a thousand blessings my friend. May your day be special.


Thank you for greetings and blessings, dear @dayadam

I am so happy to have been right here, and to see your publication on such a special day for you.

And I'm glad to know your PC survived power offs and you have Internet. Wish more stability for your life and peace and calm for your soul. God bless you!

Hugs and !LUV

Thank you friend. How beautiful you are @zirochka . A big hug. Take care of yourself🥰

З Днем народження! Тримайтесь, ми обов'язково переможемо і дуже скоро!


Happy belated birthday! 🎂🎂🎂
I am sorry I am late with my wishes.
Anyway, the longer you enjoy you birthday, the better. 🙂
I wish you have you next birthdays with your loved ones and the war to be over and you can have no sorrow, but only joy.

These are the best wishes! Thank you, dear Neli. Your words to God's ears.

I am so glad that you were remembered on your special day! It was sweet of your lovely daughter to send things to you! And I so like those pics of you and Nick together! The love between the two of you really shows! 💜


Thank you so much, @thekittygirl 💛


I am glad you got to have Nick at home to celebrate your birthday and spend time together doing things you enjoy.❤

Your daughter Nat is a sweetheart sending you such thoughtful gifts!
She looks beautiful - just like you!👸

Sending you hugs, birthday kisses, love and prayers for safety and peace!

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Happy birthday @zirochka (ok technically I'm late, but hey we live in the cyber world!!)

I'm so glad Nick came back to spend birthday with you, and you must know that although you are alone, you are never alone because we are all thinking of you all the time.

Nick is so brave and selfless to join the AFU. I'm sure the fact he has made that decision means he has the confidence both in himself and all his fellow countrymen they can get through this together. You must be really proud of him.

Take care ❤️ 💛💙

Thank you @livinguktaiwan 💖

You know, I have friends that have nothing in common, and I used to celebrate my birthday with different "groups" separately :) It could take few days. The record of the latest celebration with my girlfriend whom I am still in touch was 3 months :D :D As you see, you're not late at all.

I always have you in my thoughts and know it's mutual. But you know, we really need to communicate with people in person time after time. Even simply being among people make the one feel better.

Concerning Nick. I am both proud of him and worried about him. I recently recalled how he first came home after the start of the war, it has been 2 weeks or so. He had changed a lot, seemed like a stranger, emotionally detached. And suddenly I realized that most likely he was scared, because he saw and knew more than I did. We all are just humans. But hopefully, he will be helpful there, same as where he is now, and they will use his intelligence not just hands.

Happy Birthday, dear @zirochka ! You and Nick are so beautiful and I can see the love in your eyes. You are a beautiful couple and you touched my heart. I really hope all the best for you and Nick. Stay safe, be strong.

Thank you for greetings and wishes and all good words, dear Silvia!

Sending up major prayers that hopefully there's going to be a huge opportunity that Russia could get cut off and then circled and not only one huge Chunk in the Southeast front but also another smaller area as well is looking to get cut off and encircled.

Sending many prayers that this conflict will end soon and everyone will be safe. Thank you for your hard work helping others.

Happy birthday! We are thinking of all of you every day

Keep on hoping! Some day there will be peace again!

I believe that every passing day make us closer to it ❤️

Happy birthday dear @zirochka

Thank you, my friend!

Happy Birthday! The best present, I'm sure, was having your husband with you.

This year, it was the best present indeed. Thank you!

Thanks to @ninahaskin I heard about its your birthday, okay guess now as we passed midnight here in Europe I am a little too late.
But wanna wish you all the best for your New life year!!! May all your dreams come true and soon come a time to celebrate with your family and friends in peace freedom and health !LUV

It's never late for good words 💛 Thank you so much, dear @beeber

Happy Birthday, so glad Nick was there to spend it with you. We are all praying for this war to end and for Ukraine to be the victor. God Bless.

Happy birthday! You don't look old enough to have a grown daughter. She is beautiful, like her mother.

Aww, thank you, @scribblingramma. That's just good genes 😊

З Днем народження. Тримаймось. Футболка просто дивовижна, я і собі захотів таку.

Дефіцит нафти дійсно створює великий дискомфорт. Якби не він, я б в суботу завітав на семінар у Київ, а так сиджу і вагаюсь чи потрібний мені цей семінар по великому рахунку.

Дякую за вітання! Малюнок із Чорнобаївкою мені сподобався одразу і найбільше з усіх )

Стосовно пального - а автобуси на Київ ходять від Вас? Перекладіть проблему пального на водія ;) А по Києву і комунальний, і приватний гасає. Правда погодою лякають на завтра

Прорвусь, вирішив що їду. Буду добиратись блаблакаром. А на погоду, я точно ніяк не вплину, тому просто змирюсь із тим що буде.

Тоді удачі на завтра 🤜

Дякую, шкода ще не маю вільного часу, все в притик. Так би запросив на каву. Нічого, сподіваюсь, що не в останій раз буду в Києві і ще зустрінимось, звісно, якщо Ви не проти.

Звичайно не проти, навпаки! Раптом час все ж буде, напишіть мені в телеграм @zirochka_ua


I would like to wish you a "Happy birthday" first. And the real, lonely time, is to think more about what anybody have lost. But don’t be shaken by any of that. Be courageous and strong.

Thank you

I congratulate you on your birthday! 🤗❤
С Днем Рождения! 🥳💐
Hope it all ends soon! And war will not separate families! 🧎🙏🏼
Слава Украине! Слава нашим Героям!

Happy Birthday, may victory come to your land, may peace prevail when this ghastly war is over, life is strange yet survive we must.

So good to see you happy together celebrating a few days in what appears lovely Spring weather.

@tipu curate 2

may victory come to your land

This is the best wish ever... Thank you so much, @joanstewart! ❤

Happy Birthday my dear friend ❤️❤️❤️

It's so nice to see you and read your post, but it's also heartbreaking. You're an amazing woman! I wish I could be there to hug you and spend a few days with you, help you in any way I can. Actually you're both amazing. I don't know what AFU is, but I suppose it's the army.

God bless you all and let's hope the big day is closer than we think. 🤗

AFU IS Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our martial law is extended for 3 more months. Now I agree with those who said that it may last till the end of this year. Now it doesn't seems so unreal. But ... I say to.myself that I should do all I can do and try to not worry too much about what is beyond my power. But this way is very, very hard.

Thank you,.my dear Erikah. I wish I can see you one day, maybe on Hive Fest, and hug you tight. And thank you for your support during hardest and darkest days of my life.

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А сьогодні ж Всесвітній день вишиванки 😂. Вітання🤗

Дякую і навзаєм! Хоч вже трохи запізно... )

Happy Birthday.

I hope that for your birthday, you receive an end to this war and a return to normalcy!

Thank you. Hope so!

Happy Happy Birthday!


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!giphy happy birthday


Thank you! 🤗


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Hi, i hope you be fine. this is picture so cute, is so glad see you smile again.

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I'm sorry I'm late to the party. A happy belated birthday! Oh I love tiramisu. It has to be my favourite dessert .... along with others. 🙂