Wal Mart sells controversial shirts - public reacts as predictable as ever

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I tire of people who try to police the world even as much as I do of companies who immediately backtrack and simply "feed the beast" of ridiculous public outcry. It shows how absurd the public have become when a story "breaks" that isn't really a big deal and then everyone jumps up to virtue signal.

Virtue Signal

the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue.

This "controversy" is simply surrounding the sale of a sweatshirt which was available only in Canada and even then it was only online.


There are other adult themed shirts as well that have Santa in a number of sexual situations but it's the snowman doing blow that set people off. I'm sure most normal people just found it amusing because as anyone who has ever done coke can attest, "snow" is a whole lotta fun! Even if you haven't ever done blow (don't do drugs, kids) you have seen how it is depicted in films.

The main reason why i feel that the perpetually-outraged population of the world is once again incorrect in their decision to react to this are detailed here.

  • the shirt was only available online in an adults' section
  • the shirt was only on the Canadian website - it was not in any Wal-Mart store
  • Wal-Mart is a massive company with hundreds of thousands of products for sale and likely doesn't morality-check every piece of merch that goes up for sale on its site
  • The company who makes the sweaters, "FUN Wear," is now experiencing a dramatic increase in sales from their OWN website because of the stupid media piece.

The last bit is the most important part and this is only going to increase the likelihood of people producing stuff like this in the future and trying to get them online. Any press is good press and now FUN-Wear is seeing a dramatic increase in orders of their products that before this SJW piece hit the stands was bound to be a relatively unknown product.

This happened once before with a Monopoly clone board game around 20 years ago (I'm sure it has happened many more times than once but i only recall one.)


Ghettopoly, was poorly produced board game that fell apart after you put it back in the box for the 3rd or 4th time. It was called "racist" despite the fact that the game depicted all races in it. It went from being a product that almost no one would have ever even heard of to an overnight sensation once the SJW's protested the store and it made national news. I know all this because I saw it on the news and then I ordered one.

It was a funny game - nothing more. It would have been a poorly-selling one if it weren't for the dummies with nothing better to do than to create problems for companies that try to make edgy products.

The point of the story is people are ridiculous. No one would have even known either of these products existed if certain twitter users hadn't used an opportunity to gain some online fame by virtue signalling (twitter didn't exist 20 years ago but you get the point.) However, this was probably their original intention anyway. They probably didn't care that the shirt was for sale but needed to appear as though they did. Their brief fame will be short-lived.

If the company themselves organized this public outcry I say "good job guys!" If it was an individual trying to solve the problems of the world via Twitter I'm happy to see that his or her plan has massively backfired and they need to be prepared for a rush of more inappropriate Christmas products, because that is exactly what is going to happen.

Cocaine snowman is one of the most sought after clothing products of the season because of you to the point where the company FUN-wear can't keep up with demand and it is selling on Ebay for 3 to 4 times the original value.


I think the shirt is hilarious.

i agree... i really wish i had one

Haha, that is hilarious! Where can I get the short sleeve version!!!??

Been down in Koh Phagnan now for about a month. Life is good here. Sun is shining and the pool and beach are both in view from my bungalow.

Did you relocate yet? Where did you choose?

My girl and I a planning a Vietnamese adventure next month, should be exciting.

Good getting back on steemit viewing some of my favorite blogs and certainly stopping by your page...just been so difficult when there is so much to do on this gorgeous island. You ever go down to the islands? Which is your favorite?

Hope you have been well.


I used to spend a lot of time on that island years ago because a friend of mine owned a resort there before he was muscled out by the mafia. I like it there, but honestly really don't care for the full moon parties.

I have not relocated to Danang, Vietnam yet, but am doing so in around 2 months.

That is crazy! I may be in Danang Vietnam in about two months. If you are there and want to meet up let me know. We are planning our trip through Vietnam now.

Speaking of the fullmoon party that is tonight. We are staying in the north, Choloklum, nice, quiet, very chill. I love it here. But.....I promised my girl I'd take her to the full moon party. Neither of us are into it all that much....but she has never been to one and "has to see it" just because, ya know; she is here, now for the first time in Thailand.....So I'm being a sport and being a good boyfriend, but it's not my thing either.

The Mafia! I love how you have such intimate stories and experience with this country. I'm sure we could talk for hours about this place. Anyway, always a pleasure corresponding with you. Enjoy your very relaxing full moon evening up north. ;)

well, we'll have to meet up over there then. Of course i will know nothing about the place but hell, we can have a really cheap beer and be confused and lost together :P

Cheap beer, lost, confused..... reminds me of steemfest last month in Bangkok!

It will be a lot of fun!

I'll certainly be in touch. I'm about to hope on the moped and head to crazy town with the misses.

Have a good night brother.

Snowflakes everywhere, crying about literally everything. I want one of them shirts 😂😂

When I first saw this shirt in a news story the other day I thought it was something totally different because the arms of the couch look like legs. Then I read the article and saw what the issue really was and I thought "that is just stupid". If the people at the company purposely sold it at Walmart knowing it would get pulled and drive up their sales, then that person should be hired by any fortune 500 company right now because that is pure genius. I have a feeling it was just dumb chance, but if not. Consider me impressed!

apparently they make a bunch of racy stuff with silly slogans but not normally involving class-A substances. It seems as though the only thing you have to do to sell a ton of anything these days is piss off some blowhard on Twitter and all the news stations will pick it up. Instant sales!

I think it is great if a smaller company can exploit an opportunity lie this. i kind of think it is fun and don't know what the fuss is about. Some people are just such old farts.

i've always stuck with "if you don't like it, don't buy it / support it." I think it is a pretty easy mantra, especially when depicting a magical moving creature made of frozen water.

I shake my head at people sometimes. Just flip by and move on. Bad publicity is better than none at all. Walmart is sort of like Amazon with their online storefront. There are a lot of different vendors selling product, not just Walmart. That aside, blow is funny. Like you said, how it’s depicted in films is funny too. Because of blow, Saturday Night Live used to be funny. Haha. My favorite blow depiction character is, ironically... Ken Jeong as Chow. I don’t know why but that guy cracks me up. He would wear that shirt, no doubt.



yeah, Mr. Chow was great. Ken Jeoung is a pretty funny dude as well. you should check out his comedy stand up special "you complete me, Ho" good stuff.

The Mr Chow character kind of got on my nerves when he was a main character in Hangover 3. I don't remember why.

I will check this out. going on a short break from work soon, so it will be the perfect time to hunt that one down. Thanks for the recommendation.

I think when he became more of a character in that movie, the antics got old. That character is better when he just shows up when least expected for a quick laugh.

Too bad. It's the nicest looking sweater they've ever sold.

oh man, that's one awesome shirt hahah