Other Niche Communities Curation Report #1433

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

OCD's support is expanding!

Hello everyone! This is the 1433rd compilation post of OCD's latest curation efforts. It has been known that OCD has been supporting leading niche communities under its Community Incubation Program. However, there are still a lot of other niche communities not supported by OCD. This curation initiative will help in supporting those communities.

This newest curation effort aims to encourage authors to post in appropriate communities even if those communities are not under the incubation program. This will also encourage users to explore more into the different communities in Hive.

How this Works

OCD curators and community leaders will find posts from other niche communities and recommend them for an upvote. Unlike those communities in the incubation program where curation is focused, this curation initiative is spread out. This will help find undervalued posts from smaller communities that deserve support.

This will highlight both the author and the community where the post is located. This way, smaller niche communities can focus on growing their subscribers and increasing the engagements within their respective communities. A small boost goes a long way.

Speaking of boost, here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @jhymi
Community: The MINIMALIST

Weaving Through the Cracks

Balance is something I’ve talked about a lot in recent times and somehow, it’s a topic that never gets old because daily we’re faced with challenges that test us. Test our ability to remain strong even when they pile on top our heads. Balance is something that we need to learn to master. Of course, most of us don’t find it easy to do as the others. But we can all understand that our ability to keep the balance in our social lives, relationships, work, family, and so on, is key to living a somewhat stress-free life.

Curator: @millycf1976

Author: @lhes
Community: Ladies of Hive

Some thoughts and craving experiences of a first-time Mom.

Since I was a kid, I know that I will have a family of my own at the right time. I even had a timeline for everything, including when to get married and have a kid. Growing up in a simple family from the countryside somewhere on an island in the Philippines was enough motivation not to marry early. That is why I married late compared to my fellow in our community or my sisters. I remember they even thought and considered me as an old maid. Na, I am not that old yet; I was twenty-eight when I finally decided to tie the knot. However, it was just the place or, let's say, tradition that made me OLD!

Curator: @lauramica

Author: @itravelrox
Community: Daily Blog

Productivity Happines - Got a New TV for my Home Office

The good thing is that my TV was under warranty because we bought the TV exactly last year in November. The TV got broken and we sent it back to the manufacturing company before the last day of warranty.

Curator: @lauramica

Author: @carmary
Community: Womentribe

INICIATIVA: ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que te regalaste algo a tí mismo? [ESP/ENG]

Since I am a mother of four beautiful children I can tell you that giving me something for myself has taken a back seat. Of course, with this I don't mean that I shouldn't buy something for myself from time to time, of course I do, it's just that many times we shy away from doing it, we prefer to buy things behind rather than something for ourselves.

Curator: @lauramica

Author: @mdrguez

WE 182: Optimizing time, a good habit.

I would gift my daughter the habit of optimizing her time. It is extremely important the ability to manage our time to be more productive and happy.

Nowadays, especially teenagers spend hours on screens. They relegate their school activities, leisure and even their rest, just to be with a screen in front of them.

Curator: @mipiano

Author: @abrunet
Community: Hive Collectors

Collections of Christmas Decoration 🎄 | Initiative of the month

My compilation will be about decorative ornaments, which we use on the Christmas tree or for the home environment. Giving it that distinctive aura that represents a few days of celebration and family harmony.

Curator: @mipiano

Author: @dahpilot

Time[less] |WE #182

The first thing I would do is prioritize the most important things in my life. In my case: my family, my partner, and my closest friends (whom I can count on one hand). Without much hesitation, the first thing I would do is gather the whole family together. There's nothing quite like a family reunion, so having them all in one place is a must for me. At that moment, I would simply ask to reminisce about all the moments we've shared, how we've overcome life's challenges, and managed to stay a united family.

Curator: @macchiata

Author: @taniagonzalez
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

[ENG/ESP] Beef fajitas with fresh green beans.

Greetings, dear friends of this delicious #foodiesbeehive community, where I enjoy learning so much about different dishes. Today I prepared some beef fajitas with fresh green beans.

I got up early to go to the market and buy some vegetables, where I found fresh green beans. I immediately thought of making a delicious stew with fajitas.

Curator: @macchiata

Author: @genesis.sojar
Community: Family & Friends

[eng - esp] ✨🎂🥳Un día de piscina, diversión y alegrías. Cumpleaños de la hija de mi mejor amiga✨🎂🥳

I hope you are well on this day! This time I show you the party of Keylimar daughter of Yeikimar which we helped to organize. It was a very hard job because Mopiwix and I accompanied her to buy all the things for the party and we had to go by bus to take them and so on. We had to get up early so we arrived home tired and sleeping. The next day Yeiki had to make the pasapalos, the arroz con pollo, make the cake and also make the cotillions for the children and the mothers. The theme of the party as you could see was Minnie Mouses and her friends at the beach. Even an inflatable had been rented for the children.

Curator: @macchiata

Author: @virgilio07
Community: Amazing Drinks

My version of three in one: Papaya, Watermelon and Orange

Hello community! Nice to greet you and wish you a happy Sunday. I hope you are well enjoying good health and abundant blessings. This time I share with you my version of three-in-one juice, papaya, orange and watermelon. It is a very nutritious and delicious juice.

Curator: @anggreklestari

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to explore Hive Communities.

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