OCD's Onboarding Program Compilation #66

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Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that will serve as a summary and status of the onboarding program. For those who are late to the party, OCD's onboarding program aims to bring more users to Hive and retain those users through the curation of posts submitted by the onboarders.

Anyone who's active in Hive is invited to apply as an OCD onboarder. Please see the details of the application process at the end of this post.

Who Onboarded Who

@wittyzell onboarded @loyalhusband

Introduction: Loyal Husband

Loyal Husband is a husband (of course), a father, an entrepreneur, a nurse by profession, an insurance agent, a real estate agent, a son and a friend. He’s been to real estate business, food business and rentals. He is very passionate in searching for truths and principles about money and marriage. He got married once and is still married with his beautiful and lovely wife for over 5 years now. He does not believe in luck but he believes in what people do just to achieve the what people called “LUCK.”

@dodovietnam onboarded @teng7

INTRODUCE MYSELF-Son of the Central Highlands

My first name is Khai, my last name is Y. My full name is Y Khai. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Kon Tum province. The reason I have such a strange name is that I am an ethnic minority in Vietnam named Gie-Trieng. The name my account (Teng) also comes from our language, Teng means small and slim people.

@soy-laloreto onboarded @yackelynher


My name is Kendrick Yackelyn Hernández Rojas. I am Venezuelan. I was born and grew up in MARACAIBO, Zulia state, a wonderful, friendly, affectionate, pleasant city where everyone who comes to a house is received in the room. I was raised by my grandmother until I was 11 years old because unfortunately she left this world and joined my grandfather, but there were so many beautiful experiences, learning, laughter, and joy that I still feel very close to me day after day. where I want to be.

@soy-laloreto onboarded @gabriel.andradem

Gabriel Andrade: My Beginning in Hive / Introduce yourself (Esp/Eng)

Hello everyone, I introduce myself. I am Gabriel Andrade, I was born on May 10, 2007, therefore, I am 15 years old. I am Venezuelan and I have lived in the state of Miranda since 2016. I consider myself an extremely serious person, but at the same time fun, with a strong character and a person who does not easily forget the things that happen throughout my life.

@dodovietnam onboarded @myduyenhere

Hello Hive! Hello Everyone - This Is My First Introduction

My name is My Duyen it means charming beauty. And I come from Vietnam - country of wonders. I will share them with you in the upcoming posts. And I am 19 years old, currently a university student Vietnam - Korea University of Information and Communication Technology VKU with Korean cooperation. My specialty is digital travel and tourism services. I think I have many opportunities to experience places great with this major. People comment that I am a funny and straightforward girl. I'm pretty quiet sometimes. I think I have 2 personalities. Hahaha...

@therealflaws onboarded @eljony

hello I'm ElJony

I introduce myself my name is Mario but my nickname in video games is ElJony.

Let me tell you a little bit about me...
I live in Venezuela with my family in Caracas, I'm currently finishing my studies to start studying something at the university or start working, in all my free time I spend my time with video games, reading, listening to music and learning about many things that I still don't know, my economic situation is not very good but I always try to manage with what life has in store for me. I am a kind and respectful person above all, whatever you need some help or even to chat or play I will always be available.

@samostically onboarded @ajumaa

My Journey Begins Here

My name is Ajuma and I am currently a college student in my 2nd year and I am studying History and international studies. Studying History wasn’t as easy for me at first but with dedication, hard work & vigorous research on global knowledge, helps me understand my course better and it’s evident in the good grades I’ve been getting. Life in college is a bitter-sweet experience, I made a lot of wonderful friends and memories but sometimes the academic struggle is depressing. I desire to graduate with a first class and one of the best graduating students in my class at the end of my degree year and I’m working towards achieving that goal.


19former onboarders236

Please take note that the stats do not reflect the current state of each onboarders as of this time because we are still catching up with this compilation post. The stats will be updated in each compilation post until it becomes up to date with the onboarding initiative.

Onboarder Application

OCD's onboarding program is conceptualized to be a powerful mechanism in attracting and retaining new content creators. Since incentives are given to active onboarders, it could be a nice income generation for those who wanted to focus more in inviting new users to Hive. For more information about this program, please refer to this post.

If you want to be an onboarder, join us in OCD's Discord Server and write your application in #onboarder-application channel. Your application must contain the following:

  1. Your Hive username.
  2. The types of users you will be inviting.
  3. The reason why you want to be part of the onboarding program.

Once you've applied, there will be a vetting process. We will check your on-chain activity to make sure that you can be trusted. Once you're in, you have the capacity to make an invite link using OCD's account creation token, invite anyone you think is a good addition to Hive with a quick and no SMS required account creation, nominate the posts of your invites through a special channel for curation, and get beneficiary rewards both from the users you've invited, posts like these and more benefits in the future!

Be warned that you are responsible for your invites. Meaning, their activity reflects on how you mentor them. Any suspicious activity of your invite can be a ground for your expulsion in the program. Make sure that before they start posting in Hive, you already oriented them on the activities to avoid such as plagiarism.

Be an onboarder now!

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You can vote for @ocd-witness, with HiveSigner or on Hive Witnesses.

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You can delegate to @ocdb for daily liquid hive returns from curation rewards.

Join our Discord channel for more information.


This is pretty cool, I've been talking with friends and family since I've joined and so far no one has joined the platform. But, they all seem really interested and want to get started on here.

I'd like to be apart of the onboarding program, I've been telling them all the do's and don't on chain. But, if my reputation was on the line bringing them in, I would really go into detail about the rules.


You can apply in the discord channel.

I might have a chat in there about it first just to find out what will be expected off me if I joined the program.


No wonder everyone's attracted to the earths center
It is pretty hot

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