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Hello there voyagers,

At the start of the year we opened up pre-sales for our NFT packs. Tier 3 onwards would receive a exclusive in game ChiFiBot dedicated to the Hive community called "Hive Power."

Drawn by our community, decided by the community.

It's with great pleasure that we announce the winner of our Hive art competition as @japex1226 . We all felt the design best represented the blockchain and fun nature, whilst staying true to the art style of ChiFiBots.

The Top 3 Winners Will Receive Multiple Prizes

1.@japex1226 - 50 HBD | 1 x Day One Starter Pack | 5 x Base Set Packs | 5000 ONEUP tokens | ChiFiBots Stickers


2.@artistparthoroy - 2 x Base Set Packs | 1000 ONEUP tokens | ChiFiBots Stickers


3.@jacksonizer - 1 x Base Set Pack | 500 ONEUP tokens | ChiFiBots Stickers


All artists who drew a ChiFiBot will receive 1 x base set booster pack as well

@oscariart | @oceanbee | | @akida | @eustace-kidd | @sidekickmatt

We thank each and everyone of you who either drew a picture or commented/voted to help decide the outcome.

The next fun begins with what Hivepower's moves and abilities will be called, we're hoping to include all the Hive blockchain jargon.

We will continue to notify you of when the ChiFiBots are ready to be minted. For now you can follow our game dev updates | Game Dev Update #1 | Game Dev Update #2

Have a lovely day in Web 3.

~NFT Studios


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Congrats @japex1226 that looks amazing!

Thank you very much for the vote as well very good sir!😌

Woohoo! It sure does.

Amazing designs and great to see @japex1226 winning the bid. Fits really well in the current roster of ChiFiBots. Looking forward to lock a few away forever.

!1UP 🍄!PIZZA 🍕!BEER 🍺And expect the @curation-cartel soontm


Thank you very much Flo! Missed you buddy🤗

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for picking my entry. :)

You're most welcome :)


Yeheyyy.. Congrats to all the winners!

Woohoo, thanks for being part of it!

My pleasure Boss 😊😊😊

We'll need to DM you to send some stickers out to you!

What do I have to do sir? This is my discord ID sir, eustace-kidd#3852

thank you everyone To select me.
All the participants did a great work.
but personally i liked the's really cool.

Yes, it was soooo hard!

yes it's. 😊

We'll need to DM you to send some stickers out to you!

sure you can DM me on discord.

Hohooo! Thank you very much everyone! Such an honor to be chosen. Great job to every participants keep on slaying!

You did it, Steven!


Congrats to the winners! Amazing character styles.💯💪🏼

Muitoooo obrigada dear @nftstudios for the gift. 🙏🏼☀️💕💃

Thank you for drawing some of them, Akida!


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