The lungs of the world are burning *you should read this*

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You might have heard about the fact that the amazon ha been burning for more than three weeks. People were upset that the media coverage was pretty bad. In comparison to the burning Notre-Dame church, where billions where donated within hours, it seems the rain forest in Brazil has been sadly left behind. I know that the burning rainforest is only one of a few environmental problems we are facing. But it is a bigger problem when you look at the facts.


This initiative and blog post is based on my own research and my own opinion. Some info are hard facts but the changes i see as a solution are assumptions since the economy, the free market and politics tend to react unpredictable to changes. This post is not about politics in the first place, the initiative is not judging Brazil or its politicians in general.

The Info graphic

I was thinking for a long time about environmental problems and how we humans are about to destroy this planet. I was also thinking what i myself can do to save this planet? at least to make an effort to save it. So i worked with the resources i have:

  1. I can design info graphics
  2. I've build up a small community on social media

Combined i designed this template and shared it on my Instagram Story, as a post on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram as well. Also added a call to action, trying to get the information viral.

Here is how it turned out (feel free to share and post them):

Instagram/Facebook/Whatsapp Story Template



Post Size Template


I tried to keep the inforgraphic as simple as possible. starting with the facts what we are actually destroying and the i focused on two points what every individual can do to change things.

What can you do?

  • Share the Information
  • Eat less meat or go completely vegan
  • donate

Share the Information

Some people say you won't save the planet by just sharing stuff like this, you gotta take action. I am not agree with this. Taking action is important without a doubt but sharing an information is the fundamental thing in making a change. It means educating people. So many people don't even know how their lifestyle or actions will affect the environment. So i believe that sharing the information, talking about this and inspiring others to change is the fundamental root for change. That means every like, share, retweet and tag really counts!

Eat less meat or go completely vegan

The consumption of beef is one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing nowadays. Believe it or not. If you want to learn more about this i can recommend you to watch the documentary "Cowspiracy". I am not vegan yet but after learning about the facts about the meat industry i decided to drastically reduce my meat consumption and who knows perhaps i will completely stop eating meat. I recommend you to do so as well. It won't solve all the problems but reduction in general will make a change: We reduce what we consume (food, clothes, plain trips, car trips, heating etc.) globally the demand for goods will shrink and the economy will stop the insane amount of destruction of our planet. i wrote a post on instagram about this here.:

"We want more. More money. More status. More clothes. A faster car. One more fancy watch. '
Things are produced to fullill those needs. Produced with the resources this earth provides. And the resources renew over time. The problem is when we consume more than the earth is capable of renewing, we will destroy this planet and ourselves too. This is logical thinking, no fancy numbers needed.

Why do you want more? Is this shiney watch making you happy and fulfilled? Perhaps, but only for a limited time i guess. Then you need something new.

Reduction is a solution

Reduce what you consume. Less clothes. Less meat. Less plastic. Less flights.

If you're struggling with reduction try to work on your mindset and your values.

Disclaimer: im not judging anyone and im not convincing that i live a perfect lifestyle. Im working on it because i believe only when we change and inspire others, slowly but steady our society and the economy will shift to a better direction."


Donations are very important to sustain the reforestation of the burned land. Most people are ain't got the resources to donate a big chunk of money but like sharing a information can have a big impact, a small donation will help! imagine you donate 5 bucks, everyone reading this can donate 5 bucks, then multiply it with 200'000 people doing so = 1 Million donated.
In this certain case about the fires in Brazile i recommend you to donate to the rain forest alliance.
This is what they announced on Instagram:

Amazon S.O.S. Part II🚨
Many members of our alliance have been asking what actions we are taking in response to the crisis in the Brazilian Amazon (which is now spreading into Bolivia and a region of the Peruvian Amazon where our longstanding partner communities live; 🔥 knows no borders). In addition to redirecting 100% of donations made in August via link in bio to frontline groups in the Brazilian Amazon, we are mobilizing our global alliance for a vigorous, multi-faceted crisis response. We’re working with our partners—including multi-national companies, farmers, governments, scientists, and Indigenous and forest communities around the world—to put pressure on the Brazilian government to conserve the Amazon for the good of people and nature. 🌎That means, first and foremost, defending it against illegal logging, destructive slash-and-burn agriculture, and other existential threats.
In addition, we’re harnessing international concern over the fires to intensify our ongoing advisory work with companies that source commodities from Brazil; leveraging our position as respected expert-advocates to advance responsive policy and regulation within the European Union to influence the Brazilian government; and urging business leaders around the world to embrace the Accountability Framework initiative, which provides guidance and benchmarks for sustainable supply-chain transformation. 💚 Work is love made visible, and we have infinite love for the Amazon. 🌳

What are you waiting for?

I hope i inspired you to take action, even if it is simply by sharing this post or one of the info graphics. You know now what you can do to make a change. Or do it like me, use the resources you have, filmmaking, painting, podcasting and spread the word. let me know in the comments what you think could make a change let me know whenever i can help!

Let's save this planet


Go vegan??? I am all about it but the majority of agriculture in the Amazon is soy beans. Smh

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Go vegan??? I am all about it but ranchers have been setting controlled fires for a long time. When other forests all over the world get out of hand somehow people band together to get it under control. What's really going on here?

Apparently 'The Amazon' also includes farmland, most of which hasn't been forest for some time. You can argue that the farmland should have never been converted in the first place, but stating the Amazon is burning because farmers and ranchers are burning their fields is a bit disingenuous.

The “greatest generation” has consumed more resources than all human generations combined. The have traded humanity for comfort and at this point we are beyond prevention and should look for ways to preserve the few that will survive when the earth decides enough is enough.

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Yes and the majority of soy is fed to cattle!

Actually, almost zero soy is fed to cattle without oil, soy protein and soy lecithin being extracted for humans.

If you do it out of compassion for animals, go ahead, be vegan. But please don't try to get people to go vegan over stuff that a vegan diet has an equal if not bigger share in.

Mono crops fed to cattle and mono crops fed to people, economically, are one thing, one problem. A problem that must be addressed by addressing mono crops.

Don't turn the amazon fires into a vegan Reichstag fire. Just don't!

First: You are labeling it as a vegan Reichstag fire.
If you read properly, i am not vegan, i reduced my meat consumption because i see it as a solution based on the facts that i research and my understanding of economy.

Here is what's the reason for deforestation:

Here is what soy beans are used for (US, similar use case in BR):

The truth hurts. i try to do my part. you are criticizing which is great but do you have a better solution?

95% I just read! Jeeeeeeezzussss

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Man the vegan agenda is everywhere .. there is no point of going vegan. It's unhealthy, it has little to no impact on the environment

A vegan plate that consists of several ingredients imported from countries thousands of miles away is some how better for the environment than eating locally and naturally raised animal products.

Take it from an ex vegan, this shit ain't worth it

It’s a bloody shame, I don’t have the answer .
Apart from the fire which hopefully will be dealt with very soon could the rest of the world not pay Brazil in some way to stop the deforestation? Cheers mike

I absolutely agreed with you @mikenevitt

absolutely @mikenevitt this is a bloody shame. Do they really think that we don't see deforestation being blamed on an "accidental" fire that "just can't be stopped"?

Well made informative and important post. Go Vegan then adopt organic and sustainable agg!

Thanks for sharing this. We need to get rid of these corrupt leaders who are leading us down this path of destruction. We need to free ourselves and live in a healthy way together. We need to give the land back to the Indigenous Nations and listen to what we have to SAY, our wise Elders.

We can't follow this system anymore. We can't rely on fossil fuels. We have to instill good values in our people and raise healthy children. We need to connect with each other and scale down. Grow our own food. Simplify our lives.

Focus on meaningful things and love ourselves. Don't search for happiness outside ourselves and find happiness inside.

Love each other and our Earth and respect all living and non-living things.

Do away with banks, oil and consumerism. Listen to the Indigenous Nations, who have been here for thousands of years, live as we did in the past.

Don't say we don't have the money to heal our Earth. Money is an idea that we have been instilled to accept. We can do anything we put our minds and hearts into.

Follow your heart and pray. DOn't be a followers and do as you're told. Ask questions and speak up.

Eat healthy food and don't get vaccinated. Don't brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

This System has to GO NOW! IT is for backward ignorant uncivilized sheep.
These are some of my suggestions. Thanks again :) Re-esteemed.

Politics and vegan activism belongs in #creativecoin how?

Have you read the the full post? i have designed this info graphic, drawn the map and fire icons. designed the layout. i don't know what is your idea of a creative process?

Feels like a really realy broad interpretation of creative to classify political activism as such, but who am I? It's not the type of content I would associate with creativity myself.
I removed my (mostly CCC) down vote of your post and sent the link to your post to the @notcreative folks. Let them be the judge instead.

As a moderator of the Creative Coin Tribe, I see nothing wrong with this post using the tag. There was obviously thought and effort put into the design of the info graphic that was used here in the post. While the main portion of the post would not have fit on its own, the addition of his creative works makes it fit.

it is political without a doubt but that doesn't exclude creativity. lots of art is political as well. just my opinion, i might be wrong. thanks for reconsidering the down vote.

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I 100 percent agree with sharing information to help educate is far more helpful than most people give it credit for.
Super post!

@ivansnz Thank you for sharing this valuable information, I also recently posted something about this same topic just a few days ago. It is very sad to see how these terrible people are destroying the beautiful Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon is home to different species and now many of them are gone forever, as humans have caused mass extinction and humans activities are causing these wildfires! Really disappointing!

Amazon is burning because the World eats so much meat! This is disturbing! The meat industry is very much responsible.

I don't how know some humans can even eat meat and sit at the table to eat while pretending to be civilized when they know that the Amazon, the trees, birds, fauna, etc is burning... yet they just don't care about the planet!

Only for the pleasure to eat a dead animal!! Really??

Because they have to kill the animals to eat.. It is seen to me that they are in the wild times of the past...

And, in your post also you wrote about materialist people, you are absolutely correct Greed is bad for your health and the world is full of them!

Science study the opposite of Greed is what is true leads humans to happiness... in fact, meditation upon Love and spreading kindness and caring about others has proven to stop aging and this is the true secret of the Fountain of Youth!

Materials come and go...

This is an emergency Amazon forest found by @LeonardodoDiCaprio, Laurene Powell, and Brian Sheth @earthalliance to protect the life biodiversity of the Amazon against the fires currently burning.

Anyone can donate $5, $10 wherever you have please help donate!

And, please share the news!

Bolivia and if the Amazon was on fire something that we do not realize is that it is the pulbon of our planet for us humans seem to be unaware of the changes that can occur in our planet

We all need to do better looking after planet earth! We only have one planet

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Any deforestation, through any route (burning or logging), for any purpose (livestock or agriculture) produces several damages at once. One of them is that it reduces habitat to many species which decreases their food resources and endangers these species. Unfortunately, economic and political interests have always been imposed on the interest of taking care of nature. On the other hand, deforestation, intensive agriculture and intensive livestock also produce pollution. Greetings/ Cualquier deforestación, a través de cualquier vía (quema o tala), para cualquier propósito (ganadería o agricultura) produce varios daños a la vez. Uno de ellos es que reduce el hábitat a muchas especies lo que disminuye sus recursos de alimentación y pone en peligro de extinción a esas especies. Lamentablemente los intereses económicos y políticos siempre se han impuesto al interés de cuidar la naturaleza. Por otro lado, la deforestación, la agricultura intensiva y la ganadería intensiva también producen contaminación. Saludos.

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The truth is that Macron is afraid of the agreement between Mercosul and the European Union. He's taking advantage of the dry season here in Brazil to take advantage.
Of course illegal fires still happen and should be judged as a crime, but with the advancement of technologies in agribusiness they have decreased.

The raising of meat for human consumption wastes huge amounts of energy to convert plants into animals into food for humans. I went vegan in March 2018 after watching What the Health on Netflix - I believe it's by the same guy who did Cowspiracywhatthehealth.jpg