You Don’t Need a Posting Key to Post on Someone’s Account

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How to have Multiple People Share One Account without Giving away Posting Keys

Let's say you have a shared account but you're miles apart, or you were hired to be an assistant and you want to help blog for them. Perhaps you've created a company, and you have multiple people writing to the one account (like maybe I Love Dogs, Inc. and you have several people in the company who want to post stories about their dogs using the same one account). While it might seem complicated, #PeakD has made it incredibly easy to share posting authority for the account without any worries whatsoever about that person having access to the posting key or wallet or anything of that nature. I had to learn this due to a recent update in my life, and I thought it would be so helpful that I decided to step away from my usual #Splinterlands posts to do a quick one specifically on this feature. Let's walk through the steps!

Steps to GIVE Posting Authority

  1. The person giving the posting authority needs to go to their OWN profile page and click on ACCOUNT ACTIONS.
    2021-11-21 (8)_LI.jpg

    2021-11-21 (6)_LI.jpg

  3. Then click on AUTHORITIES.
    2021-11-21 (18)_LI.jpg

  4. Then click ADD NEW AUTHORITY.
    2021-11-21 (19)_LI.jpg

  5. Choose posting as the role.
    2021-11-21 (21)_LI.jpg

  6. Then type in the recipient's account. 2021-11-21 (22)_LI.jpg

Steps to ADD the New Account you Received Posting Authority From

If you're the person who will be blogging/posting for someone else, then here are the steps you must follow (once the person GIVING you posting authority has actually done the steps mentioned above on their account.

  1. Make sure you have Hive Key Chain. (If you don't have it or don't know much about Hive Keychain, click on this link to learn more about how it protects your account keys safely.)
    2021-11-21 (24).png

  2. Click on the "hamburger button" (the three horizonal lines that usually indicate a dropdown mention).
    2021-11-21 (25)_LI.jpg

  3. Click on ADD ACCOUNT.
    2021-11-21 (11)_LI.jpg

    2021-11-21 (26)_LI.jpg

  5. Type in your username and the authorized account username.
    2021-11-21 (13).png

  6. Click on SAVE. 2021-11-21 (13)_LI.jpg

Add the New Account to Your PeakD "Switch User" Area

  1. Click on your name for a drop down menu.
    2021-11-21 (33)_LI.jpg

  2. Click on SWITCH USER.
    2021-11-21 (30)_LI.jpg

  3. You will see an Accounts Menu. Click on ADD ACCOUNT.
    2021-11-21 (38).png

  4. Type in the username that you have been given authority to use and click on the KEYCHAIN FOR HIVE login.
    2021-11-21 (37).png

And you're done! You will only have to add that account in one time and then in the future, when you switch users, you'll have easy access to that account! Remember, however, you do not have access to use their wallet or anything of real concern, which protects you and them, but you will have the ability to post for them!

Update on Life/Blog

So, if you're read this far down then you're probably one of my precious readers that is curious why I went from daily posts to silence. Well, I got a new job! Yipppeee!! Those of you who are familiar with PeakD might know him. Hee Hee! Yep, I'm an assistant for @jarvie ! Yippee! In fact, he's the one that showed me these cool features on PeakD! (Now, imagine that? HA HA!)

So I still plan to blog here, and in fact, I've been doing some blogging on his account already, but I'll be writing here as well, and with only a few days left for vouchers in Splinterlands, I'll be writing about that big news soon. Thank you very much for following me and being so supportive! The whole community is amazing!

Since this post is more for PeakD and those benefits, I'll end it here, but thanks again for reading, and I'll be posting again soon about Splinterlands and those VOUCHERS! :)


Your post is wonderful. It's really quite helpful. If I have need of it in the near future I'll be able to apply this method. It's great you thought about us after getting your new job, hope you're having fun...

Thanks for sharing

Ahh thanks so much, Chinco! Great to see you here!! I appreciate you reading and commenting! Have a great day! :)

Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post. Good luck with your work..I'm rooting for you!!..
Have a great day too!

Wow, I didn't know this. Thanks for sharing that!

You're so welcome! I'm glad it was helpful to you! :)

Still learning every day! Have a nice weekend..

It's good t know this possibility.
Thanks !

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I'm glad it was helpful to you!! :)

I love PeakD and I love tutorials and I really liked your tutorial, useful and very interesting.
Excellent work @rosiew
@tipu curate

Yippee! Thank you so much, Libertycrypto! That means a lot coming from a Master at Tutorials!! ;) Have a great day and thank you for the all the beer, luv and the tipu!! ;)

Congratulations!!! Thanks for posting this, it's super helpful! Your posts are always great!!!

Thank you so much, CryptoKungFu! That is so kind of you to day! Hope you're having a great week! :)

I had not thought of doing that, but I guess it's what the dapps do. Hive is such a clever platform.


Yes it is!! :) Thanks for stopping by, Steve!! :) I appreciate the pizza and comment very much! :) Have a great day! ;)

Wow, this is actually super helpful! Just what I needed to learn today too!
Thank you!

Oh I'm so glad it helped you! Thank you for reading, upvoting and commenting! I appreciate it! :)

Glad you are back online and voting/curating again. I follow your curation trail and noticed the voting power was almost full a few days.

Yess!! That's why, because I've been so busy. I'll be back to it. :) Thank you for keeping an eye out for me, Steve!! How are you doing these days? Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am doing great. I did break down and buy one Voucher/Chaos Legends pack.
I am glad to hear you are doing good also. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for sharing this. This will help a lot of peoples.

You're so welcome, Teddy! I'm glad it's helpful! Thanks for stopping by and sending over some pizza! :)

Great tutorial. I use posting authority for #photogames. Which I really need to get back to. Like you, Splinterlands and Chaos Legion has taken a lot of time and attention.

Thank you so much, Sara! Yes this Chaos Legion has created chaos for sure! HA HA! :) Thank you for read and commenting. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Congratulations on your new gig! That is a pretty important position.

EEEEK!! I've been pretty nervous about it as well because I believe in giving my best. :) I'm getting settled in better though, and I'm looking forward to getting a balance between all the projects I've got going, plus the holidays coming! Oh it's SUCH a great time of year! :) Chaos Legion is coming, Gregory!! EEEK!! It's about to get REALLY exciting. :) I hope to stay up and see what happens with those final top six. It's just fun to see who it will be and if they all sell. :) You have a great day, Gregory!! Thanks for upvoting and commenting btw! :) You always make me smile and I really appreciate that. :) You are such a great part of the Splinterlands' Community. I hope you know that. :)


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Hi Rosie, this is a fantastic feature I wasn't aware of exists inside the 'PeakD/Hive' realm. Thanks for sharing it. Super helpful.