California Sunsets #182

in #photocircle2 years ago

Fortunately the lockdown here in Los Angeles
does not include the beach. This was just now
from Santa Monica, California
Birds of a feather flock together...


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Really happy for you guys that your lockdown doesn´t include the beach. I wish the rule was just as benevolent on the Azores Islands when we got stuck there earlier this year but unfortunately it was not... We couldn´t go outside at all. Anyway, awesome sunset shot as always ;)

That is brutal. Yes they try to jam down this one size fits all which it never does. And then they overlay the political agendas on top as well. Hope things change for the better!

Amazing with the pelicans... great shot. If you only had the Ricoh iii it would be a print.

Thanks. Yes the real camera is coming this afternoon. I'll be taking it to another level... hopefully.

How was the Ricoh iii? Were those the ones you posted on IG?

Actually I am using both. The GR iii will likely need a wide angle zoon lense for the shots I like to take. Also, having issues with bluetooth to download to iPhone. Real paid in the ass.

Did the link i sent you re bluetooth transfer work? it should be easy, just pairing stuff is the issue as with anything thing iphone.

You are back!! Oh, you brought a little beauty with you!!

It's stunning! Love the fire in the sky!

Yes I have been dabbing back in once a week. Thank you so much!

I cannot believe I just noticed! Welcome back anyway! :))

Much appreciated :)

Nice shot! Very peaceful too.

Thanks you!

It is really very beautiful, great shot!

Thanks you!