California Sunsets #192

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Happy Valintine's Weekend!
Classic Golden Hour last night
Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California




Ricoh GR III

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Now that´s some serious romance coming straight from the L.A. coast :) Beautiful collection. Happy Valentine!

Thanks man! Had to throw that shot of WindWard Blvd in VB!

Those rays of sun shine are awesome! And good old VB and is that Windward Blvd. Miss those!

Thank you my brohta! You need to come down to VB with the bike so we can head down to Windward!

I heard the winds are crazy down there? Was thinking of coming down on sunday, head down the VB, take some shots???

It was bad today, but tomorrow they will calm down. Its been like snow drifts down here.

Venice love story, nice! Happy Valentine's Day💖

Thank you and to you as well!

Woow, beautiful post @armentor! 😍😍😍⭐⭐⭐

Thanks for sharing this post with us.🥰


Pleased you appreciate it. Thank you :)

You framed beautiful sunset photos. After all really amazing photographs.

Thank you :)

Wow, I suddenly searched about Valentine guess what I found....? It's your post @armentor it's Really Amazing full of Great fullness & Love :) 🌸❤️🌸


Thanks for Sharing such a Nice Post! Hope, you had a Really Great Valentine Weekend!! 😉✨🥰

Thank you :)