My Photo-Summary of 2021 Part #1: Jan-Jun

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Hi All!

Word of Introduction:

2021 was my last year in Norway, at the beginning of the year, we didn't expect that it will be the last one and in December we will be back in Poland already.

Special year... hard one, the year of many changes and decisions...

It was the year when I focused my creative work not only on photography but I also started to focus more on my yt channel - to create something nice to watch not only for others but in the first place - for myself.

I was trying to visit many different places to gather photo and video material. It was hard time for me as I didn't organize any Photographic Workshops - the reason is obvious - global traveling situation made this kind of activities hard for many.

What else - it was hard year for me personally as well - I struggle a lot with myself, my situation, my plans, my needs... The final decision of coming back to Poland was something which gave me some hope to change many things, to start some new ones, to try different stuff.

Below I will share just 2 shots from each month which represents the best photographic experiences I got last year.

I hope You will enjoy this summary :).


January - it was very frosty month - amazing winter conditions by Nidelva river - the shortest daytime of the year... Low sun on the pictures is the highest position during the day - not an early morning, not an evening light - just a Golden daylight...

Really amazing hoarfrost and freezing big river. I remember my fingers hurts like crazy after a minute - but it was worth the pain!




In February I didn't took many shots, but one of the most successful trips was the one to other side of Trondheimsfjorden fiord.

I planned to visit the other side since a long time, finally, when I saw a great northern lights forecast - I decided to travel there, as from that position to the open sea - the benefits were great - No light pollution - which is always present around such a big towns as Trondheim, where I used to live.

The Aurora show was beautiful, the whole 2-day trip was magical. In addition I found this motive of reflected trees in an open field, which I photographed during late afternoon in beautiful blue light.

Memorable moments!




In March, the biggest and finest trip was my first visit in Tromsø - bautiful town and area situated far in the northern Norway.
I went there together with my family, we took the plane, rent a car on place, every day we explored new spots, areas and I must say - I loved it as much as I loved Lofoten Islands after first visit.

The magic of far North is simply stunning! Lack of words...




Fourth month was quite boring - as always - early springtime don't give many great conditions - if You are not visiting stunning locations - there is not much to photograph.

For me it is the worst time of the year. Snow and ice are melting, vegetation is still in a sleep, weather is boring - no fogs, no stormy clouds... but it is still a great time to catch Auroras - especially in Northern exposures. I wasn't lucky this year.

So, to show something - springtime flowers from Ringve botanical garden in Trondheim and a new spot which I visited - old bridge by Sona river in Skarvan og Roltdalen National Park:




The most interesting trip in May was the one to nice, old house situated near Åndalsnes area in Romsdal mountains.

3 days was enough to explore some great places, rest a bit, experience the first, warm sun light of the year, grilling, travelling, hiking, fishing... and photographing.

Two pictures which You can see below come from my lonely hike to the top of Nesaksla mountain with a great view over Romsdalen valley and the town.

Very attractive, full of touristic places area!




In June - the most memorable trip was the one to my beloved Sylan mountains.

I was there many times before - but for the first time, I decided to reach two of the peaks. My choice were Skardsfjella and Gaejsietjahke (great names ;) ) 1516 and 1529m.

I love this area because it is so open, vast, pure... being up there You have this amazing view towards empty space which is beautiful because of its... emptiness.

Dozens of uninhabited kilometres of pure and wild space.

It was hard hike for me because after long winter months, without any bigger physical efforts, I was simply didn't ready for such hike up - but I did it, with many "lows" I struggled to reach my goal and I came back home stronger :D.

It is a video from this trip on my yt channel - You can see there how many different obstacles I had to overcome to reach the spot...



During the weekend I will post second part of this summary - if You liked this one - stay tuned for the next part - when I knew it is the last year in Norway - I pushed myself even harder to get the most of the places and I took longer trips to even more amazing places... to photograph, to make some videos, to gather memories...

Hope You liked it - let me know!

Until the next one!

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A marvelously framed winter shots! You make winter look so magical! ❤️
So much like a haven. thanks dear @photovisions

Beautiful photographs, I like January and May the most.
I can imagine you wanted to see all before leaving. I had that when living in Malta for 1 year. Visiting a lot in the last month.