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A rare set of self portraits, not rare meat, I like mine extra carsinogenic.

All the stars aligned and I finally took to my camera and made new self portraits. Inspiration is what it is, I am not in command.

Can you guess how these portraits are lit? Scroll down for the answer.




I’ve had my eye on this spot of light several times while working on the attic, and now I finally jumped in the frame when the time was right. It’s kind of funny what this beautiful and interesting light actually is; it’s sunlight, reflected from the neighbours car hood, coming throught the low narrow attic window with old pulled glass that creates those waves and irrecularities.

The conditions have to be just right for the light to appear, certain time of the year and day, and the car needs to be in that exact spot. Now everything worked out and I had a lot of fun taking these shots.



Bye now, see you in 6 months!


These photos are so beautiful, as are you. I love the softness and movement of you, your hair and dress also, against the rigid, unmoving, solid background of the wooden wall and stairs. Lovely.

Becca 🌷

Let’s hope we meet again sooner than that! Your portraits inspire me to innovate my work too, ya know?

I can try, but I make no promises about this. If by innovating you mean using what ever spot of light catches your eye, then I do hope I inspire you to innovate :)

These are gorgeous, as always!! The third photo surprised me, not because of the signature Eve pose lol but the expression on the face. It almost doesn't look like you. Maybe it's the first time I've seen this specific angle of your face.

Love the last one. Take your time with your creativity! :D

Thank you sweetie! I might look different because the light is coming from a low angle which is quite the opposite from what I’d normally have.

Yay! Always a pleasure to discover Eve photos. I love the barebreasted one (how raunchy!). Your expression is very moody. Like resigned but kinda cunning. Really cool. And the one running down the stairs.

See ya!

Like old Pokemon cards these days 😝 I’m always a little moody, can’t hide it, glad you liked these. I should have had my Oura ring on while shooting the stair shot, I ran up and down for like an hour until I got something decent 😅

Wow. The amount of time you've got to wait to create this perfection is absolutely mind blowing. And the results, the expressive but mysterious look on your face, the lighting, the mood. Absolutely perfect. You look amazing.

Thank you so much! Glad to hear I still got it 😝

Wow. So beautiful.

Thank you very many!

These are really beautiful and great photos.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome

Very beautifully reflection is used.

beautifully raw; skip the carcinogens and re-search a raw ”Primal Diet ™️“. 🥩 🥛 🥚 🧈

So in the wintertime I’d only eat snow because nothing grows and preservatives are bad. Sounds great, I’ll totally get on that diet because you can see I’m clearly fat and out of shape.

the “Primal Diet ™️“ is not a weight loss diet; it is a raw meat 🥩 based anti-cancer diet, whereby One is actually encouraged to gain excessive amounts of fat/weight… only to lose that excess weight along with industrial toxins absorbed and stored in fatty tissues/organs. 🧠

my original comment was not meant to be critical of your excess, nor lack of, fat. it was not my intention to offend you; please, excuse the fact that you appear to have taken offense to it. 🤗

People who preach their lifestyle and diet to others are so fucking annoying. This (fake) health obsessed life and stressing about every single bite of food is a sickness all in itself. People who actually live a healthy and happy life have no need to try and convert other people to live the same way.

I live in a country where tap water is safe and in most places tastes as good as spring water(because it is) and the air is always pure. I’ve grown up on moose meat, potatoes and berries, all from the forest and fields I live in so I know what’s up with real organic home grown sustainable healthy non-gmo freerange (+all the other buzz words) food.

fucking well said gorgeous

not intending to preach nor offend; perfectly happy to hear that you are/were so be-mored to have been reared on a clean primal diet naturally; i trust, and intend, that you were, too, reared by a mother and father who knew well enough to not permit you to have been poisoned with multiple injections. 🤗

Yup... I had to go way back in the archives to remind myself of what the tattoo was on your right side.


It started when image number 3 didn't fully load.


So then I opened the image directly and couldn't jog my memory as to what the full tattoo was ...

While I was back in the archives ... I stumbled upon this post.


and realized that your patience paid off.

Damn, you must have scrolled for hours!! Unless you have found a way to search through hive blog by year and month, and if so, do tell! It’s funny that I hardly ever think about my tattoos.

Haha, my boyfriend is real and not a good instagram boyfriend, I still have to take my own pictures :(

It's true ....

Scrolling to your older posts was like spinning the wheel of fortune ... it just kept going and going and going ...

Fortunately, I was on a computer, so I simply held down the Page-Down key until it stopped (I felt like I'd reached the end of the internet). Then, I remembered to Right-Click on every link and open in a new Window so that I didn't have to do it again.

That’s insane, hope you had fun, there is so much random stuff about my life over the 6(?!)years I’ve been here. I wonder if we’ll ever get the possibility to jump to a certain month, how revolutionary would that be!?

If you ask Asher really nicely, he might already have something .... the power is there ... it's just a matter of someone making a slick front-end. https://peakd.com/hive-163521/@abh12345/using-hivesql-to-find-content

Let’s see… * rubs the lamp *: @abh12345, can you make my wish come true?

Great pictures. I like the one you are going down the stairs, and the one with the shadow the most. But they are all great !!

Thank you! I’m quite glad you like those two particularly because my weird taste is the same.

Well done, "no man's land", great use of the light in black and white.

How far back did you have to scroll to find the ”no man’s land”? 😁

Lets just say, you made a lasting impression.

I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks 😄

As you well know, I said it all elsewhere but...

Legit. 😉

Took you long enough to come back. Glad you are back fren

Have to give people time to miss me.

I like that last one going down the stairs. It feels like it's telling a story.

Your first one gazing into the camera also has an allure to it.

Great work.