Curation Report and Exciting News

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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

We have our own badge!!

Some of you that are making contributions to the Photography Lovers Community may have already noticed that you have a shiny new badge displayed on your PeakD profile.


You can earn the badge by subscribing, being active and making contributions in the Photography Lovers Community.

I will be making rounds every few days and following people with the badge account when posts are submitted to the community.

Meet the new curators

I, @derangedvisions, would like to welcome @crazy-andy and @castleberry to the curation team for the community. Between the three of us, we are going through the community feed and finding posts to highlight. Here are a few posts from the past couple days that we found very interesting.

PhotographerPost Link
@acesontopAutumn Drops

PhotographerPost Link
@anafaeFall, Frogs and Fallen Leaves

PhotographerPost Link
@olga.maslievich7 days in Turkey. Bellis Deluxe hotel. Flower - palm oasis... / Part 3

PhotographerPost Link

PhotographerPost Link
@lexiartOld Memories at the Village Museum - Photography

PhotographerPost Link

Thank you to everyone that is submitting posts to the Photography Lovers Community. Remember, this community isn't just about highlighting the best photography on the Hive Blockchain, but about highlighting people's love for the art of photography. For a chance to be curated, make sure that you are posting more than just a single image and that you add information about your photography experience and what made you want to take the photos you are sharing.


Ya, that shot is pretty dope.


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Thank you 😀

It's quite the honor and privilege to be a part of this community. The badge is really cool looking too. I am looking forward to seeing this community of Photography Lovers enriched as it grows. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Welcome to the team homie.


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I thought I saw something new this morning - I blinked! It's true...
Congratulations to Photography Lovers on your new badge... shiny.... 😄

And thank you very much for the feature too! Am honoured to be in such company

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Genial iniciativa.

Logré ver grandiosas fotografías de cosas tan sencillas, que no tenía idea que se pudieran ver tan bien. Es muy interesante aprender de otras perspectivas. Gracias

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Oh thank so much.

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Beautiful selection @derangedvisions ! I was thrilled to see this new badge today 😊

oiseau stamp welcome.png to @crazy-andy and @castleberry as new curators btw !

Thank you for the warm welcome! =)

Thank you!
Friends from Feathered friends are often Photography lovers as well :)

What to say...
I am feeling like a celebrity :)
A big thank you to @derangedvisions who started this project. It was amazing to share my work in this community and I will keep doing that in the future. But my role and responsibility grew up when I was choosen to be part of curation team in this community supported by OCD.
I will do my best, to show support of authors who will express themselves through photography in our community.
Looking forward to the days to come :)

You are doing a great job so far! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you and the vision master! hahaha Stay Crazy bro!

Thank you for the selection 😀