Fog in the Valley / Nebel im Tal

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Actually, you can not say "valley", because these areas are only lower, and the whole area is actually quite flat in Lower Austria, apart from some hills.

Eigentlich kann man dazu nicht "Tal" sagen, weil diese Flächen nur tiefer liegen, und die ganze Gegend dort in Niederösterreich eigentlich ziemlich flach ist, von einigen Hügeln abgesehen.

Fog in the Valley / Nebel im Tal
District Sankt Pölten, Lower Austria

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

The photos were taken facing south, and in the distance you can already see the first mountain ranges of the foothills of the Alps.

Die Fotos wurden mit Blickrichtung nach Süden aufgenommen, und in der Ferne kann man bereits die ersten Bergketten des Voralpengebietes erkennen.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

It was a beautiful sunrise with the fog in the lower area around the wind turbines.

Es war ein wunderschöner Sonnenaufgang mit den Nebelschwaden in der tiefer gelegenen Gegend um die Windkraftanlagen.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Unfortunately, I was only able to shoot from the road out of hand, because I was in this area for the first time and was positively surprised by this fog.

Leider habe ich nur von der Straße aus der Hand fotografieren können, weil ich zum ersten Mal in dieser Gegend gewesen bin und von diesem Nebel positiv überrascht worden bin.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

For the next time I know exactly which location I have to go to make beautiful sunrise photos.

Für das nächste Mal weiß ich aber genau, welchen Standort ich aufsuchen muss, um schöne Sonnenaufgangsfotos machen zu können.


Location / Standort: Hafnerbach, Lower Austria
Sankt Pölten-Land District
Bezirk St. Pölten-Land

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening and a great weekend,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
#originalcontent #originalworks #deutsch #austria #steemit-austria

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 48.219949 lat 15.478654 long Hafnerbach d3scr)


Love-love-love that first image! I'd hang that on my wall if I took it for sure! It'd have pride of place in the room and be the decor centerpiece around which the room would be decorated! That's how much I love it!

In fact… I may just paint it for myself someday!

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Really? Thank you so much, that makes me happy and proud and speechless 😊
Thank you so much, @momzillanc ... for your very nice words and for resteeming the post 😊

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I really appreciate your resteem, dear @pixresteemer, thank you so much 😊

Great series

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Thank you so much, @axeman 😃
I only wished I had found a better place a few minutes earlier, when the fog was more dense.

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Yeah, fog is very unstable sunstance. Quite a lot of luck to cathch at right time and right place

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I have searched and found a very nice place later that day, but the next morning there was no fog at all :((( ... but a few rabbits showed up right behind me :)))

Thank you so much, @shuvo35 😃

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The Steemit Worldmap has one more post :) Thank you so much for adding my post to the map, @steemitworldmap 😊

These are fantastic photos! Beautiful sun rise atmosphere! I could not get up that early! Could smell the morning air!

That was not so very early - it was about 6 o'clock in the morning ;)
Yes, it was a calm and quiet morning, and I am glad, that you like the photos, dear @kaminchan 😊

Si quedaron muy bonitas.

... and thank you very much for resteeming my post 😊

Thanks to Google I could translate and thank you very much, that you like my photos, @oresteg 😊

I hope it works again: !BEER

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Wow, thank you so much for choosing my photos. They would have been better, if I had found a place to stop my car a few minutes earlier ;)

Great shot! a quiet and very very spacious place.

It was about 6 o'clock in the morning, and you are right, it was so very quiet and calm. Thank you for your nice comment, @rosargelisperez 😊

They are all great images but that firs tone is my favorite lovely subtle pastel colors and the fog adds such a magical feel :)

This is my favorite too - it's a crop of another image I have made ;)
A few minutes before the fog was much more dense and very white, but I couldn't find a place to stop and photograph. So I just stopped beside the street and photographed without a tripod.
Thank you for your kind words, JJ 😊

Well it is awesome tripod or not there is something so calming about that image I love it

Thank you very much once again :) - the more nice replies I get, the more I like it myself ;)

LOL you should like yourself and be proud of your photos my friend you are very talented

Thanks a lot, what more can I say ? :)))))

Howdy sir johannpiber! So this trip and location was a good learning experience. Those photos are really interesting with the fog and the addition of the wind turbines, some real long distance shots there!

No real long distance shots - I have just cropped the photos ;)

These are the best photos I could make from this sunrise - I needed some time to find a place to park the car and also to have a good view into the valley, but at this time most of the fog down there was already gone.

Nevertheless, the photos came out better than I have thought, and I am glad, that you like them, my friend 😊

So in other words, you got lucky again? lol.

In short words: Yes :)))

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lol...someone said "I'd rather be lucky than good!"

Oh, I would love to have the luck, that someone very rich would see my photos and likes them so much, that he would buy some.
And many people would follow him, so that I would become rich from my photos, and I could live from photographing. This would be the luck, that I would like to have ... or to win the lottery ;) lol

hah! either one of those events would be wonderful sir johannpiber and either one is possible!

Anything is possible - that's also what our lottery says ;)

Really nice : )

I would love to have some fog!

I love fog and am looking forward to the Autumn. Thank you so much, that you like the photos, Ross 😀

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I love all your photos. They are things i don't get to see here. I'm really wishing it was fall here. Summer is too long here

If you could see my face, you could see me blushing. Thank you so much, my friend, words like yours make me happy and proud 😊

Our Summer was too short, if you ask me, but like you, I am waiting for the Autumn for its moody and misty mornings, and for the colors. I hope, I will find enough time this year to explore more than just the area around where I live.

Thank you so much for resteeming my post - I think, it matches perfect with your beach and sea photos ;)

So, what happens in Autumn at the sea, where you are? The beaches get empty, and only the real surfers stay, waiting for the big waves? The tourists leave and sometimes you have the beach for you alone?

You're so welcome! Right now i wish i was a good writer. In person it might be much easier for me to say this. You're photos are great! don't you know?

Haha, you see in person you could see my face and i could tell how this energy is going... i rarely write things because i can't see and hear all the subtle things. I must confess it's also a vanity of mine, wanting to be understood and not judged or be judgemental of anyone. Now i've gone too far and sound much to serious... ;)

You get out there and do it! it's wonderful !

Summer here has become a really bad time for me. I've made choices that led to me being totally broke and questioning all years making art and music and then photography. I've had no car and no friends. Ohhh boy... it's a dreary tale and not uplifting to write about. I haven't traveled anywhere in so long i can't even imagine being able to. I had to start shooting all the details and abstractions as a way to create in spite of the limitations i created with money. It's been amazing in a sense even with zero income or anything beyond the doing of it for me. This place has hot summer that drags on for ever it seems. It's really crowded. Winter cools down and the waves can get good at the beach close to me. It's much less hectic then.

The crazy part of all this - well it's all crazy but - there are mountains here 2 or 3 hours drive away! I can see them everyday that it's clear. There are amazing wonders in California. Giant redwood trees. Deserts that look like Mars or the moon. Green valleys and farms. I have no photos from when i visited these places years ago. There are coastlines up north that are breathtaking, places like Big Sur and Monterrey. The area where i live is just about the dullest place in the state. So, messed up by choosing not to make my way out it.

I really dragged this down and i'm sorry.

You photos and work are GREAT

I don't judge anybody for his or her look or color or how or where they live etc, as long as this person is honest, and man, I think, you have ashamed me.

I'm not broke, but I have been, although I have always had a work. I have had a safe job since I was 20, but I have spent more than I earned. This was before I met my wife and is long forgotten. I still spend too much, but I can handle it - I have to handle it, because I have a family with 17 years old twins ;)

You have told me some heavy stuff, and it's not easy for me to reply. Of course I feel sorry for you, and I wished I could find the right words.
There's always the risk to lose when you are an artist, but believe me, if I was alone I would have quitt my job many years ago to become a photographer ... I wanted to, but then I have met my wife, stopped photographing when the children arrived (apart from family photos and so) and began to photograph again last year ;)

Then I have found Steemit and now I am a part of a wonderful community with many great people.

I have been really impressed by your beach photos and the waves, but I have already told you that. The detail shots are great too. I have thought, that you must be a very lucky man, living near the beach and being there every day. Now I know better, but somehow I still envy you ;)

Sometimes you are lucky (like me, when I met my wife), and sometimes you make the wrong decision (which I might have made if I had not met my wife), although you think, it is right.
I don't need to know, what went wrong, because it's too late to make changes in the past, but I think, you are on a good way, by being on Steemit, showing us your life. Maybe you get a chance somehow to drive to the mountains or the other places - I would love to see a mountain photo from you one day :)

I do hope for you, that the hectic on the beach will be over soon, that it cools down a bit and that the big waves come, so that we are able to see them on your beautiful photos.

I know, the above will be weird to read, because I just wrote down, what came into my mind, after reading your comment.
You are so right, that it would be easier to talk face to face, and I would honestly prefer to talk that way.


Super schöne Bilder! Danke dir, du lebst anscheinend in einer sehr schönen Gegend...

Guten Morgen und vielen lieben Dank für die netten Worte, @kadna 😁

Es ist schön dort, aber da war ich nur zu Besuch bei meiner Nichte in Niederösterreich. Ich selbst lebe in Kärnten 😃

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Thank you so much for selecting my photos once again, dear @miti 😊

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Thank you so much for resteeming my post, @artmentor 😊

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Congratulations @johannpiber, Keep up the great work!

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Thank you so much for that, @caraxes, I really appreciate your work and PhotoStreem 😊

Hi hunny, its sooo great to see you here :D welcome & thank you /Dragon

My pleasure, I thank you 😊

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