Macro: Little green Spider / Kleine grüne Spinne

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I have no idea what this spider is called. So I just call it ...

Ich habe keine Ahnung, wie diese Spinne heißt. Also nenne ich sie vorerst nur ...

Little green Spider / Kleine grüne Spinne

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Canon EOS R | SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM
ISO 200 • f/5 • 1/320 sec • @105 mm

Yesterday, I saw this little spider in my mother's garden on a pink rose and of course I had to photograph it immediately.

We just got back from visiting my parents, so I did not have time to search for the spider's name.
The time was just enough to edit the photo and write those few lines.

Diese kleine Spinne habe ich gestern im Garten meiner Mutter auf einer rosafarbenen Rose gesehen und musste sie natürlich sofort fotografieren.

Wir sind gerade vorhin vom Besuch bei meinen Eltern zurückgekommen, und ich hatte deshalb keine Zeit, nach dem Namen der Spinne zu suchen.
Die Zeit hat gerade gereicht, um das Foto etwas zu bearbeiten und diese paar Zeilen zu schreiben.

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice Sunday evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
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I do really appreciate your resteeming, dear @pixresteemer 😊

I do not like spiders, but it looks very cute on a rose petal. Great macro.

I do not love them either very much, but as you say, this one looks nice and cute - not a bit like a bad and dangerous spider 😉
Thank you very much for your nice comment, @iawda, have a great day 😊

Wow! Very small spider! It looks like a small red ant to me!! I hope it will survive among the roses, it must be a baby spider.

I do also think, it is a baby spider, because the body looks quite familiar to me. If you think, the spider is too small - just click on the photo - you will see, how big it is, but don't be scared ;)

Thank you for your nice comment, dear @kaminchan, have a nice evening 😊

Richtig gut 👍🏻 solch Mini Spinne muss man auch erstmal entdecken. Das Bild gefällt mir richtig gut!

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Ich danke dir vielmals - hätte sie woanders gesessen, dann wäre sie nicht zu sehen gewesen, aber auf dem hellen Blütenblatt war sie unübersehbar ;)

Eigentlich wollte ich ja auch dir ein !BEER ausgeben - mal sehen, ob die Brauerei das Lager schon wieder aufgefüllt hat ;)

Wow, a baby spider I think, it´s too tiny yet! nice macro!

Right, it has to be a baby spider - I think, I have seen such green spiders in bigger versions before, but they didn't look so cute ;)
Thank you for your nice comment on my photo, @mers, have a great day 😊

You are most welcome and have a fine and enjoyable Tuesday ahead!

Thank you very much again, @mers, and I wish you a great Tuesday too 😊

I thin little green spider is the perfect name for it, what a cool find in your Mums garden

Have a good week ahead ;)

I have found out, that is a kind of Thomisidae, a so called "crab spider". I have to search a bit deeper and post the information I find with the second photo that I have made.

I nearly didn't see it, and thought it was some kind of dirt on that rose ;) Thank you so much, that you like the photo, JJ.

I wish you a great week too :)

That’s cool you found the name of it and now I know the name of it but if you asked me in an hours time I would have forgotten it lol

It looks somehow like a crab, doesn't it? But there are a few kinds of crab spider's, and there I have to find the right one too, but I have a few days, until I post the second photo ;)

My sister would say "spider is spider, and only a dead spider is a good spider" :) lol

I think my wife would say te same about spider as your sister, and I agree it does look like a crab more than a spider

I don't mind spiders, just some of the big ones look really scary. I wouldn't touch these with my hand and use gloves or anything else, but the others I take with my hand and leave them free in the nature (throw them out of the window ;).

If there small and i am sure they are not poisonous they dont bother me either but if not in that category I leave them alone lOL

We don't have many poisonous spiders here in Austria, there are the European black widow and the so called Yellow sac spider, which should be the most dangerous spides in Austria, but I have never seen one.

I am not a big fan of spiders but this little guy looks almost cute. Beautiful picture @johannpiber

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At first I thought, there was some dirt or so on the little pink rose, but then I saw this cute little spider. I'm not a big fan of spiders either, but some do really look good :)
Thank you so much, that you like my photo, @cezary-io, have a great week 😊

Thank you so very much, that you like the photo of this little green spider, @shuvo35 😊

Nice Little green Spider photography.

Thank you very much, that you like my little green spider, @kamrunnahar 😊

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Howdy sir johannpiber! that's a great shot of that little thing! I mean, I think the spider is a little creepy looking but the photo is great.

Thank you so much @janton 😊
You know, nice words from you without any teaser are seldom and worth double 😉

Oh, don't tell me you want me to be one of those boring people who never tease anyone? I guess I could try but I might fall asleep typing comments! lol.

No, of course I want you to be the @janton whom I have known for months, but sometimes it is also nice, when you are nice ;) lol

... and I don't want to get bored either by nice, but boring comments - your's make me always smile ... somehow ;)

oh good, I can keep being me! Some people don't like that but I know you have a sense of humor. lol. so thank you sir johannpiber, I hope you have to put up with me for many more years! lol.

Yes, @janton, please be yourself - when I read your comments, and there's no teaser in it, I think, that you have a ghostwriter, maybe Mrs. J. helps you out ;) lol

lol! Yes, she is very sweet and she doesn't harrass people like I do! She also doesn't like steemit and has nothing to do with it unfortunately!

I think, you have had much luck that you met her, and I think, that such a bad guy like you needs somebody nice, like she is ;) lol

Its a baby crab spider. It will probably grow up with interesting colors.

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Thanks - I would prefer it to stay in this color - looks nicer to me ;)

Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Haha :) ... aber das habe ich mir zuerst auch gedacht, wollte aber die Rose doch so mit auf dem Bild haben ;)

Dankeschön 😊

Ich würde dir ja gerne ein !BEER ausgeben, aber ich weiß nicht, ob die Brauerei schon wieder liefert ;)

Schade, ich werde natürlich nachliefern, sobald wieder welches verfügbar ist ... wenn ich nicht vergesse 😉