Operation #Ping [7 Day Bonus Round!] EARN 🌀 + ☄️ TOKENS

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⚠️ Attention ALL Comet Commanders! ⚠️

(Yes! You know who you are!)

Operation #Ping's Bonus Round is now LIVE!

All ships #Ping Portals are now ONLINE AND ACTIVE!

👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀

🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀

Engagement protocols are hot! We are ready to go! Prepare to JUMP!

Welcome once again commander!

Are you ready to leave your mark once again?

(Just when you thought that Operation #Ping was officially over right?! WELL! BuckleUP because it's officially NOT!)

During the first part of Operation #Ping you managed to #Ping many of your followers! BUT did you hear back from ALL of them before your Category Window closed?

Maybe there were some followers on your ships roster that you didn't make it to! NOW is your chance to reach them...

Running a full diagnostic on your follower list means that you will have a more accurate and complete view on your individual social... AND it also means that we will ALL have a better understanding of the wider social implications on the Hive Blockchain we are navigating.

Here's your chance to finish what you started!

SO! Let's see what you can do!

Over and out,

Who are we going to #Ping during the Bonus Round?

#Ping Backs that missed the 7 day Category Window.
Whoever you #Ping'ed before, those followers are off the list... unless they #Ping'ed you back! Did you get a bunch of followers who #Ping'ed back but they did so after your Category Window closed?! We don't want all that hard work in the comments to go to waste!

Jump back in time by scrolling back in the comments section of your blog! Once you find those #Ping Backs** check back here and complete a Mission Report (in the standard way described bellow) to register them into the Comet Ranker Systems!

**You will have a complete idea of who they are by referencing your Authenticated Follower List that was sent to you at HQ in the #Commanders Channel. If you need my help understanding how your list works just let me know! I'm here for you! 👍

#Ping's that didn't get sent out during your Category Window.
Did you run out of time to #ping some of your followers? That's ok because now you have the opportunity to do that!

Report all #Ping Missions that you missed to the comments section of this post!

#Ping's to your follower list that you made AFTER your Category Window closed!

YES! You heard that right! If you showed initiative and used the momentum you gained from Operation #Ping to continue on down your follower list... after your Category Window closed THERE IS EVERY REASON WHY YOU SHOULD BENIFIT FROM BEING PROACTIVE!

You can now report ALL of those #Ping's and #Ping Backs to Comet Ranker! We are always keen to reward initiative in the comments like this! You went over and above the call of duty and that is duly noted! 🙌

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Before sending a #Ping, confirm that the follower account you are messaging IS NOT A SPAM OR BLANK ACCOUNT! This applies to all of the 3 scenarios detailed above so please be sure to check as those #Ping's will not be entered into the Comet Ranker Systems.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: And now for a 4th scenario! If you have already #ping'ed your way through your entire follower list and registered all your #Ping Backs during your previous category window we salute you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


(That was easy right 😉!)

Head back to HQ and let us know! We have something special for you!


SO! There you have it! Four conditions that, if met, can grant you access to the Bonus Round for Operation #Ping! (Everyone wins right!?) As noted before... This will also give you a chance to compile better social statistics for your Hive account AND be a part of the solution! WE ALL WANT TO KNOW WHAT HEALTHY SOCIAL ACTUALLY COULD LOOK LIKE ON A BLOCKCHAIN LIKE HIVE AND YOU ARE ACTIVELY HELPING US DO THAT! 🙏

Ok! Now for the FUN part! BONUS REWARDS! 💯🚀

Bonus Rounds are all about racking up extra points right!

We think so!!!

Extra always produces Exceptional Results!

So here we go.

➡️ For every Bonus #Ping you report with @comet.ranker (on this post) you will earn 1 Comet Token on Hive Engine! 👉 ☄️

➡️ For every Bonus #Ping Back you report with @comet.ranker (on this post) you will earn 1 #Ping Token [NEW!] on Hive Engine! 👉 🌀**

Yes! This is our newest Token in the Comet Ranker LineUP! It is used to determine authenticity on social networks like the Hive Blockchain and this is the first opportunity for Comet Commanders to earn this Token! 🤩


Follow the steps bellow to add a ‘comet’ or 'ping' to your score:

1. Reference to your Authenticated Follower List before beginning any #Ping Missions. Authenticated means that all SPAM & BLANK accounts have been identified and also removed from the score keeping systems at @comet.ranker.

2. Visit each of your follower's Hive Blogs that you haven't yet #Ping'ed, or have already #Ping'ed but not reported back to @comet.ranker yet. Once there take the time to read their most recent post & leave a well-thought-out personal comment. (This is what it means to 'ping' someone, simple, right?) Your followers / passengers have likely been in stasis for awhile, so here's your opportunity to warm up those connections one 'ping' at a time! Do NOT copy & paste a cookie-cutter response or ‘phone it in.’ That is NOT the point of Operation Ping's Bonus Round.

3. Record each ‘ping’ on your Authenticated Follower List using ONE of the following four methods:


  1. 🟥 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🟥🟥 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

  1. 🔴 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🔴🔴 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

(Note: An 'inactive follower’ means that your follower's most recent post is older than 14 days. An ‘active follower’ means that your follower’s most recent post is 14 days or newer.)

4. Report your 'ping results' to THIS POST before it concludes it's 7 day reward cycle. This is done as a comment and is called your 'Ping Mission Report' and should consist of only one 'ping result' per. comment. Make sure you include the appropriate red symbols and a link to each follower's post that you 'pinged'.

⚠️ If you don’t receive an immediate ‘ping back’ from a follower, remember to report your initial 'ping' to @Comet.Ranker before this posts 7-day reward countdown expires. Once the 7-day reward cycle is completed ‘Ping Missions’ may no longer be registered for the Bonus Round!


As the 7 days progresses, you (the initiating commander) will ping as many of your followers (who weren't previously #Ping'ed or who were #Ping'ed but their #Ping Back wasn't reported in time) as possible in the week allotted for this Bonus Round.

Each ping report will result in one of four possible outcomes [🔴 or 🟥] and [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥].

✅ Commanders reporting #Ping Backs [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥] will accumulate #Ping Tokens 🌀 in their Hive Engine Wallets (at the end of this Bonus Round)

✅ Commanders who report single #Ping's [🔴 or 🟥] will accumulate Comet Tokens ☄️ in their Hive Engine Wallets.

✅ Additionally, Commanders will be awarded Ping Badge's (the same badges awarded to them during the first part of Operation #Ping) and these will adjust upward as will the Ping Consoles (dashboard.) on their ships as #Ping Missions are processed. Any Commanders who manage to #Ping 80% (or higher) of their Authenticated Follower List will get the full Ping Console (dashboard) view of their accounts social FOR FREE!

This is our way of thanking you for participating in Operation #Ping (and this Bonus Round!) and for helping us gather the data we all need to understand the social forces at work on the Hive Blockchain! 🙏


Let's say a Commander with 100 Authenticated Followers previously (during Category 1, 2, or 3) reported Mission Reports for 50% of their list. During the Bonus Round they managed to #Ping another 45% of their list of which 20% converts to #Ping Backs from their followers [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥].

...This means that they will be rewarded a total of 25 Comet Tokens and 20 #Ping Tokens for their efforts during the Bonus Round of Operation #Ping!


Once @Comet.Ranker HQ receives your 'Ping Mission Report' (here on this post) we'll update your total 'ping score' in Comet Ranker's Computer Systems.

Single #Ping's will be registered in our systems and those numbers will populate to your ships consul (dashboard).

If you are reporting a #Ping Back we will confirm and notify you of the total #Ping Backs you have received from start until that very moment in time using Operation #Ping's dynamically generated badge.


ALSO! Please remember! The same as before... Only 1 Mission Report per. comment!

One more thing! Once this posts reward cycle expires (7 days from the publication.) it will be no longer possible to register your #Ping Missions for this Bonus Round! Make sure that you have all your Mission Reports in by that time! (You can also check the Bonus Round's official countdown by viewing this post from the PeakD front end. 👉 https://peakd.com)


AND! Always remember... should you need support or have any questions please notify us bellow in the comments or over at HQ!

We are 100% here for you! Should you require any assistance let us know!

When your winning we are all winning!

© Comet.Ranker 2022

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An Incredible Art work by Akida >> 🔴🔴 https://peakd.com/hive-158694/@akida/ancient-watcher-part-2


An Interesting folklore with great potential on hive by Abmakko >> 🔴🔴 https://ecency.com/hive-158694/@abmakko/master-abin-character-design


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Nice reports @joseph, but please each entry should be for just one comment. That way your badges would be easily allocated.

Noted. I thought it would have been easier to have them in one comment.

Yes, it would but when you put them individually the badges would make more sense.

I know the badges may not apply to those in practice mode but they will give you an idea of how to properly return a report.

Wonderful job by the way.

Excellent Pappy! Your right on point with everything!

Thank you for everything your doing to make the Bonus Round go smoothly! 🙏

Quick question... Did @joseph23 redo these Mission Reports in single fashion or is this (list form) what we are working with?

And yes! Since I'm tagging you Joseph! Your nailing these #Ping Missions! They are looking AWESOME! 🤩

I didn't redo it again . Decided to leave it this way but I redo other ones that came after this.

Works for me! 👌

Good to hear from you and nice to see this second initiative. I am glad to support sir @wil.metcalfe. How can we get the authenticated list of our followers? Thanks again sir. This indeed a nice initiative @comet.ranker

Yayyyyyy! @adoore-eu! I'm so glad to hear from you and also glad to see that you are still keen and raring to go! 🙌

Jump over to HQ (Comet Ranker's Discord) and click on the '@commanders' channel. There you will find your Authenticated Follower List that you will be able to use during this Bonus Round! This is a LIVE and ACTIVE FREE FOR ALL... and we are already 1 day in!

It's not like last time where people waited for their Category Window!

Sooooo don't wait to long ok! 😉

Seeing as your follower list has been pared down from all those BLANK and SPAM accounts... Your going to feel a whole lot more efficient and hopefully this will be a whole lot more fun for you this time around!

Let me know if you have any more questions ok! You know that I'm always here for you! 👍

Comet Ranker

I really would have loved to eat that pancake too


Don't worry , when I prepare mine I will waybill a portion to you , just Dm your home address😄😄


She shares her beautiful journey and experience on hive, I found it inspiring and humorous by our fellow at HQ Nkema🤗 >> 🔴🔴 https://ecency.com/hive-153850/@nkemakonam89/my-blogging-experience


She is such a sweet Lady and here she shares with us what love means to her, a blog worth visiting by Hivedeb >> 🔴🔴 https://ecency.com/hive-153850/@hivedeb/what-my-understanding-of-love-is


An interesting Actifit report by Stdd >> 🔴🔴 https://ecency.com/hive-193552/@stdd/actifit-stdd-20220407t202814344z

I'm really glad you #Ping'ed this follower wrestling... however because this is a newer follower it isn't compiled your Follower Snap Shot or Authenticated Follower List. I still gave you 100% UPvotes though!

@pappyelblanco Just make sure your referencing off of the Commander's Authenticated Follower List for these ones before verifying. I drew a blank on the system with this follower as it's not (yet) in the system.

But yes!

Carry on! 😊

Comet Ranker

Sorry - I think this was someone I was just naturally talking with, and the link ended up here when I checked my notifications for #pings !

@wil.metcalfe! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

R.I.P. boiled water.
You will be mist.

Credit: reddit
@wil.metcalfe, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @wrestlingdesires
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (3/6)

LoL! Allllll good! I’m glad you figured it out because I was just spinning over here! Guess that means it’s bed time once again! I’ll be at er again sooner rather than later! 🤜🤛

You have a good rest, I have a feeling you are going to need it 😂 All joking aside, get some sleep :)And thanks for everything ☄️


@wil.metcalfe! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (6/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

How many magicians does it take to pull a rabbit out of a hat?
One. It's a trick question.

Credit: reddit
@wil.metcalfe, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @wrestlingdesires
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (6/6)

My Ping Practice Mission Report 1
This user writes about her feeling towards animals. It's her entry to a contest. 🔴🔴


Hi @kemmyb

My advice is you wait till you get a pingback before reporting in order for it to truly count.

If it is getting close to the deadline then you can submit these ones.

Additionally making sure that the Commander only links to the post (rather than the comment) as this gives you a chance to view information in exactly the same way every single time from top to bottom. There's actually less clicking this way and it allows you the opportunity to view the content and the subsequent engagement in a flash.

Going forward we will need to cue commanders to only drop links to the followers post (rather than the comment they left.).

Thanks for taking the time to give @kemmyb the low down Pappy! These are the sort of supportive prompts that our people need (especially the newest of our crew!). 🙏

Comet Ranker

Exactly!!! Amazing input @wil.metcalfe

Nicely done @kemmyb! I've just gotten to your Mission Reports and I'm excited to see your efforts! Keep going! There's about 22 hours remaining in the Bonus Round! 🙌

Comet Ranker

P.S. Going forward all that's needed is the red code symbols and a link pointing directly to the followers post (rather than your comment). I like that you have taken the time to highlight the followers content though and if you have the energy/time/brain juice this is really wonderful! Just thought you might like a pro tip! 😊

Hehehe, I appreciate the pro tip, thanks! I have noted the correction and will drop the post link rather than comment link. But what if it's a post with so many comments? Then you'll have to start fishing through the load of comments to find mine.

All the same, I'll leave the post links here. It's been fun participating in this Bonus Round. Kinda makes me feel sad that I missed the first Round. 😞 But all is not lost!

Well done @wil.metcalfe and @pappyelblanco! You are both doing great. !PIZZA 🙂

Yes! @kemmyb! Never fear! We live and breath comments here at @Comet.Ranker! I have sorted through a post with nearly 1,000 comments just to find a comment by a few commanders during the 1st phase of Operation #Ping! (Had to do that multiple times actually!) There were A LOT of comments in that post let me tell you! But if all should fail... There's always 'Control + F'! Usually that helps me find things quickly! Did you know about that short-cut key? It's a life-saver let me tell ya! 😅

I'm so glad that you went for it during the Bonus & Practice Round Kemmy! Your right! Nothings been lost! You are primed and READY for the next engagement event that @comet.ranker hosts! ✌️

Comet Ranker


A fun story about looking before you bite!


A gripping story about a man who wants a better life.


Hi @sellennee!

Thank you for making the effort to reinitiate contact with people you originally #Ping'ed and didn't hear back from!

In this case this was considered a second #Ping (on your part) so although it will not change the previously entered data (in the @Comet.Ranker systems) I will still grant you a #Ping Token for your continued efforts to connect with your audience in this way! Nicely done! 🙌

If you would like more information about this please head over to HQ and check out the 'announcements' channel where you can find more about this!

If you have any questions please feel free to engage over at HQ in the 'communications' channel so that we can all getUP to speed together!

One more thing...

Because I have slightly changed how rewards are earned during the Bonus Round it might be a good idea to read the announcement details as it is now possible to #Ping all of your followers again and receive rewards! If you have already #Ping'ed your follower once before this won't effect your computed outcomes in terms of the data we compile but it will translate into plenty of extra Comet and #Ping Tokens if you would like to invest the effort.

The main thing here is that Commanders make the effort to #Ping followers that haven't already been #Ping'ed first and fore mostly. Those should be prioritized which I believe you are indeed doing!


Hope I see you over at HQ!

Happy #Ping'ing @sellennee!

Comet Ranker


An Interesting short fiction story by Trashyomen >> 🔴🔴 https://ecency.com/hive-170798/@trashyomen/the-blossoming-of-the-century#@trashyomen/re-queenstarr-ra1qev

Ping Practice Mission Report 4
User reviewed an interesting Netflix show titled Bridgerton...🔴🔴


Hi @kemmyb!

This one, incidentally, was made before the Bonus Round / Practice Round kicked off. Your comment is 7 days old. Just a little FYI! Make sure that your #Ping's fall within the start and finish times. 🙂

Comet Ranker

P.S. Just going to tag @pappyelblanco here for future reference! There's a couple of scenarios to watch for but to make sure that everything is weighted fairly for all participants it's important for us to stick to the exact same protocols for good, better, best results! 👍

Ohh! Comments have to be those made within the duration of the Operation Ping Mission. Got it!

Hmm, I assumed this one was made at the time this Operation started. Sorry about that. Thanks for enlightening me! ☺️

Ping Practice Mission Report 2
User wrote about how she found a family on Hive. An inspiring post. 🔴🔴


Ping Practice Mission Report 3
Author examines difference between solitude and loneliness.. 🔴🔴


ah ha! Your fixing them ahead of me! Nicely done with this one Martin! 🙌


A great set of pictures as always from tattoodjay as well as a shopping trip!


There we go! Kene is on your Authenticated Follower List @nkemakonam89! This Mission Report doesn't change the end result in terms of the social data entered into the system for Operation #Ping... BUUUUUT during the Bonus Round you can earn Comet and #Ping Tokens for Double #Ping's like this one! Nicely done! 🙌

Comet Ranker

I understand this, but since I am done pinging my authenticated followers, I decided to re-ping for the bonus round.

EXACTLY! You get this full well! Thank you for doing all you can do to warmUP your Authenticated Follower List @nkemakonam89! Keep on #Ping'ing! 😊

I love how authentic engagements are taking place here.

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

🔴🔴 Hislab got his exercise while working on a construction site!


I'll read this when I get back ☄️☄️☄️ I already scanned it, and LOVE the idea!

This post has been curated by the VYB Curation Project - keep up the great work!

I am certain we would have fun at it just like the last time. This time we would just connect with those we couldn't reach last time and since we have our list of active followers on the comet.ranker discord channel we can easily know who to reach and who we could get a response from

Definitely - this makes it a lot easier ☄️

@comet.ranker! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (4/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

This guy said he was going to attack me with his guitar.
I said is that a fret?

Credit: reddit
@comet.ranker, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @wrestlingdesires
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (4/4)

Thank you soooooo much for this level of support from you AND the #VYB community @wrestlingdesires! I look forward to your feedback about the Bonus Round for Operation #Ping! ☄️

Comet Ranker

It's my pleasure - VYB is all about quality and community and rewarding those who are under appreciated :) Hopefully it'll help make this post more visible 🙌

Honestly it would probably be easier to ping again than dig through my old comments 😂

Ping Practice Mission Report 7
This author dazzled me with mouthwatering dishes she'd prepared! 🔴🔴


This is such a wonderful initiative and I'll love to be part of it.

You are very much welcome.

Hey @wil.metcalfe, can you help him out with directions of being a part of this?

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, I've started sharing my Engagement.

Hi @vickoly!

I just love your excitement and eagerness to throw yourself into what we are all doing here at @Comet.Ranker! BigUP's from me my brother! 🙌

I would like to officially invite you to HQ over on Discord! This is an invitation only Team Initiative and your initiative has set you apart! We need more people who are willing to jump into the engagement trenches just like you are doing!

Please add me over on Discord and I'll send you the invite link! Here's my account name: wil.metcalfe#3506

Looking forward to seeing you over at HQ!

Comet Ranker

Wow thanks so much for the invite and seeing the zeal and willingness in me to join up with the @comet.ranker

I'll message you asap.

Welcome aboard! ☄️ Your now officially a part of the #CometCrew! There’s going to be a few things your probably wondering about. Just ask your questions at HQ and I’ll do my best to fill you in alright? 🙌

Ping Practice Mission Report 15
A whodunnit fiction 🔴


Kemmy! 🙌

Good job with this Mission Report! These are the most difficult Mission Reports because the account is active but they didn't (or might not) see fit to forge a connection with you. But it is an indicator as to what might be going on with this followers account and may also be an insight into the overall well-being of the account as well! Put these Mission Reports together and they will also inform you as to who you should be following and also who you should spend your time reading and engaging with in the future. That said... I guess a strike 3 strategy might also be a worthwhile consideration. Only you will know for sure!

Individually these single #Ping Mission Reports do indicate some useful things... compile your whole list and you will soon see the wider view on the blockchain and the social well-being surrounding your account. This is really great information as it allows you to adjust your game plan to a winning one! Keeping score, like we are doing here with Operation #Ping's Practice Round, doesn't always feel like progress... but putting it all together will give you the opportunity to adjust and become more effective!

Understanding your social is all about the numbers you are able to gather. That is why the #Ping system is what it is. It's a feedback mechanism that gives us the information we need to win!

Ok! Thought you might like some pro tips here!

I hope that this is helpful!

As well! Thank you, Kemmy from A - Z 😁, for participating in the Practice Round!

I really appreciate your efforts to engage and make the best of this @comet.ranker event!

Keep on going!

Comet Ranker

I appreciate the pro tips! Every feedback on the pings tell me my followers appreciate my presence on their account feed and it's encouraging. Um, what's a strike 3 strategy? 😄

Thank you, Kemmy from A - Z 😁, for participating in the Practice Round!

What? No, thank you for this opportunity! It put me back in the game of engaging because I've been a bit slack about it due to offline commitments. And I've enjoyed it thoroughly! 😁

I'm so glad to hear this Kemmy! 😊

Yeah! A strike three is a baseball term where a pitch travels across the plate. If the batter fails to connect with the ball on the 3rd try they are officially out.

In terms of managing your social... Say you lob a comment right there across home plate for your follower to catch or bat back to you... and they never do... they just let those authentic and genuine comments slide on by. Eventually your going to have to call it (a strike 3?) so that you can dedicate your time and attention to those who really want to connect with you! That's what I was referring to with the Strike 3 strategy! 😁

This becomes even more interesting when you note that there really are all sorts of reasons why a follower might follow you. And don't you think it's strange if you have an active (posting content) account that follows you... but every time you attempt to contact them in the comments they just ignore you?

That isn't a raving fan... so it's best to put your time/attention/dedication elsewhere.

That's my take on it anyways!🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Comet Ranker

Nice one @martinlazizi! Look at us! We are making @Comet.Ranker history here! This is your 1st official #Ping! 🌀 How cool is that!? 🙌

Ok! Now for some logistics!

Your formatting on this Mission Report looks great except if you can (going forward) link to the followers post (rather than their comment) that would be ideal! Reason being... It's a lot easier to create the same process every time (for our proof of engagement checks in the background) and also linking directly to the post let's us quick skim the content AND the engagement from top to bottom! This helps us get a gist for what's going on within the post and how the engagement is responding.

As well... If you can put your red code mission identifiers before the link that would also help!

Nothing major right? 😁

Ok! That's it really!

Easy peezy!

Comet Ranker

P.S. Just going to tag @pappyelblanco here for future reference! Hi Pappy! How's it going?! ✌️

We are doing just fine and @martinlazizi is a trooper, so I am certain he will take your pointers and keep pushing

Ping Practice Mission Report 6
Ms Queen's thrilling battle with the theme monster, Kulu Swinhunter! 🔴🔴


Ping Practice Mission Report 5
An inspiring, minimalist post on creating one's happiness. 🔴🔴


🔴🔴 Go congratulate my friend on his Splinterlands success, and relive the old days with him 🙌


Hmmmmm... I'm not sure what happened here Martin. For some reason this follower isn't on your list. They didn't unfollow you for some reason did they?


A story of love and tough times. Very much worth a read!


This is great work @vickoly, I love the way you are picking away all your followers. I want to be like you when I grow up.

@wil.metcalfe just letting you know I was here.

Lolz funny you, thanks for the compliment boss.

Hi @wrestlingdesires, I can see your comment on the post but I am yet to see a response. So I guess it should be one box instead of 2. Thanks a million

Hey @wil.metcalfe, please help me take a look at this.

Yes, it was a typo, sorry

Thanks for fixing this one! ☄️

You are doing such a great job of identifying the anomalies Pappy! (Is this getting any easier? Hope so! 😁) You also notified @wrestlingdesires before @comet.ranker got to the Mission Report giving him a chance to fix things! THIS is exactly the sort of things that will speedUP our future operations during engagement events! That means we will be so much more effective!

Nicely done! 🙌

Comet Ranker


A talented Hive member who needs some encouragement. They are just starting out, and are overlooked.

Hi @wrestlingdesires

Just wanted to say...

It really warms my heart to see you here in the comment trenches attempting to help people renew and get going again! That's exactly the sort of helpful culture we need here on the Hive Blockchain! Your setting such a great example for the rest of us... Thank you! 🙏

Comet Ranker

P.S. Also wanted to share some feedback that might help us all out. Just hoping, going forward, that you will be able to spend a little more attention to detail with your Mission Reports. 😉 This follower is actually an 'inactive' one so their Report would look like this:
🟥 🟥 https://ecency.com/shadowhunters/@micky-teflon/shadow-hunter-hands-and-a

Sorry, hopefully my more recent ones are better 😂

Hi @nkemakonam89!

Just popping in here to let you know...

Make sure that you are working off of your Authenticated Follower List. We will get to your newest followers later on down the road. We are taking this one thing at a time. 🙂

Thought I should inform you just so that you understand the current objective.


I'm on to the next Mission Report!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Oh, I get it!

Thanks for the clarification

I will stick to my authenticated followers going forward .

I really appreciate the effort @nkemakonam89 and you are putting into the challenge. This really shows how driven you are. Keep up the good work!!!

Awwww, thank you so much Pappy


An interesting dialog on societal rules by wwwiebe 🔴 🔴 >> https://ecency.com/hive-164671/@wwwiebe/societal-freedoms

Hi @queenstarr!

Just popping in here as this is another special consideration.

2 days ago this #Ping actually converted to a #Ping Back! Your lucky because we extended the Practice Round for another 7 days! What that means is you can resend this as a Mission Report (or simply edit the Mission Report before it is processed by @Comet.Ranker) to complete the the conversion in our systems. Perhaps you have already done this? I guess I will see as I continue to move down the list of Mission Reports!

It should also be noted... Having the second round is actually a special opportunity where Commander's can convert #Ping Missions into #Ping Back Missions if they were missed. During a round it normally would only be possible to report once be that a Single #Ping or a #Ping Back! BUT! Because a second round has opened it is now possible to report these after the fact conversions!

Hope this makes sense to you but if not please just ask over at HQ and I'll fill you in!

ALSO! Just because I have taken the time to thoroughly examine this Mission Report, I have already converted this one into a #Ping Back in the system so no need to edit or report this one again! AS WELL! You will also be earning a #Ping Token for this one!

Congratulations on being authentic in the comments! Your follower saw this and even though they were probably extremely busy they decided to #Ping you Back! Doesn't that feel great!? 😁

Ok! I'm off to process the next Mission Report!

Wish me luck!

Comet Ranker

P.S. @pappeyelblanko! I'm tagging you in this one as well seeing as there are some special considerations held within this Mission Report! If you know what to look for... these will stand out immediately! But hey! Let me know if you have any questions about this scenario and I'll go over it with you! 🙌

Yes Thank you Wil, I have edited this single ping! to a ping!! back report.
Thank you for the extension aswell, so Thoughtful💗

You just saved a mission here

Hi @wil.metcalfe, did you see the nicely done crocheting on this post? very talented individual.

This one actually converted over to a #Ping Back! It's now in the system with the conversion! Congratulations @vickoly !

Comet Ranker

AWESOME! @nkemakonam89 I hadn't even considered this. It's all to obvious though! Those 7 day windows could be tight! So yes! This is an automatic Comet Token coming your way! Thank you for widening our view with new data on your followers! This is only going to improve the statistics! 🙏

@pappyelblanco please take note (with your verifications) that we will also be including Mission Reports from Commanders that were missed back when their respective Categories ended. This is still relevant data that will improve the statistical view on Commanders social and so it's important that we don't miss this. I'll make another announcement about it at HQ before the day is done as well.

Comet Ranker

Great addition @nkemakonam89, this will make for a truly complete statistical data.

I would keep an eye for this @wil.metcalfe

Thank you Pappy😊

Happy Sunday from my end!

Oh! Great...thank you so much @wil.metcalfe .

I read the new update at comet ranker HQ , I understand that our major priority is pinging those we couldn't ping then. However I think I am free to re-ping those followers I pinged before because I am pretty done pinging my authenticated followers , the remaining ones were inactive followers that I can't expect that ping back anytime soon.

Though I have pinged them and reported my mission .

Yes! You got it! … And! Only just under 21 hours to go! 🙌


A great story if you like adventure and dogs 🙌

Took me a while to know it was the dog telling the story... I would have given him a bone and still dump my garbage.

He wanted the intruder gone 🤣

Excellent @nkemakonam89! I'm glad you managed to #Ping this one! You are now sitting at a 97 #Ping rate meaning you have intentionally gone out of your way to #Ping 97 percent of your follower list at the time your follower snapshot was taken!

I realize that it's been several months since this follower went dark... and you have waited 2 days for them to respond... But we still have a few more days until the Bonus Round wrapsUP! Are you sure that you want me to enter this into the system yet?

I understand that you are also managing your time so whichever way is good! I'll enter into the system right away. Just thought you might want to know about the timing thing. We can always 🤞 right!? hahaha! 😅

Comet Ranker

Are you sure that you want me to enter this into the system yet?

Yes please do. This particular follower has been inactive for a long time and I don't have any hope of getting a ping back from her any time soon, and that's why I reported the mission immediately .