Report All Category 3️⃣ #Ping Missions Here!

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Attention all Category 3 Commanders!

👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀

Operation #Ping is now LIVE in...

5...4...3...2...1... AND LAUNCH! 🚀
All ships #Ping Portals are now ACTIVE!

🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀

Commence with engagement protocols!

Welcome to @Comet.Ranker HQ!

Here is where you leave your mark Commander!

Report all #Ping Missions to this post!

Remember! Only 1 mission report per. comment!

As well! Once this posts reward cycle expires (7 days from the publication.) it will be no longer possible to register your #Ping Missions for Category 3! Make sure that you have all your Mission Reports in by that time!


AND! Always remember... should you need support or have any questions please notify us bellow in the comments!

We are 100% here for you! If you require any assistance let us know!

When your winning we are all winning!

Over and out,


Once your Operation Ping category launches, the following are steps to add a ‘ping’ to your ping score:

1. Copy your entire follower list into a document or spreadsheet such as Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, or even just 'notepad.' The @Ecency front-end is the easiest platform to copy your follower-list from: . (These followers are people who chose to follow you, fearless leader, so let’s treat ‘em right!)

2. Visit each of your follower's Hive Blogs, then take the time to read their most recent post & leave a well-thought-out personal comment. (This is what it means to 'ping' someone, simple, right?) Your followers / passengers have likely been in stasis for awhile, so here's your opportunity to warm up those connections one 'ping' at a time! Do NOT copy & paste a cookie-cutter response or ‘phone it in.’ That is NOT the point of Operation Ping.

3. Record each ‘ping’ on your Follower-List Document that you created earlier using ONE of the following four methods:


  1. 🟥 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🟥🟥 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

  1. 🔴 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🔴🔴 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

(Note: An 'inactive follower’ means that your follower's most recent post is older than 14 days. An ‘active follower’ means that your follower’s most recent post is 14 days or newer.)

⚠️ AND you’ll also want to copy a ‘link’ to each post that you comment on.

4. Report your 'ping results' to the @Comet.Ranker Mission Report post for your category before it concludes it's 7 day reward cycle. This is done as a comment and is called your 'Ping Mission Report' and should consist of only one 'ping result' per. comment. Make sure you include the appropriate red symbols and a link to each follower's post that you 'pinged'.

⚠️ If you don’t receive an immediate ‘ping back’ from a follower, remember to report your initial 'ping' to @Comet.Ranker before the Mission Report Post for your category's 7-day reward countdown expires. Once the 7-day reward cycle is completed ‘Ping Missions’ may no longer be registered within your category.

Whoever gets the most ping back responses (points/symbols) in their category, wins!

As Operation Ping progresses, you (the initiating commander) will ping as many of your followers as possible in the week allotted for your specified category.

Each ping report will result in one of four possible outcomes [🔴 or 🟥] and [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥].

The Commander able to score the most ping backs (replies) [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥] will have accumulated the highest number of pings on his / her Ping Badge and Ping Console (dashboard.)

This is how the winners for each category will be determined.


Let's say the commander with the highest Ping Score for mission category one converted 71% of their followers into ping backs [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥]...

...This means that they will win a total of 71% of the tier one prize pool. That's 355 Hive to the winner, not counting the extra that will be awarded from the sign-up fees from their category.


Once the @Comet.Ranker crew receives your 'Ping Mission Report' we'll update your total 'ping score' to your 'badge.'


© Comet.Ranker 2022

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Kindly check if I have submitted this before sir.



Hi @adoore-eu!

Well done! This is indeed a new Mission Report! ☄️

Pro Tip:
On your end if you are wanting to keep Mission Reports straight just add an icon to your document whenever you make a report. That way you will know that you have made the report and not feel like you are guessing!

Hope this helps you stay organized! 😁

Keep going!

Your doing AMAZING! 🤩

Comet Ranker

Okay sir, I appreciate


Annnnnnnd there it is @adoore-eu! 🤩

Proof of #Ping! Your very 1st Badge! ☄️

Congratulations!!! 🙌

I know that this is going the be the 1st of MANY! 💯

Comet Ranker

P.S. Just a little formatting note! Can you (going forward) make sure that the link you include with your Mission Report is pointing to (only) your followers post? I like to do a date confirmation on the post and then scroll from top to bottom. This gives me a sense of the content and also allows me the opportunity to gage the engagement on the post!

I hope this makes sense and thank you for making this little adjustment to your reports! 🙏

Keep going! Your on a ROLL! So keep on ROCKING and ROLLING! 🤟

@adoore-eu the race is almost coming to an end. I have been seeing your pinging 😊🔥, you are doing well, tighten your seat belt in this eleventh hour so you can get your prize!!!!!

Yayyyyy! Yes! Go @adoore-eu! Go! Go! Go! 🙌

Please look below this image, you have graded the next link for me, how come? The one I got from @vickoly

Are you asking about the UPvotes I'm giving to your #Ping and the #Ping Back @adoore-eu?

I do this as a confirmation on those #Ping's (for my reference). If I ever am wondering if I have confirmed something before all I need to do is look for the UPvote as I go along! AND of course... I am looking for ways to add value as we progress through your #Ping Missions! It is also a way to create constant contact throughout your entire 7 day's of Operation #Ping!

Am I answering your question?

I hope so! 😁

But if none of what I'm saying makes any sense just ask me again but in a different way!

I'm here for you! 🙌

Comet Ranker

Wowwww, keep the ball rolling dear.

More grace 💪😊

Hahaha, we need to serve them something chilled. It's been so hot out there. All busy but found time to hop in and say hello? They deserve a bear hug.😂

It just makes me so happy to see people bonding and coming together to support each other here on Hive! THIS is what it's all about! ☄️

It is amazing, sometimes I scroll too much to find the latest reply. They are just so amazing.

It is amazing especially when you consider how much time and brain juice it takes to be in the top 10! And you know a little about that don't you @adoore-eu! 😉

Yes I do. But it's worth it. It gives opportunity to widen out and mark friends. More opportunity to learn from others and grow together.

Hey, @adoore-eu, 16 more hours to go, you are doing great. Fighting 🤜🤛

Hahaha, am still fighting. Thanks for the reminder

You are welcome ma'am ❤️❤️

Yes!!! @adoore-eu is still in the thick of it! 12hrs and 43min. remaining!!! ☄️


So fast! Look at you go! ☄️

I’m just heading to bed as it’s 1:21am over here in Canada! 🇨🇦 Buuut I’ll be back here to award you your 1st #Ping Badges! Congratulations @adoore-eu! 🤩

Hahaha, go get some sleep. I will too when I should. Thanks

I’ve gotten 2 sleeps already. I think I might need a 3rd! Hahaha! 😆

How’s your #Ping Missions going @adoore-eu? 🙂

Going on well. Juggling between today's service and #pinging. Still waiting for people's response. Only that like I told you, many are not active anymore

We are UP to speed over here at @Comet.Ranker HQ! Keep em coming @adoore-eu! 🤩

Comet Ranker

P.S. Make sure your using the correct code symbols (this one should have been a red circle) and also make sure your copying useable links as well! Not sure but this one didn't work. I had to find my way in manually but I made it happen anyways so we are all good over here! 🙂

Alright, thanks


With this #,ping operation I have got more followers . But I didn't follow them back yet until after the operation and then I will visit their page and see who they are . 😅

Now we are talking! NOW you are a follower EXPERT! You know exactly what to do when someone follows you! You run an Operation #Ping on them! 😉

Hi @adoore-eu! Just real quick!

Can you changeUP your format from linking to the return comment your follower makes and just simply link to your followers post?

Here's what I mean:

Thank you! 🙏

Comet Ranker

Annnnd that is the last one! (With 1 min. to spare!)

Congratulations on all those #Ping's @adoore-eu!

You really went ALL OUT!


As this category 3 ends, my appreciation goes to you all for your love, support, happy cheers,motivations and the push to help me go on. I did little but the love I got was massive. What I did, I did from my heart and enjoyed working with you all. Thanks again @comet.ranker @wil.metcalfe , my followers who found it worthy to ping back even if they didn't know what the mission was about, the oldies who received notifications and came down to reply, all category 1 and 2 commanders and all who contributed to make this #ping operation worthwhile. Thank you. Thank you @dreemsteem for your understanding, I haven't been much on dreemport before of this. I will head back now 😅. Thanks all.


@wil.metcalfe , I don't know if this has been graded

Thanks for the headsUP on this one! You got it!!! Nicely done! ☄️

Before the time is UP I'll be checking over all the Mission Reports to make sure they are all in before the Category 3 Window closes!

We are nearly there! 2 hours and 9 min. to go @adoore-eu!!! 🙌

I will be glad if you could get all in. I enjoyed the experience, the love, the support and have learnt
a lot from this. On behalf of all the commanders in the mission we say thank you for all you do. Your energy and devotion to this is amazing. I will try to finish my time haha, after that I should catch some sleeeeeep 😅😅

It's my pleasure @adoore-eu! You have made this round of Operation #Ping a real joy let me tell you! It's been a fun last push in our followers comments today!

I'm so glad that you have learned so much! (I have as well I will have you know!) This has been an awesome experience for me and I'm glad that you and the other Commanders are feeling the same way! ☄️

Yes! I sort of figured you were burning the midnight oil over there!

Hang tight! We are nearly there! (and then you can sleep in peace knowing you did everything you could to reach your follower / passengers!) Unless you really got to sleep! Then of course I completely understand! Sleep pressure is a real thing! hahahaha! 😴

Thank you so much. We appreciate you. I am still here, haven't slept. Still going thru my #pings to ensure I didn't forget to report any one. None should be left out. Hahaha

🤩 You are one tough #Ping Commander! I'm so impressed at your drive and determination! You know... when I was in university that's how I approached my exams... I was ALWAYS the last person to leave the test... even if I was 100% sure I got everything right on the test! That intensity served me well and still does to this day! I think you and I approach challenges in much the same way @adoore-eu! 💪

That was 844th on your follower list @adoore-eu! Does that mean you have #Ping'ed this many of your followers!? 🤩

Hahahaha no sir. Some are skipped for one reason or the other. Besides I didn't follow alphabetically.

Ah! Makes sense now! 😆

Alright. A bird at hand is worth more than thousands in the bush. Let me start reporting with caution haha those that I have 🟥 or 🔴 with no 🟥🟥 or 🔴🔴 yet. Hahaha.

Hahahaha! Atta girl! I look forward to all these reports! Have fun @adoore-eu! @comet.ranker HQ is about to lightUP! 🤩


How about this? Kindly help check them all. Among the #pings, some #ping backs are hiding

What a FULL last couple weeks this has been! It's a day away from announcing winners and that's got me here finalizing and double checking the Mission Reports! Looks like you managed to add another #Ping Back! Congratulations @adoore-eu! 🙌

And here's another one! Good thing I'm double checking the reports @adoore-eu! 😅

Not sure why... but this one isn't on your list of followers (on the blockchain or over here at @Comet.Ranker HQ). But I'm still glad that you checked in with this person... You never know! Maybe Hive will go to $10 and they will be back! hahahaha! 😅