"A Little Glimpse of Hope"

in #poemlast month


I'm dreaming away, in your arms
I'm waking up to find
It's when you find your true love
That you know that you should love yourself too

I've been looking around for a way to soothe my mind
Drifting in the shadows of this world trying to fight
The struggles have really gotten under my skin
Now I'm trying to find what I can offer my lady

If I can just get that look in your eye
I'm going to be alright
Just feeling the rain falling down
But if I can get that smile from you

I know everything will be alright
If I can just get that look in your eye
I know we're both thinking it's going to be alright
We'll be a little glimpse of hope

Out in the dead of night
The world is full of colors
A whole spectrum of colors on black
Peaceful and I'm finally at peace.