"Boundless Hope and Teeming Despair"

in #poemlast month


The smallest creature that I know
Seems to think it all is it's not
Boundless hope and teeming despair
You show me a world in need of my help

Seeing the world through a small bead of dew
I admire this small creature's struggle
Fighting and dragging itself up to survive
Teeming with sorrow or radiant with riches

There's a lot of love to be found
It's everywhere, yeah
If you open up your eyes and just take a look
Love can be found in the smallest of things

Oh, see it in the raindrops
The dew that's still glistening in the sun
What about when you see me smile?
That's love I'm sending you

Show some love and you'll find love all over the place
So be, so be smart finding a lot of love
Every, every time ever time

Find some more love Evermore more love
Except more while, while more time passes by
Showing some kind of love
Make your life worth these high days

Feel love in a hug and saltwater on your skin
Show off your body with a bikini and never be embarrassed about it
You deserve better than that fill up.