"Changing Season"

in #poem2 months ago


Curling on the chaise
Knitting away the time
Favorite pattern, favorite yarn
Current season, curling up by the fire

My knitting needles click slow as we sit in front of the fireplace dreaming
The fire's hot
We're sharing oranges on the mantel
And falling asleep, like years ago when we built this house

My favorite blanket, my little home
Sitting under the covers reading
It's hard living outside
Sunshine old-timers, with their mustaches and hair

Until life changed everything
And then I closed my eyes
The reality wasn't what I expected to see
Never knew what happiness feels like

Nothing stole my heart the way that you do
Never thought it would happen again
Just when I lost your love, I found you again
and if we work hard, we'll be together forever.