"My Eyes Are Onto You Now"

in #poem2 months ago


People, place, and road
A field for us to see
Next is a valley for us to see
Then mountains so tall

Tall mountains that know how to only bend to you
And your love never forsakes me
Can't take the love away
Good life, have you heard it yet?

My eyes are onto you now
The stars are in the sky but you've seen it all before
Wait for your savior to rear its ugly head
Someday, if I can just weasel my way in

Above the ocean blue, my love has flown
Inside I soar, with all the might of a dove
We have seen the rainbow and its love that brought us true
Nothing could be better

The good life, oh the good life
We have done it all together with one another
We've made it to the top, we've done a lot together
God only knows, but we can preach some more together.