"Tiny Glimpse of Life That is Emerging Before My Eyes"

in #poemlast month


Skimming my fingertips down your spine
Pressing my hands so deep into you
I feel your longing, soaring like a satellite
I want to be the person who saves you in this lifetime

I am the light that falls from above
Protecting the hope in your eyes
Now how does it feel to have someone there for you?
Slowly unfolding before my eyes

A child's wonder in her blue eyes
See the affirmation flooding over her smile
How could anyone deny a love this sweet?
You'll see I am living life anew as we're standing here, right now lit now

And you are giving me the strength to go on
I am alive, I am alive again tonight
So don't slit your guitar strings
Reroute the beats back into your skin and bone.