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It was September 2018 when I last did something like this and it's time to dust of some code and find out who's been positive in their commentary on Hive.


The data I'm looking at are comments made from the 20th March 2020, 3 pm UTC right through until today. You will need to ask for a chart to be in the running for the prize, which is 2.5k HP delegated to an account of your choice (yourself is fine!) for a month.

Text Mining / Text Analytics

For a while now, I've been trying to surface various data and information using text held in posts/comments on Hive. The approach has been quite straight-forward, it works (sort of), but is only really scratching the surface of what could be done with a bit more time and programming competency.

Recently, I was passed this link by someone who I think can help me do more in depth and cool stuff in the future using the methods discussed in the article.

One of the text mining elements discussed is Sentiment Analysis.

Quantifying users content, idea, belief, and opinion is known as sentiment analysis. User's online post, blogs, tweets, feedback of product helps business people to the target audience and innovate in products and services. Sentiment analysis helps in understanding people in a better and more accurate way. It is not only limited to marketing, but it can also be utilized in politics, research, and security. source

An off the top of my head example would be to use a sentiment analysis method on with all posts with say, #leofinance and #hive, or #leofinance and #bitcoin.

Would it be possible to collect this information from post/comments and find out how, in a given week, those discussing Hive or Bitcoin on leofinance feel about these coins?

No clue, but at some point i'd like to give it a go and find out. And I wonder how it would compare to coingecko's feature that records user sentiment towards a token:


Anyway, I'm not there with that yet, and so it's back to some dirty SQL script to find out who, based on my selection of words and phrases, has been positive in their comments on Hive since it arrived late March. The words/phrases checked far are:

  • I love this
  • very kind
  • much appreciated
  • thank you so much
  • fantastic
  • well done
  • thank you very much
  • you are very kind
  • hive on!
  • I applaud you
  • you rock
  • excellent!
  • i am very happy
  • this is awesome
  • my pleasure
  • you are welcome
  • congratulations
  • a lovely
  • great!

My results:


And a grand total of 155, which I'm sure some of you will be able top. Those who are verbose have an advantage, but do their comments contain enough positive words/phrases?

The person who requests a chart and has highest total wins a 2.5k HP delegation for a month.




Nice, not sure how deep down the rabbit hole you've gone on this. However, if you do decide to go down the route of the tutorial, I'd recommend choosing a different data set as the one mentioned is movie reviews, essentially someone has labeled a ton on movie reviews which the model will use to classify against, the more relevant the type of content, the more relevant the sentiment usually. Fortunately, there are tons of similar labelings for various frameworks:


A method that is slightly less upfront work and could yield interesting result might be something like:


which would simply be an API request, you get 5,000 transactions free a month. I can't comment on the accuracy though as the last time I used it was a couple of years ago and was chat transcript classification.

While I'm here, I might as well ask for a chart too 👍. Could I get one for @quello as that account is much more active than my blog 🙈

Awesome, thanks for the links and the advice. There was a mention in the article of 'kaggle', although I've not read into it as yet.

I checked both your account and @quello, and no matches in comments i'm afraid.

If utopian was still around, this may have been different. Cheers.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I'm quite confident that no-one can match either of you on this and so I've sent the delegation out already :)

@jlufer - 2500
@dswigle - 1500

To be returned 1st August.

Well done both, and thank you for your positivity on Hive!

how are you dear friend @ abh12345 good morning
What a pleasant surprise, I would never have thought that I had a chance of winning this delegation when I requested the information.

I want to congratulate you and thank you for the positive things you do for our social network and for the people, you are a worthy example to follow, having added another 1500 of delegation confirms it.

Thank you very much for what you do for all of us and especially for our beloved company Hive.
I take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful afternoon

Thank you for the kind words @julfer, you deserve this prize for your continuous positivity on Hive.

Thank you also for the tip, have a lovely week :)

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Wow!! Thank you so much, Asher! @abh12345

I truly am at a loss for words and this is above and beyond! To get rewarded for something that you love doing makes it even sweeter!! I appreciate the extra bump you added. thank you for always trying to make Hive a better place.

I would also like to take a moment to congratulate @jlufer!! The man totally rocked it!! Nobody can touch his kindness!!

Thanks again!! Truly. You just made my month!!!

!tip .20

It's my pleasure, you both deserve a boost to go along with the positivity you spread around the Hive. Thank you!

Congratulations dear friend @dswigle as I said, nobody is more deserving of this award than you, I do not know another person who equals the sweetness you have when communicating with another person.

Thank you very much for being how you are
I wish you a wonderful day

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Thank you and honestly, I toss the good vibes back to you! I feel blessed to have been given a gift so generous.

Let's both use it wisely! ;)

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you very much dear friend @dswigle for your appreciation
have a wonderful afternoon

While I do not see myself as a negative person, I also do not really see myself as a positive person either, I feel I am pretty neutral, So a chart, would be nice. I am always up for a good experiment. Thank you, what a lovely idea, I think this is awesome, you rock at charts. I applaud you for this excellent Idea. there all prepped for the next go around.

haha, yep, they will be in next time :)



Not to friendly, but not un-friendly, thank you. I do like these charts to see where I've been.

Please can i request a chart

Sure :)


55, not bad.

That's nice ... wish I was here since march.. thanks

Keep it up my friend and you'll top the charts! In the time you've been here, you've made a pretty good difference so take that as some awesome progress!

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me

You're welcome! I've got a small surprise for you and a couple other people, more information to come about that soon! I'm going to try to get to it today but unsure if work will let me :)

Hello dear friend @ abh12345 good afternoon, I love this measurement, I would love to know how kind I am
I appreciate the time you invest in this type of information
have a beautiful afternoon

Thank you :)


Well! 701 is the total, amazing!

Thank you for your positivity on Hive!

One word WOW @jluferover 600 my god you are good

Thank you very much for the information dear friend @ abh12345 That looks very good

You too have done very well dear friend @dswigle this award, without a doubt it is for you, I do not think that anyone can win you in sweetness, gentle and good treatment.
have a beautiful night

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Right there! That is why you will be a winner every time! :) Thank you for your words, @jlufer.

You are, indeed, a kind gentle, man.


Oh go on man, I would love to see if I am on the scale. Whilst I think I'm a positive person I don't know if a lot of the wordings above are quite the things that I would say but you never know!!

And who can resist a bit of durty SQL!!

You seem, based on 100 beer review videos, like a positive chap to me, and that's prior to getting sloshed, I think!


If only 'top donk' was in the list?!

Hehe, that's not bad. I thought excellent would have been more but then realised that I was saying it a lot and tried to calm it down.

Top donk though, that's my fecking favourite!

I've been a bit mean with 'excellent' and 'great' and require a '!' to show that you really mean it!

Alright, looks quiet around here today, time to burn off some beer calories before refilling them later!

Burn em, add em rinse and repeat! It's the circle of life!!!

51 :)


What do you reckon to a go at Sentiment Analysis?

I think it works to some degree, but the problem is going to be that there is a wide range of language skill and background. I think it would require a far larger sampling and then cross-referenced with all other data surrounding an account - Facebook style :d

I like these though, it is fun and I would like to see more :)

What I do like is that I have a fair few "you are welcome" comments, which means I have helped at least 14 people in some way on-chain :)

Quite a big task and lots of words to crunch. I used to do this sort of thing quite often, will try to keep it going - just need ideas... :)

You are a nice person with a lot of quality content.. you feel like the winner already to me

I'd like to see what mine looks like my friend! Thanks!
This is awesome

LOL I was just trying to boost mine a little bit with some of those words ;)

Sadly the boosts wont help as the query end date was 3pm UTC today :P

Let's see...


96 in total and 'fantastic' leading the way in style!

Is there any way you could plug in "awesome" to it as well? I think I use that one a hell of a lot lol

Next time maybe :) You are leading the way thus far.

Hahaha maybe I use that word a little too much. I figured, good luck to whomever wins the delegation!

Thanks for pulling the data!

Just one 'a lovely' and one 'much appreciated' for you - perhaps your positivity shines using different words :)

That's bad, might be I am showing the positivity with different vocabulary altogether.

Yeah, just one 'you are welcome' for you. I'll have to come up with something for those that don't comment all the time - the 'silence awards' :)

Yes the silence awards, they give upvotes but never comment

How do I check mine?

I post a lot of positive posts, would love to see how my comments goes...

Just one 'I love this' in your comments on Hive - you must save the positivity for the posts!

lol, thanks for sharing.

Cheers for the shout-outs :D

thanks a lot buddy. I hope I shared some positivity around.

You definitely are with your posts and comments! 😁

Hmm This is an intriguing concept and a pointed, niche'd down piece of analysis. I am not certain the phrases used apply to me bar two perhaps but I would be curious to see where I would rank on the positivity scale.

Your data-fetish fascinates me Asher and always makes for a compelling spell lost to numbers and charts, I know it shouldn't but I too enjoy graphs, charts and interesting metrics to give a visual representation of a narrative.

Hope the week is going fabulously well mate :)

Thanks Steven!

I'm always trying to come up with something of interest, it doesn't always work but it seems we are not alone in seeking data.


Ok i know this one so , hit me up with this one aswell, and see if i use
love this,very kind,much appreciated, thank you so much, fantastic, well done, thank you very much, you are very kind, hive on! I applaud you, you rock, excellent! i am very happy, this is awesome, my pleasure, you are welcome, congratulations, a lovely, great!and see what my end results are.
Cheers Britt


100 in total, pretty good!

Well done , hahhaha the rally hostess trying to cheer them on to the next blog, well done to me and 100 is pretty good

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It is incredible that this post has over 200 comments. You have definitely initiated many wonderful projects that increase the engagement on the Hive platform. May more people like you around!

!tip 0.2

Yes it seems people like data, and the chance to win a little prize :)


Thank you very much for the tip!

I just think you should have included "Yeah!" on that bunch of positive words and phrases too. :p

Yeah! probably :)

Yeah! ...indeed!! :)


@abh12345, my kind words don't go as far back as March. Will I still get a chart?

Yes, you have 3 'congratulations' and 4 'thank you so much' :)

After all my kind words.
I think I didn't use the usual one. I know I've said more than that.

Regardless I'll just sit and watch who the winner is.

Hi sir, please I'd like to request a chart.

Wow, that’s so cool! I wonder if I am a positive person ♥️. Regards 👍

I'm sure you are!

There was 1 fantastic, 1 great!, 1 thank you very much :)

You know who in the old steem will win the prize?


Just saying ;)

Haha :)

Well he would be excluded of course!

@abh12345, One more great Initiative to boost Engagement and Effective Activity, and to encourage those who are spreading Positivity.

Keep up with your awesome work and my good wishes are with you. Stay blessed always.

i think i have zero (0) of those. could the winner be one with non? :D

hit me with it if you want :D

fantastic 1
I love this 1


did i won? :D

Can I know my presence in this row of positive people?

Yes, let's see...


One of the longest phrases, 20 times :)

Hehehe... It seems like it's very little ..

Not so bad, more than many :)

I used to get this kind of comments on my posts for a long while, which made me pretty angry since I spend some good hours on creating an article and I would like people to actually read it, but now I'm pretty curious how I'm doing for the others :D

Let's have a look....


91 in total, a good effort :)

Awesome! Though, these are the most often answers I give to people who are reading my posts while the comments I leave to the others are never repetitive and too short, hahaha 😄

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Yeah I think mine are a bit like that too. I find myself repeating the same comment on my own blogs, but if commenting elsewhere there is usually more originality in the text.


Count me in! I'd love to see how I compare with these words! ❤️ It has been much too long since you did one of these... Positive words are always fun!

Almost two years, time flies!


221 in total and I think that makes you a clear 3rd, very good!

Looks like I say lovely and fantastic far too often! 😀 @jlufer is clearly the very best at saying nice things.

Two years! I remember when you did the first one. Time does fly.

You can never say lovely and fantastic too often :D

Hopefully it wont be 2 years until the next!

Thank you very much dear friend @ melinda010100 for appreciating my way of expressing, I learned this from my parents, they were the ones who taught me that it was the best way to walk through life, to always be grateful

I, too, was taught that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!
I am so glad that you are my friend! 😘

wise teaching dear friend @ melinda010100, I also think the same, if you can not say something good, it is better to keep the opinion.
The feeling is mutual, happy to have met you dear friend

I'm very hopeful that you will win Asher's generous delegation prize! I know you will do a lot of good with a bigger upvote! ❤️

Thank you very much dear friend @ melinda010100 for your good wishes, finally the delegation confirmed today, to be honest I am very happy, since I will be able to help other Hivians with my vote.
I appreciate from your heart your kind words
have a wonderful day

UUUU so cool, I would love to see my chart hihi

Thanks, let's see....


137 in total and a nice selection :)

Ooo I have a couple of words I need to use more. Hmmm thank you. Let me start now with you hihi

Asher, I am very happy that you rock it with the Engagement League. Well done! All of this work you've been doing for all of us busy bees... This is awesome.

Uuu better😁😂🐝🐝

haha :)

I guess I will have to adjust my phrases for next time!

Ooooooo I have an idea for a creative contest lol. Make a text using these words which must sound good and have a logic. Hahhaha. That would be somethin'.

You rock Asher. Hahha. Gotta have more rocks in my repertoire😂

You never know, some of those rocks could be worth something some day :D

True true😁

Hey, @abh12345.

If you're still handing out positivity graphs, I'd surely like to see if I have any. :)

As long as the requests arrive I'm game :)


How's tricks over there Glen? Picking up more hours at work?

Hey, @abh12345.

Okay. So, this was kind of what I expected when I saw the words/phrases to be explored. I tend to just thank you, rather than thank you very much or something longer. At any rate, I can stand to pick up the positivity. :)

re: work

Still, pretty slow. Work this month was roughly 40 hours more than in May, so that's certainly a bit better, but now we're seeing the largest numbers of COVID-19 by far since this whole thing started, and I'm afraid we'll be shutting down or regressing or something again. It's not helping that quite a few of the states around us have already moved to close things.

Our governor wants people to stay local for the July 4th weekend. Good luck. In a little over two weeks, I'm supposed to be helping my son drive a moving truck so he and his family can live in South Carolina. He got a job there, but it's 3,000 miles away. Now, I'm concerned we might get stuck there because flights back could be cancelled.

That's a bummer, although more waves were expected by some. It's seems like this covid-19 is quite contagious.

One of my nearby towns is on 'local lockdown' and the concern is they'll travel over to Nottingham on Saturday for a beer or 10. I think i'll give town a miss.

... I'm concerned we might get stuck there because flights back could be cancelled.

I guess it is a possibility but it seems like a fairly essential trip. Good luck and safe travels.

You can always look at renting a car? @glenalbrethsen

Hey, @dswigle.

Worst comes to worst, that's what we'll do, but I'm supposed to be at work that following Monday, and my wife the day after, and there's really no way for us to get there so quickly driving. And after just barely doing a 3,000 mile trip, I don't know if I'm going to be up to doing another one. My wife doesn't really like to drive beyond her normal trips into work and the store. I wouldn't get any rest since I can't really sleep in moving vehicles, anyway.

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Nice one. Curious to know if I used any of those positive words. 😉 Please check my data.

OK then.....


139 in total, good!

Wow great. I didn't expect this much 😂

Always good to exceed expectations :)

Ha ha ha true. 😀

Me please sir. May I have a chart?

You certainly can...


111, a solid total.

Winner winner chicken dinner? Lol.

I think jlufer and dswigle are heading affairs, but don't let that stop you having a chicken dinner following the news you've had today. Nice one mate :)

Just had fish...Chicken of the sea.

Healthier too 👌

Yep...Especially when served with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and a couple small potatoes...(Carbs I know.) Faith looks after me.

I'm a big fan of broccoli. Carbs are essential but I try to go for those breakfast/lunch, make some progress on the beach body though now :)

I think I am a positive person, I certainly support the positive, would be very interested to see where I rate on this

What an excellent and positive idea, Love it :)

Thank you :)


No bad but likely you use other expressions?

well that's not what I expected , lol,
But thanks for the stats.

Will pick up my game I think

I wouldn't worry too much, these are only a small selection of phrases to express positivity.

This like an excellent project and a great statistic to have,

Would love to see where I rate, Have only been on Hive for 22 days, but will still be interested



22 days isn't long at all and considering this, I think not bad at all :)

Lol, thanks, its looking good :) much appreciated. I have bookmarked this post as it will be indicative of those who intrinsically are Good :)
which I am finding is the majority of people on HIVE

Nice :)

Yeah, mostly a decent bunch I think. The angry and obnoxious seem to get ignored and drift away, thankfully.

Awesome, dude, I'd like to see what mine looks like. This is great.

Thanks :)

You have 1 'congratulations'.

Hey, buddy, I'd like to see mine, too. Thanks

You have 4 'congratulations' :D

This is a brilliant idea, and I'm fascinated by the code / logic being used to parse it. Go on then, please can you do me a chart? Not that I use many of those phrases, but still I'm very curious now :-)

Thanks very much :)

There's not a lot of code using this approach, I'm just looking for words and short phrases. The plan is to take more of a look at what's in the links above and try something a bit 'smarter' in the future.

Sadly, no results - I did have a skim through your comments and whilst they are positive, nothing matched the above.

Thanks for stopping by.

I think it is a fantastic idea, and I'm already thinking about the design of a parser that checks colocated words to try to determine positive/negative lexis :-) Thanks for checking my comments - I do my best to be positive and isn't it interesting that I don't quite hit that list of phrases? :-) Food for thought. I can't wait to see how this project evolves and where it ends up :-)

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Yes, that is my hope too, using the link in the post as a starter.


I'd love to see mine too :)

A nice little selection here :)


Aww man. Hoped mine would be a little better, only 18! sigh! But now I know exactly what to work on. Thank You So Much Brother. Much appreciated. 2 right there :V LOL

This is fun! I tend to think that I'm pretty positive on here ( something I practice in real life too, one of many changes I made to cure myself from depression ) but as @meesterboom pointed out, I'm pretty sure I use different words and phrases.

Feel welcome to present me with my results.



Cheers! and thanks for the tip!


31 and a nice variety here :)

Nice! That sure shows that I usually use other phrases as I'm highly positive in comments haha

P.S. I'm pretty sure I haven't said Steem on a single time.

Please do mine :D This actually got me hyped haha. It's nice to see appreciation for positivity ^^

Ahh good, Mondays need a lift for sure :)


Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you very much ;) hihi this is a bit of surprise :D I thought I used this is awesome way more, certainly interesting graph ^^
I guess I use cool and nice more instead :D

My pleasure :)

I'll try and do some other things like this soon.

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Oh!! Do me! I need the SP to feed the fishes! This is absolutely great! I love this kind of contest! Well done! I applaud you for thinking of this! Congratulations on your 100,000 SP yourself!

It is very kind of you to think of us and it is appreciated! You rock! I am very happy to be part of all of this! You always have such fantastic ideas! A lovely day to you! Rock on!


Well if you don't win this time, things are looking good for the next one! :D


650! I might as well send the delegation over right now!

Bravo, can we have a thousand more @dswigle's here please?!

Holy crap that's a lot of thank you's! I like it! Keep it up @dswigle, ousted me as the current top contender for this. Indeed if we could have more doing this, imagine how many would love this place to stay!

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@cmplxty Thank you so much for the words! I'm sorry to bump you off like that, but, Asher will find yet another contest that he dreams up one of these nights! We will have to be on the lookout!

I hope you have a great night!


@dswigle wow like wow no more words, and so deserved

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You have this one, just different words!

Thank you so much @brittandjosie! I appreciate your words, always.

Have an awesome day!


Wow. I didn't expect a lot of thank you so much from @dswigle. You're generous in distributing kind words. I hope I get mine some day.
Thank you. 🥺🥺🥺

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Ohh thank you very much

I tend to get comments on my post and I tried to answer every single one. It's hard not to be thankful when people take the time and energy to send you a comment, especially a well-thought-out one. Of course, we don't all have time for well-thought-out comments and I leave tiny little pops of words here and there, and I appreciate them all, and hope that they do also. Thank you for leaving your words . Have a wonderful day!


Ohh. I see where the thank yous come from. Lol 😆😆
You're very nice in replying. It's good to reply every one of them. I do that too.
Thank you very much for your response.
You're very kind

The pleasure is mine. Always.

wooow I'm just gonna go ahead and congratulate @dswigle :D Awesomely done!

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Sweet, @Kristyglas! But, the honor will be @jlufers! Thank you so much for the kind comment though. :)


aww good luck next time!
thank you for the tip <3

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Had to make it bigger so I could see what I was saying way too much and what I never say! Here's hoping that I do well enough to get it, it would be awesome to be able to have a bigger vote. Thanks for doing that for me!

I'm going to take this post home with me so more people will know that this is going on! Thanks so much, Asher! @abh12345


Yes you'll need to go to 'replies' and see the comment/chart in full.

A huge amount of positivity and I think you have this one in the bag :)

Thanks for the tip!

I can see @jlufer trounced me! I couldn't have lost to a more deserving person.

There is no denying his always kind and gentle nature.

Hello dear friend @dswigle, I appreciate your kind words, but it is impossible to defeat you, I have always admired your sweet way of being and on several occasions I have mentioned it to you, the people who visit your blog are pleased with the warmth and sweetness that there is in your words

I appreciate very much dear friend @ abh12345 your comment

I wish you a beautiful night and a happy rest

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Thank you @jlufer. You know I feel the same about you. Have a peaceful rest.


Well I think you two are out of sight and so I may have to reassess the delegations :)

And I agree, he is very polite and positive!

Thank you so much for your kind comment and whether it happens or not, my heart is smiling just knowing that you thought of it.

Thank you so much, Asher! With comments like these it's easy to feel positive.

Have a great night!


I'll hold off for a few days, even though I think the 1,2 positions are pretty safe.

Thank you for the tip!

Perhaps "awesomesauce" and "amazeballs" can be added for @traciyork haha!

I am a little nervous, like to think I'm a positive comment giver given the previous charting on the "swear list". I'll put that down to all my positive vibes being emphasised by the casual f bomb haha!

Let's have it please Mr Asher!

Traci would win by a mile with those badboy phrases included.

It's good to mix it up - 'fucking excellent!' would earn a point on both posts :)


54, not bad based on the charts so far. I wonder when Traci and the EL bunch will show up - there will likely be some 100+ scores in there I think.

Geez, @nickyhavey & @abh12345 - no wonder my ears are burning! 🤣

Okay, I'm game - whilst I'm a bit nervous since I've been lacking in the comment department for a bit, I'm hoping to at least hit double digits with the positive ones... 😝

Although now that I see that @dswigle has arrived, we should probably all just give in and the prize over to her... 😊🤗

Double digits have been reached :)


Not enough awesome and sauce it seems, sorry!

Denise is off the charts!

Oops, and forgot my manners (as evidenced by my chart...lol)! Thanks so much for doing this, @abh12345!

!tip hive

My pleasure, thank you for the tip!

LOL! Yay, at least I hit my goal... 🤣 🤣

And no surprise there - you probably should've called the post, "Who Thinks They Can Come Within A Mile Of @dswigle's Delightful Discussions!" 😂

I slip off to work a while and bang! You hit me up with sweet nothings when I'm not looking! :) You both are too funny. Thanks for the encouraging comments, Traci! @traciyork xo

Well done :) And yes, that title looks like it would have suited better!

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Haha! Oh, you are bad! (Do I get dinged for not nice comments?) You are the best, Traci! Love you!


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@traciyork - I can't believe you said that. If you look at my thing there's only one word that I say. I think I'm going to have to expand my vocabulary now that I know that there's a contest for being nice I'm going to have to work at it!

PS I love you.




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It looks just like you! You rock too, my amazeballs friend! Thank you so much!


Well that's fucking great!

Was expecting much worse with the whole, you know, being a part timer thing 😏

I think you should do a separate one for Traci haha! With and without "awesomesauce" 😁

ROTFLMAO, Nicky! Well fucking done (or should that be, fucking well done... 🤣) to you. With or without some sauce that's awesome, my chart would most likely look the same, as I've been a wicked slacker in the commenting department over the past few months... working on redeeming myself though...🤣

Haha!! Yeah I have peaks and troughs of activity depending on how wicked crazysauce it is in the old music arena so no sweat! We'll be back with vengeance! Great!

(sneaking that one in there for next time haha)

I'm going to have to think of some new phrases for next time 😜