Love Sniper Retention Curation #560

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Authored by @macchiata


Hello everyone!

This is the Lovesniper Retention curation initiative aiming to retain those quality content creators after making their introduction posts. It was observed that after newbies made their introduction posts, their succeeding posts are often ignored. This initiative will hopefully encourage the newbies to continue posting quality content and interact with anyone in the community. As compilation posts are also done, this will highlight the newbies and will give the community an idea which newbie to look out for.

OCD's Lovesniper team will follow everyone who made an introduction post and @lovesniper's feed will be the place to scour those quality content from new authors. Curators will check all the posts in the feed to find under-rewarded posts and recommend them for curation.

Here the recommended posts for OCD upvote for this batch of love sniper retention curation:

Newbie: @pjwelry

Imagining a life without social media seems so boring to me. It has connected me with wonderful friends who turned into family and have impacted on me greatly. The convenience of checking on people without leaving the comfort of my home, especially for someone lazy like myself has been so helpful. In terms of my social life, I will have to look for an alternative source of socializing with people maybe visiting more often, and reading more books as when I had no browsing phone I always looked for someone to give me an interesting book to read.

Newbie: @superjavi

Hello friends of Hive, after some time of inactivity on the platform due to technological issues today I'm back to post after a while. Today I want to tell you about an incredible experience in a fantastic place, I talked about tghe Fajoma, it is a bar that is located in la Vieja Habana, a bar that opened its doors to us to be able to make our art and also celebrate the second anniversary of Duo Vida, duo in which I am vocalist, so it was going to be a Saturday of celebration and a lot of fun where we and our music would be the protagonists and those in charge of making a nice night for our audience.

Newbie: @dnverd

Sisters Sundays./ Domingos de hermanas. [Eng-Esp].

When we were little girls, more or less about 5 and 8 years old (because we still are), we had a beautiful family, we went out every Sunday to have ice cream in a park, to a restaurant that we loved or to any other place, the fact was that Sundays were very important, they were to be with the family (dad put that tradition). We used to have a lot of fun, we used to run until we couldn't, and without knowing it we were creating very beautiful memories, we didn't know what we were living until we didn't have it anymore.

Newbie: @kelvin2023

La felicidad de estar con tus seres queridos en los momentos o fechas más importantes de la vida. (Esp/Eng)

My name is Kelvin Gonzalez I am 41 years old I live in Venezuela in the city of Carúpano in the east of my country full of seas and mountains is a fishing village so to speak, being a native of another eastern city called Maturin that unlike this is a city of the plains has no seas only rivers and plains, well when I was born in 1982 and my parents lived in Carúpano but whenever the vacations came my mom and my other 3 brothers traveled since my dad stayed in Carúpano, We always went to share with our maternal family, my grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins and so we grew up and every day our family ties were getting stronger when we arrived it was a great joy because we spent six to seven months without seeing each other, one day on August 25 about 30 years ago my grandmother had a fulminant heart attack at 55 years of age, she was everything for us, she was our mother, guide, She was the reason for those trips on those important dates such as vacations and Christmas, that was a very hard blow but still for the next two years we continued to travel there, then my mom decided to stay with my dad and then my brother and I decided to share the dates since in our hometown were then the uncles and aunts of our childhood and more aunt ANA who is like our second mother and her young children in those years, After 5 years we received another strong blow because one of our uncles had passed away, perhaps the most respected by us, I don't know if it can be understood but we looked at each one of our relatives as idol heroes, I, in particular, had a description for each one and the one I am telling you now was like the figure of the most serious uncle, the one who scolded the most but guided, educated, my other two uncles brothers of my mother, the oldest we called him the GALLO, and the youngest we called him cachucha. So in no more than 5 years the family changed suddenly and the trips were not so frequent for my mother, however my brother and I continued to divide the dates to be with our parents as well as with our uncles and aunts.

Newbie: @roxy00

Un dulce amargo (es/en)

Despite being young I am very hardworking and independent, I learned it from my family hahaha in my family there are doctors, lawyers, economists, veterinarians, teachers, but especially my uncle Pedro who was the one who inspired me this time to the country things, he is a farmer even has a small farm where he makes varieties of planting, but there is something special on his farm, and are their sour orange bushes hahaha.

Newbie: @zvaleska

Maquillaje en tonos azules 💙/Makeup in blue tones 💙

Hello friends of Hive, I hope you are very well. Today I will be recreating a very nice makeup, I had not brought you content because I was very full, I had several tasks to deliver, but we will see each other more often, since I went on vacation. I have several ideas and I will be showing them to you very soon, well, friends let's start with today's makeup.

Newbie: @flourishandflora

Long life fidelity. LOH contest #162

Firstly, what is fidelity? According to my dictionary, Fidelity means loyalty to ones spouse or partner including absention from extra-marital affairs. Fidelity simply means staying faithful to one's duties.

Now back to why I chose this topic.
I believe in lifelong fidelity because while growing up, I have seen marriages that I tapped into their kind of grace to stay together for so long.

In every marriages, there must be something unique about each other and also, there must be something different and that's because both of you cannot be the same in character, thinking, reasoning and so..

Newbie: @moclassic

The Pitfalls of Online Shoe Shopping

Spending money is a normal part of life. We work to earn an income, and we use that income to buy the things we need and want. However, problems arise when we make spending decisions that we later regret. Too often, we make impulse purchases without properly considering if we can actually afford something or if we will still want or need it later. The thrill of buying something shiny and new often overtakes our better judgement.

Newbie: @jeaneth08

Complex Female Dictionary: Yes Means No, No Means Yes

But why do women love to do indirect messages, or rather give mixed signals and hints to their partners? Why not just say what they truly mean? That's complex female dictionary. Simple, (but not really simple to understand) women feel valued, cherished and loved when their partners know how to read their minds. It's a form of validation that confirms that you really know her, you love her, and you know what she likes. There's nothing more feeling romantic than getting the points across.

Newbie: @seunnara

"looku looku" - An habit I developed while Growing

In life, moderation in everything is the best. Excessive use of anything is not good, it is either it becomes an addiction or exposes one to danger. We are a product of our environment, environment influences our attitude, thinking and habits. While I was growing up I picked a very bad but harmless habit which I termed "overlooking". Overlooking is excessive looking at a person to the extent that you forget yourself and just pay attention on others.

Please help us welcome our newbies! Hopefully, they will have an awesome stay in the platform and they will be here for long. To the featured newbies, your Hive and OCD family welcome you with open arms! Have a blast!

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I am grateful for the curation and my appreciation goes to all the curators. I want to special thank @macchiata for curating my post. Congratulations to all those whose posts were selected. More grace to all.

Thank you very much for the idea, I think it is fantastic that we beginners are supported and also taken into account, I must say that I put a lot of effort to each publication, maybe they are not perfect but all the beginnings are difficult ....