Love Sniper Retention Curation #562

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Authored by @macchiata


Hello everyone!

This is the Lovesniper Retention curation initiative aiming to retain those quality content creators after making their introduction posts. It was observed that after newbies made their introduction posts, their succeeding posts are often ignored. This initiative will hopefully encourage the newbies to continue posting quality content and interact with anyone in the community. As compilation posts are also done, this will highlight the newbies and will give the community an idea which newbie to look out for.

OCD's Lovesniper team will follow everyone who made an introduction post and @lovesniper's feed will be the place to scour those quality content from new authors. Curators will check all the posts in the feed to find under-rewarded posts and recommend them for curation.

Here the recommended posts for OCD upvote for this batch of love sniper retention curation:

Newbie: @michael57

My visit to the bar for beer

Last Friday night, I decided to shake off the workweek blues by heading to my favorite local bar, The Tap Room. It was a cozy spot tucked away in the heart of the city, known for its extensive craft beer selection. This particular evening, I was eager to try something new, and the Northern Monk beer caught my eye.

Newbie: @adyma

Afritunes Community. Week #91, cover of "akamdinelu" by @adyma

Akamdinelu is an word Igbo which means "my hands are raised" Mercy uses akamdinelu to exalt God, she uses it to thank God for how far he has brought her. Akamdinelu is a powerful worship song, that helps believers to worship him.

Akamdinelu is one of my favorites songs, I learnt it since 2018. This song depicts God's work in our lives, starting from our childhood till this moment.
This is a song of thanks giving to God for his love, kindness and mercies towards us even when we do not deserve it.

Akamdinelu is just a song that suits the season, to appreciate God for the gift of life right from January to December. God is never tired of us, even when we sin and fall short of his glory and even when all hope is gone he make ways.

Newbie: @dorimarval


🙏**God bless you, my greetings and respect, to all the HiveBlog community**. Happy Monday, today December 04, 2023, I am pleased to announce that it is the birthday of the father of my daughter and my husband Carlos Peña, and for this special occasion I prepared the traditional rum raisin cake, which is well known in this holiday season, this recipe I learned from my mother, which is a lover of such a delicious flavor, and he also likes it. So I got down to work and went into the kitchen to prepare this delicious **RUM RAISIN RUM CAKE, COVERED WITH HOMEMADE CONDENSED MILK**. Here are the details.

Newbie: @betzabethvalera

Welcome Christmas! and end of course.🎅

This weekend I started December by sharing a dinner with my friends and family. On Saturday at 7:00 pm we started the sharing (with my high school class), it is the end of the course so after having presented the last exam of the course it was followed by a master class (which I led) and then followed by dinner together.

Newbie: @mathewdaddywah

Journey Of Survival

It all started on Sunday was about to leave at 4:00 P.m. and noticed a lecturer as our Maths teacher coming in I had no choice but to stay and receive the lecture cause maths is one of my difficult topics which I find hard sometimes I waited and listened to his lecture until he was done time have gone far it was now around 6:30 pm I left the school premises I walked until I reached bus stop which am to enter bus heading to Ojota I waited patiently for the bus to arrive the bus later arrived at 7:10 pm and I boarded it but I was sad due to because the bus doesn't have passenger and I have to wait for it to carry passenger it took about 20-30min passenger was full and we moved to my next destination I later reached Ojota which I will have to break about 35min to enter my next Bus going to Magboro

Newbie: @eddyss

HIGH TENSION || Monomad Challenge

After a couple of days of rest to recharge the batteries we enter a new week. New challenges and goals to accomplish, new friends, new posts.... new tensions of life itself.

Newbie: @sunnflower

Breaking the Silence: Nurturing Minds, Fostering Mental Health Awareness

Before creating this blog, I make sure that I am ready to share everything, I really try to type this blog hoping to ease my heavy hearts and specially my mind since I have so many things that I've been thinking lately. I may not be able to tell you the full story, but I will try my best typing every word that I want to share with you guys, and I hope you don't mind. So lately I realized that I'm not feeling myself and I always have this mood swings, I easily get irritated by small things not until I realized I was having an anxiety yess, here we go again. It was random I just feel it and I was scared of what will happen to me the next day something like that. I often cry at night thinking about how I end up being like this, I didn't realize I was comparing my self to others and so on. I don't have the energy to get off of my bed, don't have the energy to talk to anyone. I just want to be alone all the time. Is it normal? or I am just being dramatic?☹️ How can I move on without thinking all those things all over again🙁. I just can't handle all the pain,how can I end this war if my enemy is my mind. I always go with my friends if I have time because I need to, if I don't go with them I'll just locked up my self again in my room, lay in bed and cry, I'm so tired. So please understand If one day I'm posting my Happy days and then suddenly I didn't. It may sound like an excuse but it happens and I don't have the power to control it. It just happen in one snap. I was happy today but later on I'm not happy anymore.

Newbie: @lilsnake

Una salida de Aniversario en mi ciudad Bayamo [ESP-ENG] An Aniversary night out in Bayamo City

Well in the end we undoubtedly had a great time, a wonderful night that we will remember for a long time and that I wanted to share with all of you. Whenever I have a chance I will show you bit by bit a little of what I see every day.

Newbie: @elflaco52

Sacando pollitos con huevos culecos | Pulling out chicks with culecos eggs

I feel indebted to the hive, for a while, I have not given myself the task of writing some notes, believe me it has not been out of laziness, but I have been dedicated body and soul in restoring the useful life to two means of transport, which apart from being so necessary at this time because of the shortage, are completely ecological and health providers to those who use it.

You will already know by my words, that I am talking about the trio of BICYCLES, but do not fear, I will not stuff you with this topic, but I will share with you the concerns I have had since I was a child to give back the useful life to everything that is within my reach. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I come from an extensive and very poor peasant family, we were fourteen siblings, six females and eight males.

I remember that when my sister would pick up the clothes from the clothesline, they would select those that were torn, mainly the pants that deteriorate at the knees and buttocks when working in the fields, all these pieces were thrown into a jolongo and I was given the task of taking them to my dear great aunt whom we all called "Cayito", When I arrived, I would give her some presentico and the clothes (or rather, the rags to be repaired) and far from retiring to play with my cousins, I would stay together with her, helping her in my little reach in this difficult task, it was like "taking out chicks with eggs that had no legs".

Newbie: @jeclyn60

An obligation I have to live with

The day passed by like the sound of time, I saw my mother's stomach bulge out which means one thing, she was pregnant. A call for duties I wasn't prepared for. Before I entered high school, which was a boarding school, my mother had given birth to my third sister, putting me in the position of carrying a baby almost every time. In church, at home, when we are off to the market and at night when the baby cries amidst heat and hunger, we don't know which option will solve the problem.

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This is definitely why I love hive, they are always attentive to us🐍✨ I'm so grateful.

Thanks so much @erikah and all the healing team, also to OCD for the support.👍

You're very welcome @eddyss and keep up the good work!