Surprise Summer

in #selfie6 months ago


And just like that, the hot weather is back for a few hours.

Unlike normally, I haven’t been laying out in the sun that much this summer, been busy working on the house, so now I’m trying to soak up every last bit of the D before another long winter near the arctic circle.


Every summer I buy a new pair of bikinis from Halla x Halla and this neon print extravaganza was my choice for the season.


My skin? Adores the sun, can’t get enough of it. My eyes? Fucking hate it here. It’s a miracle I managed to take one picture where my eyes are open and face isn’t all scrunched up.

Woke up like this, as evident from the linen marks still on my skin. Happiest half naked and hot.


Looking lovely as always @eveuncovered <3

Thank you! Summer suits me ☺️

The weather is so fking bipolar in Scandianvia right now, it just jumps from cold to hot xD

It’s fun though! I’m waiting for some storms, we’ve had pretty nice weather here most of the summer.

The storms are coming! Or I am hoping at least xD
I really don't like this hot weather :c

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Your weather looks like a typical winters day here where I live, we all wear our bikinis too. Legit.

Now I can't get the visual out of my head of you doing some culling wearing nothing but a budgie smuggler, safety glasses and boots. (You are far too safety conscious not to have some protective gear on)

Ear muffs. No safety glasses though. 🤣


Life’s a Bondi beach (bitch).

"trying to soak up every last bit of the D" sounds like something very different ,haha.

I don’t know what you mean 😇

I wanna photograph you!

Get in line ;)