2022 1 oz Silver Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Coin.

The 2022 1 oz Silver Equatorial Guinea Giraffe coin is another great product from the Scottsdale Mint.


The Republic of Guinea Ecuatarial is a small Country of about 11,000 sq miles located near the center of the West coast of Africa. Gaining its independence from Spain in 1968 Equatorial Guinea consists of the mainland and 5 small islands.

The CFA Franc is the currency of 6 independent Countries of central Africa - Ecuatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Chad. The CFA Franc is issued by the Bank of Central African States who contracted the Scottsdale Mint to produce the Giraffe coin series.

The 2022 Equatorial Guinea giraffe coin is the second year of the giraffe series, I posted a few weeks ago about the 2021 giraffe coin you can see it here. This proof like coin is very shiny so it made it hard to get a good picture to show the nice detail this coin has.

The obverse side is the same as the 2021 and features the Ecuatorial Guinea coat of arms in the center. The coat of arms has six 6 pointed stars (representing the mainland and 5 islands) on the top, a shield with a silk cotton tree in the center and a banner with the motto in Spanish saying UNIDAD PAZ JUSTICIA, translated Unity, Peace, Justice. The outer rim of the image says REPUBLIC OF GUINEA ECUATORIAL on the top and 1000 FRANCOS CFA on the bottom.

The Reverse features a look at the Savanna with a giraffe standing by itself in the center and some trees and other giraffe in the background. The inscription on the outside of the image says GIRAFFE 2022 on the top, .999 FINE SILVER on the left and ONE OUNCE on the right. There is also 3 decrative bands circling the outside of the image giving this coin a very clean and detailed look.


Year 2022
Purity .999
Manufacturer Scottsdale Mint
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3.2 mm
Edge Design Reeded
Condition Brilliant Uncirculated
Face Value 1000 CFA Francs
Issuing Country Guinea
Metal Weight 1 Troy Ounce


Nice design.
I assume they call it francos (and not francs) due to its Spanish legacy.

Yes, since the Country was under Spanish rule
for many years the national laguage is Spanish.

A very nice design, @maddogmike!!!
Great find!

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Thanks, I agree and I'm looking forward to
seeing what the 2023 design will look like.

I love the design around the coin very cool

I agree, it has a very cool look to it.

Another beautiful coin from Scottsdale.

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Yes, they produce some much great stuff.

Scottsdale mint makes some cool stuff! That's a very cool coin!

Yes they do, Scottsdale puts out some great
products for many different Countries.

The giraffe coin is nice. Excellent for collecting !

It's a good series, I hope they keep it going.

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It's cool to see the different types of currency denominations, other than the dollar.

There are several Countries that have their own dollar but I agree with you it's nice to see some variety.

Gorgeous coin, I hope this coin is not a monument to the last giraffe in Guinea :)

haha, yeah me either.
This is part of a series so hopefully there
will be many more and the giraffe will servive.

Hope to see a sequel :)

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