Building BBH and Splinterlands for 31st January 2023

in #splinterlands2 months ago

Wow, holy shit, first month of 2023 gone. Only 11 more to go. Lmao.

Seriously though, it has been a fantastic month for BBH and build this account.

I have added nicely to token holdings.

Again trying to post pre 8:30 pm so the chart below does not have today's earnings.

Screenshot_20230131_202142_Firefox Beta.jpg

Top ten token holdings for BBH today.

Screenshot_20230131_202211_Firefox Beta.jpg


Screenshot_20230131_202128_Firefox Beta.jpg

looking decent and Bitcoin around 23K.


Think i had around 35 chests. Cards as rewards seem to be getting scarice?

I anf BBH are Alive and Thriving


May the tip and splinters and positivity be with you.