MLSPA Announces Partnership with Chief Blockchain Gaming Developer Splinterlands

Deal Marks Leading Blockchain Company’s First Major Sports Partnership

The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) today announced it has begun a partnership with Splinterlands, the worldwide leading blockchain gaming developer.

This unique deal, starting with Genesis League Soccer (GLS), will see the two companies collaborate to incorporate MLSPA players into a new Web 3.0 opportunity. The MLSPA and Splinterlands will work together to create and develop a play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain soccer-based game, allowing MLSPA players to connect with their fans in new ways across both desktop and mobile devices.

Genesis League Soccer, from the makers of Splinterlands, will be the first and flagship game of the company’s new sports gaming platform, Genesis League Sports, which will augment a new paradigm for sports fans, blockchain enthusiasts, and gamers around the world.

The new sports game experience will see MLSPA players, in their fictional in-game card formats, matched with each other. Points and wins will be tallied in a variety of ways based on in-game events and numerous player statistics, mimicking real-world soccer performance in a digestible, digital format. The blockchain technology of Web 3.0 in a mobile interface allows a unique, immersive, and enhanced player experience for fans and gamers alike, with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) playing a significant role both in and outside of the game.

"As the MLSPA continues to expand our players' commercial footprint, we strive to identify partners at the cutting edge of innovation, technology, and new category creation," said MLSPA Chief Operating Officer Dan Jones. "Joining forces with Splinterlands, a pioneer and demonstrated leader in the fast-expanding world of play-to-earn gaming, allows our players to shape the future and create new gaming experiences to engage fans around the world."

Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, Splinterlands Co-Founder and CEO said, “This is an incredible innovation in the sports industry, and MLSPA is one of its biggest players. Web 3.0 offers new standards and development possibilities set by its community members, and these form a new pathway to massive opportunity for all involved: for those within the industry as well as for fans and sports enthusiasts. We're thrilled to be partnering with them in this groundbreaking model, and I look forward to these exciting ways of connecting sports, gaming, crypto, NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technology.

OneTeam Partners, the group player licensing partner of the MLSPA, facilitated the new partnership. OneTeam is a global sports company unleashing the collective power of world-class athletes to drive business via group licensing, marketing, media, and venture.
To receive access to the game’s whitelist, along with other exclusive giveaways, readers can now visit

About Splinterlands

The Splinterlands company was founded in 2018 by Jesse Reich and Matt Rosen. Its fantasy-themed collectible card game, Splinterlands, currently boasts 2.4M registered users and more than 1M unique active wallets, handling 3-5M blockchain transactions a day. The unique blockchain soccer game announced today is from the same publishers as this worldwide gaming hit, and is a welcome new frontier for the company. Genesis League Sports, following the successful model of Splinterlands, will offer an expansive and connected community to its users. Through the power of Web 3.0 technology, the publishers take regular user input into account for growth and development in powerful and innovative ways.

About the Major League Soccer Players Association

The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) is the labor union and exclusive bargaining representative for all Major League Soccer (MLS) players, ensuring the protection of their bargained-for rights. Established in 2003, the MLSPA serves to promote players' collective best interests, amplify their voices, and represent them in their group commercial and licensing activities. The MLSPA is a democratic organization, run by and for players. To learn more, please visit

About OneTeam Partners

A licensing, athlete marketing and media powerhouse, OneTeam launched in 2019 as a joint venture between the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), MLB Players Association (MLBPA), and RedBird Capital Partners to maximize the collective value of athletes’ rights through group licensing, marketing, media, and other ventures. OneTeam represents a range of commercial business interests on behalf of the athletes of the NFLPA, MLBPA, MLSPA, U.S. Women’s National Team PA, WNBPA, NWSLPA, U.S. Rugby PA, and League of Legends Championship Series PA, as well as those of thousands of college athletes. To learn more visit


Very excited about this development. Nft's are the perfect use case for games like this where you will build teams and have transfer markets, leagues and matches.

Imagine football manager with real digital assets and scarcity. It would be huge if it is built right. Great work form the splinterlands team.

Terms of Use
Genesis League Soccer is an application that utilizes the Hive blockchain network enabling users to own, transfer, and trade unique digital cards,

Bonus points since it looks like it will be a hive based application and bring lots more users and use case to the chain.

Congrats on the deal.

I know some people will be disappointed that it's "only" the MLSPA but I feel like they are totally missing the point.
It's still a multi billion dollar business and while it's not the NFL or the NBA, this is a way bigger partnership than anybody could have ever imagined happening just a year ago. This is a big step towards mainstream... bigger than most seem to understand right now.

I don't understand the disappointment if there is any to be honest. Outside the US, football (aka soccer) is the biggest game in the world. MLSPA is almost like a early prototype for football's foray into WEB 3.0. Imagine if FIFA gets involved or the various European leagues get curious, this could be insane. There are already football clubs who have created their own tokens, so this is like the next step in the fanbase experience. Reminds me of the old Championship Manager games I used to play on PC :)

I agree with you. This is actually huge because it brings a whole league of players and their thousands of fans in contact with blockchain gaming!

This is great news. Exactly the type of game that nft's will bring to anew level.

Can't wait to hear more about it.

I have a feeling packs will go quick.

Amazing news though, looking forward to how the game will be and the effects of it on Hive and its sports enthusiasts.

Congrats to the Splinterlands Team on this New Partnership............ I think I have the PERFECT Card to be a Goaltender in the New MLS game.........

Great job SPL team, I think this is a great way to make connections to new eyeballs for SPL and introduce a new P2E game to the world! Impressive and well done!!!

Super curious about this one, I joined HIVE 2 weeks ago because of Raising Star, was looking into Splinterlands as a third cripto game, but this ones seems even more interesting tbh. Looking forward to be able to play it from day one :)

Wow - epic announcement! So proud of this team. Splinterlands Publishing has a nice ring to it :-)

Very cool!

Awesome step forward guys, huge news for the entire gaming space!

Really a big news coming to SPlinterlands. I hope this gievs a facelift to Hive and gets more users to Hive blockchain.

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I was a soccer goalkeeper as a kid... Lets Go!

Sounds super exciting! Whatever emerges from this, however, I hope it stays here on the Hive blockchain :)

@tipu curate

Sounds pretty lit but are there further details on the project as of yet?
What blockchain will it be built on?
What marketplace will the NFTs be traded and used on?
Does it have anything to do with Splinterland assets for SPS holders?
Or is all of this very early in the works so it's going to be a few months/next year before we really start to see it take shape?

Looks like it's being built on hive.

Terms of Use
Genesis League Soccer is an application that utilizes the Hive blockchain network enabling users to own, transfer, and trade unique digital cards,

Massive for the chain. Could bring in a couple hundred thousand active users over the next few years.

Weird Beard hinted on youtube that the announvcement will introduce a new utility for SPS, so I guess we have plenty of demand for it :-)

that's interesting and smart because validator nodes could also handle this kind of transactions

Yeah what chain they are going to do this on is a big question for sure!

All you need now is a commercial during a World Cup game 😉

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Cool, looking forward to it! 👍

They mention the Hive blockchain several times.

Once this gets up and running, the Players Associations for MLB, NFL, and NBA players might feel compelled to not miss out.

This is so big!! It is also in the players best interest really. Imagine people are allowed to do as they like eventually some of the art work done for these players would have been sold as NFT without proper legal guidance or licensing. Even though its not the EPL or any of that its a major step forward for splinterland and Hive by extension.

This is going to be awesome but it would be an important factor to determine which blockchain it’s going to rest on. Hive would be a great choice however with the decentralized nature of it, I am unsure if a big organization like MLS would be down with that.

A benefit regardless is to highlight the Splinterlands team name out there! That will drive some people to look it up and figure out what it is!

Will it be HIVE based? I hope so...

Great news looking forward. Hope pack price not very high if they adopt splinterlands pack sale method that is fine. Pack low price and big quantity and also include SPS in purchasing option.

Talk about disappointing news... Aggy the used car salesman strikes again. Building up hype for nothing


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A sad day for our @rabona game on the hive chain to be honest - however I understand the reason by @aggroed and @yabapmatt driving such a partnership from the outside

it is greate

Holyyyy Cow!

Amazing! 😍

Anything that players can do other than sign up for the giveaway? Will it use hive? NFL and MLB in the post, will they be following?

Good luck!

Waka, Imagine Dragons, and now soccer. Splinterlands marketing department is either drunk or the worst in the world.

Focus more on splinterlands please..

Exactly, develops behind and they start a new game without any relation with splinterlands...werent supposed to be related games with splinterlands cards?

SPS and validator nodes are working for that too? I mean that would be smart?

So Splinterlands becomes the big king in the P2E industry.

I am already picturing fantasy soccer utilizing Splinterland game as one of side games weekly.. Creative team could also benefit from this collaboration..

This seems big for hive and web 3 but I'm not sure its big for Splinterlands yet. I was hoping there'd be something in this announcement that at least tried to sell it from the Splinterlands player perspective. Hopefully something in the town hall does a better job.

Love it! I'm not sure what "in-game" events means exactly. I'd love a football manager type situation but if it turns out to be fantasy football I'm still glad they could work with such a big partner and a new game is coming to the hive network (hopefully hive!)

I wonder if it will be done on the Hive blockchain? That would be fantastic!
These guys are making fantastic contributions. I have already signed up.

That sounds pretty cool 😋

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This is massive. Please tell me a new token on hive!! That would be awesome!!!

What is the whitelist for?
How long do we have time to enlist, to receive the giveaways?

This new project is great for the future of NFT gaming. Professional sports leagues carry a lot of influence and millions of dollars to pump into advertisement, merchandise, video games and so on. The fact that the MLS recognizes the Splinterlands team as the "worldwide leading blockchain gaming developer" will give the team a lot of "cred" in the industry, and if they can put forward a good product for the MLS, this will help motivate future projects.

This new game is also a huge opportunity for Splinterlands players. How much do you wish you had been here to buy Alpha cards back when they were cheap? Well, you are here now, so why not pick up some Alpha GLS assets instead? They might be worth a bit more in 5 years...

This is great news! wow

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is this some kind of fantasy league? im stoked.

Can play and earn in a new game

Nice ! I´m Happy to hear. Is an epic announcement with a big step forward. Great Team! Thanks for that

Truly an epic announcement, especially if it is played on HIVE!
Thank you Splinterlands creators and congratulations.

I always believe that more autobattle systems should be deployed... yet a pity my hands are full ;)

HIVE goes forward!

Awesome, can't wait for this one to come out. Get in quick and grab what you can before the other 5 million sign up. This one is going to be huge and I hope the developers have enough dedicated servers to host this game.

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