Splintershards (SPS) 2022 Roadmap

As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to take a look at what 2022 has to offer specifically for Splintershards (SPS) - the governance token for the Splinterlands game.

While 2021 saw the launch of the token, the beginning of the airdrop, and more, 2022 will be the year that the full utility of the token gets realized around both the governance aspects of the game as well as the ability to participate in future game content and promotions.

SPS Validator Nodes

First and foremost, the team has been hard at work building the SPS validator node software which we expect to be released in Q1 of 2022.

The validator node software will be open source and will allow anyone to independently track and verify all SPS transactions that take place on the Hive blockchain. Additionally, it will allow all staked SPS token holders to vote for validators in a delegated proof of stake system very similar to that of the Hive blockchain and other chains such as EOS, WAX, BSC, and more.

Anyone running the validator node software will be able to register as a validator and earn SPS rewards from the "oracle rewards" pool based on the amount of staked SPS that is voting for them, and the top 10 validators by votes will be the signatories on multi-sig wallets on both Hive and BSC (and potentially other chains in the future) that control the SPS foundation funds among other things.

Much more information about the specifics of running a validator node, validator rewards, and SPS governance will be made available when the software is completed and released to the community in the near future.

Foundation Treasury

The SPS foundation is an entity created to hold and manage the funds for the development and promotion of the Splintershards token and ecosystem. 10% of the total supply of SPS tokens go to the foundation as specified in the SPS token whitepaper.

The SPS foundation currently holds around $4M worth of various cryptocurrencies not including its SPS tokens which has come from a combination of the private token sale proceeds, SPS token sales, and earnings from LP positions in various pools.

These funds - including the SPS tokens - are owned jointly by the staked SPS token holders and as soon as the SPS governance system is released the community will be able to submit and vote on proposals regarding its use. Proposals can include things like purchasing SPS tokens, providing liquidity to an Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool, paying for a product or service, burning tokens, or even distributing funds back to token holders. It really can be anything the community agrees upon.

The ownership and management of the SPS foundation treasury is just one of the many utilities of the SPS token and we hope and expect that the value of the treasury will grow significantly over time as a result of asset price increases, yield from liquidity pools, and other investments.


As most of you know, Splinterlands plans to release a new mini-edition of cards called Riftwatchers which is expected in Q2 of 2022. Riftwatchers will be very similar to the past mini-editions - Essence Orbs and AZMARE Dice - however instead of being exclusively available to purchase using DEC tokens, Riftwatchers will only be able to be purchased using SPS tokens - all of which will go directly to the SPS foundation treasury.

In this way, all income from sales of Riftwatchers booster packs will go directly to the staked SPS token holders who can then propose and vote on what to do with the funds.

The Splinterlands team currently anticipates that a total of 3M Riftwatchers booster packs will be available for sale, at a price of $5 USD per pack (payable only in SPS) with bonus packs available for purchases of 100+, 500+, and 2000+ packs in a single transaction. This means that roughly $12M (after accounting for bonus packs) of income will be coming into the SPS foundation over the course of the edition, and all via the SPS token.

We are aware that this will shift what was previously a significant source of utility for the DEC token over to the SPS token. At the moment, DEC derives much of its value from the ongoing SPS airdrop, so adding more utility for SPS indirectly also adds more utility for DEC as well. When the airdrop ends next summer we plan to add additional utility for DEC token and work to structure it in a way that hopefully makes it a more stable, transactional currency for the Splinterlands.

Land Expansion

One of the top priorities for the Splinterlands team in 2022 is the development of the land expansion which has been detailed extensively in posts such as the following: Splinterlands Land Expansion Details.

We expect the land expansion, once fully developed, to be groundbreaking in terms of providing real value and utility to NFTs through their ability to exclusively mint new types of cards that can be used in the Splinterlands card game battles.

While the land economy details are still in the process of being developed and will be released as soon as they are available, one thing we can assure players of is that staking SPS tokens will feature HEAVILY into the land expansion in order to get the most out of your land resources.

Private Sale & Airdrop End Dates

Finally, we also wanted to remind everyone that both the airdrop and the distributions to the private sale investors will be ending in the coming months, at which point the rate at which new tokens are minted and distributed will drop substantially, even when accounting for more of the reward pools coming online.

The private sale investor distributions amount to 20M SPS per month and those are scheduled to end in April of 2022 at which point no more SPS tokens will be distributed to private sale investors. The airdrop amounts to 33,333,333 SPS tokens per month and will end in July of 2022.

In total, that's over 53M fewer SPS tokens that will be distributed each month starting in the latter half of 2022, and that rate will continue to decrease by 1% each month going forward as specified in the SPS token whitepaper.

Reward Pools & SPS Delegation

As for the remaining reward pools (listed here), we are planning to implement the SPS reward pool for ranked battles around the time that the airdrop is scheduled to end so that players can continue to earn SPS through their card collections via battles, and we are also working on implementing the reward pool for guild brawls as soon as possible although we do not have an ETA for that at this time.

Additionally, we are planning to implement the ability to delegate staked SPS to other accounts which has been a highly requested feature by players for things like tournament entry requirements. We expect that to be released in Q1 of 2022.


For those of you looking for a tl;dr version of the above, here's a bullet-point summary of the main things we're looking forward to specifically related to the SPS token in 2022:

  • SPS Validator Nodes & Governance Voting
  • $4M+ non-SPS funds in treasury to be owned & controlled by staked SPS token holders
  • ~$12M of Riftwatchers pack sales purchasable exclusively with SPS, all going to the SPS foundation treasury
  • Land expansion heavy reliance on SPS token staking
  • Private sale & airdrop distributions ending leading to over 53M fewer SPS tokens distributed each month
  • New reward pools to incentivize gameplay + SPS delegation

2021 was an amazing year for Splinterlands, but all indications are pointing to 2022 blowing it out of the water. We attribute much of the success of 2021 to the launch of the SPS token and to our amazing community of people all working and experimenting together towards the goal of creating one of the first player owned and controlled gaming experiences in the world!

How to Get SPS

For those of you who are as excited as we are about the future for Splinterlands and the SPS token in particular, you can pick some up on the following third-party exchanges:

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Keep up the amazing work you guys are doing!

I was blown away by splinterlands performance in 2021 and can't wait to see what 2022 brings for me as a dedicated Splinterlands player!

My only regret in life, is waiting until 2021 to play Splinterlands, when I could have been playing it in 2019. :(

Yeah. My greatest choice was starting splinterlands in 2018.

Damn how this game has changed my life already.

Crypto world is fantastic and exciting. Economic models thriving every 2-4 years, and new forms of earning are always born. Let's hope for the best.


- EvM

Can you teach me? I am ready to learn. Life hasn't been easy for me.

Me too!
A very impressive year for Splinterlands and SPS.

SPS Validator Nodes

Very interesting.

... the top 10 validators by votes will be the signatories on multi-sig wallets on both Hive and BSC (and potentially other chains in the future) that control the SPS foundation funds among other things ...

At a first glance that sounds rather centralized (even more centralized than HIVE itself) ...

Welcome to Crypto in 2021 and beyond. The new approach to majority of the industry it seems. Though, not that different from a couple of whale miners dictating things in a "decentralized" environment.

For those buying land without much SPS, it's helpful if you shared how much SPS would be needed to make our plots worthwhile in the game. While I understand that you want to create as much demand and utility for SPS as possible, this is a setback for newer adopters, or I must've missed where this was mentioned before. Land alone seems to not be very valuable unless it's paired with an unknown sum of SPS staked... that's fine, but a bit disappointing for the plankton.

Have a look at Land Market Cap vs SPS Market Cap once.

Thanks, but what would the goal be in doing that? I'm just saying that you need to have an undisclosed amount of SPS work the land. Land without staked SPS will have a market value, but I was talking about about its use in future gameplay.

Good job of keeping us informed of the current plans. One of the most incredible things about this project is the availability of the top Devs to the community and their willingness to lay out their thinking in a timely fashion. As both a player and asset holder, I appreciate the information. Many companies in the real world could learn from your stellar example! Thank you!!!

Riftwatchers buy only with SPS❤️

Thanks for all your amazing work and the amazing team.

Will the foundation be like a DAO that is controlled by the SPS stakeholders directly without any person managing the funds in it?

Hey guys,

First, I'd like to say again that I am a huge supporter of this project and I'm literally kicking myself for passing up the... COUGH "Goofy kickestarter NFT cartoon game 'Steem Monsters'... becuase too cartoony"... COUGH 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

I was still salty from my Spells of Genesis flop 🤷‍♂... turned out to be an AWESOME investment but terrible game -_-... Unlike Splinterlands... which is fun to play, has way better community and I truly believe will continue to kick ass...


Anyways... I see you are continuing to do fantastic work and I look forward to seeing how the Game and Community grows!

I have one idea for the team but it may already have something like it implemented and I just haven't seen it... this came from my previous NFT Gaming experiences and helped their game economy:

When [Assets], such as Credits, Packs, Potions, etc are purchased from the Splinterlands Store - perhaps do a [Burn] of the In-Game Currency used to purchase it?

I.E.: Let's say I use 4,265 DEC to purchase $20 worth of Credits... instead of all $20 going into the "Treasury", if a % was "Burned" it would create a deflationary tool and enhance the value of DEC...

Just a thought for ya that I've seen used before to a degree of success!

Cheers 🍻,

  • CaptainDingus

I love everything about this game and sps. I hate that I found out about this two weeks ago.

Well, at least you're here now. Welcome!

You're right.


Very nice move with rift watchers buyable with SPS, though im curious, do we have any specifics for land? is it due in Q1? that was the impression I have after watching all of the town halls, thanks!



I need to figure out the best treatment for my narcolepsy.
My doctor told me to sleep on it.

@splinterlands, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @forsakensushi
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Awesome stuff, the amount of work yous put in is amazing. We don't need a stable coin, I thought yous putting a "stoploss" of $1/1000 by always (at the very least) accepting DEC at that value was genious. Let DEC moon, no need to stabalize it.

Good job thank you for all your amazing work dev team :)

Yea, @eika! Good to see you active on-chain!! Looking forward! Here's a slice of !PIZZA. I hope it comes hot and you like it!

Thanks :) im still digging, I'm still a bit confused how to use this site hehehe

Great! SPS needed some love. And it got lots of it in this roadmap.

Nice work, sounds like you have a great plan!

Awesome. Cheers to an even better 2022

Splinterlands will surely reach Mars in 2022.

SPS sounds good DEC for sure is going to get hammered over the next few months. Hopefully some value is returned to it again soon.

Absolutely bullish on SPS ! I'm really happy about this article and I can now peacefully go into 2022 with a clear mind. Love you Splinterlands!

Happy holidays

Awesome stuff! I'm excited for the voting on the use of the various funds that are sitting there. Pools and other things will certainly be considered and it will be good to use SPS stake to vote on that stuff!

Can't wait for all the features mentioned above! Any idea of how vouchers will be implemented for riftwatchers?

It's a matter of time now. Get your SPS while it's low! It might never be this price again!

Thanks for the update! I am eager to see the price of SPS increase as it gains more utility. Allowing it to be used for mini edition purchases, and incorporating SPS into land functionality, are great ideas and should create a lot more demand for SPS than it has currently!

I'm super happy that y'all released a roadmap. I enjoy the progress you've made in the development of this game. I'm excited for the implementation of a use for land. We've been waiting for a while. Keep up the good work!

Great news, thanks Splinterlands! I love the new plan!!

Happy New Year!


This is really good news and a brilliant outlook on 2022, as SPS are currently having a difficult time. Bullish on delegation, Riftwatchers, land and especially validator nodes for the techie in me <3


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You can exchange ETH for SPS on GateIO too, as I just did after reading this.
I’m looking forward to playing more Splinterlands in 2022, keep up the good work Splinterlands team and a big shout out to the SCU Alliance 💀⚔️❤️

Sounds like a good plan!!

Will continue to stake SPS 🚀


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Thanks so much for this solid update on sps, land and riftwatchers.

2022 is gonna be so cool so Happy New Year!

Looking forward to this new update! Next year will be one in which I'm sure I'll be playing this game 24/7 it's so much fun from what I've seen in some gameplays

I am not sure, maybe after 7 years of trading stocks and after seeing SPS price declining for several days, I had this intuition that the floor is near. Still fresh in my mind when SPS shoot up way above $1.00 that I told my colleague that we should have bought more SPS prior to vouchers airdrop and CL’s pre-sale. And now with its current decline, a door of opportunity has been re-opened again to add more to our holdings.

Grateful for the update. I think I need to carefully read and digest the material again to understand it completely. The article to me contains many details that are positive not only to SPS, but to the whole economy of Splinterlands.

A blessed 2022 to all SPS holders!

Keep it up and more power to Splinter lands.

Should make it that you need vouchers as well for the packs from Rift Watchers. That gives the people who are seriously invested in the game a perk.

Thanks for this groundbreaking game and experience. Hopefully this provides more clarity for apers who didn't understand this is an actually useful token but it's still being implemented. Great job 😀

just what we needed :) Thx!

there is a disadvantage that there are many people who have created many ac spilterlads to redeem adrop sps

I want to join in prívate sale, what i need?

thanks for sharing.

👏🏻 Amazing and exciting news! Looking forward to 2022.

Good development on the project.. 2022 will be a blast for splintershards..... thump up

I made a German translation of this post to allow for a better information of the German-speaking community.

Looking forward to next year!

super fun times! unfortunately Im blowing a lot of my sps on buying CL packs at the moment....while its at its lowest price : (
Ive never been a smart trader.... just excitable. But Ive started to build a philosophy that works for me: FOLLOW THE FUN
and fun is what we have here ;)
much peace and fun to you all in 2022 x x

wow, a very detailed roadmap.

Sounds really good. Do the SPS validator nodes also track games? Or what will be the use case at the end?

Only the management of funds + government (what already is not bad)?

Really good to hear about this, and I think the choice to make Riftwatchers SPS-driven is a very sensible one indeed!

I've been upping my staking game in recent days, so hopefully I'll be in a decent position once the land expansion comes out :).

Roadmap looks good!

I have a question about the "Pay-to-win-effect" though. Are there any plans / official statements about the subject? It's the biggest critique on the game that I have found on reddit etc..
Seems to me that the proposed Land-usage is only going to increase that effect. Am I wrong?

Thanks for your answer! <3

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