Next Stop: Moon/ Sun?

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I'm not sure what is more exciting:


  • @ned having a new profile image on twitter
  • or him retweeting a tweet from Justin Sun, which basically confirms the speculations around Sun acquiring/investing in Steemit (& potentially Steem).

Regardless, my gut is telling me that something big is going to happen!

And maybe we'll all soon be rewarded for hodling through the driest of dry times.


Most importantly, with a cryptocurrency, that has brought more real value to people and the whole crypto-ecosystem than the majority of other projects.


Application-specific blockchain is performing better than other general purpose blockchains. Wat?

It can be said without doubt that changes will come to Steem, whether they're good or bad, we'll see. But I'd rather see changes, than stagnation and a slow death of Steem.

While Steem isn't just cherrytomatoes (wink) and gold behind the surface, in my opinion, the whole project is pretty much underrated.


And maybe it takes a Sun to kickstart this whole thing?

Whether you hate or love him; one thing is for sure: that man knows how to market himself & his projects.

Tron will be available on the latest Samsung phones in the blockchain keystore.

Samsung phone use is anticipated to surpass 1 billion+ users in the next few years.

And if he'd be involved with Steem, I'm betting 2 STEEM on it, that people will hear about Steem (and SMTs ;) ).

Which makes me excited for what's to come!

What are your thoughts? Next stop moon sun?



I don't even care if he will actually do something useful for Steem(it), that news alone should pump the price.

I mean, it's already pumping, but I don't know if it's related to this.

If next stop sun we all burn to death. Moon is better.

😂 😂 😆

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Both of them look very handsome in their twitter profile pics 🤗

that's important!

I'm ready for change, its been boring lol

ohh yes bro- it was a long time borring time- Time for some real fun now :-))))

Anything/Anyone is better than absent Ned...

Its nice to see all the excitement.
There are pro and cons to this, like everything else, and I hope the pro will outweigh the cons ;)

Ned may have retweeted that by error while practicing his guitar 🎸

Steem is my friend at all time T!

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As important is that German banks now are allowed to add cryptocoins under equity investments. Just hope that steem will be in one basket once like in "small cap cryptocoins".

I saw this this morning and thought, aaah, it's true then!

with the actual aaah in your head??

thats cool

The actual aahhh!!

Hehe ;0)

Let's hope for Moon hehehe, people hate Justin...but truth is he fucking knows how to market or shill or whatever word that suits!!

Well if the Sun is going to help us moon so be it, I see we're almost up to $0.30 now and we're pegged who would have thought? Lots of people thought STEEM was down and out at 0.12 and yet we're still here going strong!

Maybe that was the plan all along.. #accumulating

thats not bad. Maybe thats the start other crypto comminitiey come to steem with smt.

I make my own moon. This is all just extra gravy on the top.

Amazing news to the moon we go!

Looks good but not sure if it's good for Steem or not. What you suggest.. shall we cherish this acquisition since you have awesome knowledge about this. Thanks in advance

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If this turns out to be true, my guess is this was a deal brokered primarily through @Ned from a personal relationship with Justin. If so, Ned has been working quite hard behind the scenes and we kind of owe him an apology.

Also, wouldn’t it be funny if Justin revealed himself as @freedom??

Owe him an apology? No way, even if he was working behind the scenes, he could have written a short tweet saying "Hey Peeps, I am working behind the scenes."

We'd forgotten about Ned anyway. He stopped believing in Steem ages ago. His nice little exit ("moving his steem to hide it from being forked out") was at least of as low impact as possible.

Steem to the moon!

I don't want to go to the Sun. I am happy with the moon. I'll take some honey and travel to moon. So, I will have a nice 'honeymoon' there!😉😉😉

Apart form joke, I think we should not be pessimistic. Steem is a great platform and it will survive despite of all the attacks of the enemies.

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More informations would be nice. At the moment everything could be possible, in a negative or positive way. A hype is going around, yes... but the why...

That tweet really tells a whole lot of positive vibrations accross the globe @therealwolf :D
I am also excited.

This market has one more leg down in it. True hodlers are those that remain after getting their hopes up and then crushed multiple times.

I think that steem specifically will gain in ranking though.

Everyone thought we were dead, now people are going to start looking again, and if they have a brain, they will like what they see.

Dafinatly steem brought real value to to people and crypto ecosystem Justine sun will partner with steem or not steem will have it's own value for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiast

nice to see what will be the outcome.

Justin Sun is such a wild card, not sure his involvement is good or bad in the long run. But at least when the investment is officially announced it will help the price in the short term.

Seems to me some have been pumping TRX for some time. It's over double its price from only 14th of January! It seems like the whales already knew Warren Buffet was about to get some TRX (including Justin Sun himself of course). That might be just because the tide of the bull market, though.

well if he got that steem that was moved on cherrytomatoes (just under 3mil.) i think it will be good. as it is not a sum that makes him the lord, but still big enough.

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I have tweet notifications turned on for Justin Sun, that’s how hyped I am. I want to know the second this info is fully released. Already enjoying a nice Steem pump, but I want more 🤑

My curious thoughts:

  1. Will the Steem blockchain continue to exist on it's own?
    a. Will there still be validators?
    b. What will happen to the other steem dapps?
  2. Who will be the new validators of Steemit? The current ones for Tron?
  3. How long will this transition take?

Forget the sun and moon, lets aim for Pluto and beyond.

Do we have any idea on what will need to be done for the token swap?

I think Sun will moon when he doesn't confuse Steemit with Steem.

It can be said without doubt that changes will come to Steem, whether they're good or bad, we'll see. But I'd rather see changes, than stagnation and a slow death of Steem.

Agree. Lets see how it goes.

What do you think about the token swap?

maybe sun and steem gets burned after todays news :)

Thanks for sharing this post. Like you, I think it is a positive news for Steem generally, as the market has clearly shown in the past few days. However, it is important that stakeholders are carried along and that information about the deal is lucidly available to us. To the success of Steem!

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Well well, so it comes to this finally. We knew it was coming. But Positivity however you view it is a must. Tron$ rep is sad, but so is steemit$. But together we are all stronger. We are all reaching for the same goal to decentralize the world. Does not change the greed of imperfect men tho. Nothing is perfect but we take what we can in the most productive way we can. Its not an easy road, be glad it made some good people rich though, who have the same goals with blockchain. We are not at war with other blockchains we are at war with the corrupt system. We have to come together even if it takes swallowing pride and being humble. Let's do this. This is good if we swallow the red pill. Its only a glitch in the matrix. B⃤ E⃤ W⃤ E⃤ L⃤ L⃤

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Muy buena noticia,todos esperando lo mejor de esteem tras un tiempo malo,saludos y buen dia

It's good for Steem or not? Why Steem should switch to blockchain Tron when it has its own?

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