My ArtVenture: Watercolor painting „Star Wars: The Mandalorian“

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Hello dear Steemians,


As you may all know we are fans of Sci-Fi and of course grown up with Star Wars and Star Trek series and movies. Luckily lately due to advanced technology, there were few movies of both favorite topics. Even our son is grown up watching Star Wars and I remember seeing few of the movies together in Cinema for X-mas.

Couple of weeks ago my hubby told me about “The Mandslorian” a new Saga from Star Wars premiered on Disney and based of George Lucas stories, was on screens since November 12, 2019.

The beginning of official trailer starts with clone trooper helmets on sand and on spears, and the Mandalorian walking by. A lot of action, battles, special effects and great story.




I saw some feedback from many fans and all of them like us were absolutely excited about the beauty and quality of production. Even after two episodes we fell in love with that series and waiting for with anticipation for the next one.

When my hubby saw the Mandalorian he said that he reminds him Cylons from “Galactica”, until now we have not seen who is under the Helmet.

Once I have see it I knew what will be my next painting of course “the Mandalorian”, I decided to use watercolor, because of sky, I thought that it is easier due to water that could create a nice smooth background. I hope you also like me like the result of my 3 days work and would be interesting to know if you also started to watch that adventurous new Series.


My step-by-step process:









The finished painting:


Watercolor painting „Star Wars: The Mandalorian“ by @Stef1

Rough watercolour textured paper 30x40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolours colours in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes


Photo source









I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)




Great work. I'd kill to have that kind of talent 💯

Thank you for your comment, I am glad you like it :)

I saw the first episodes too and i really liked it:) Great artwork dear Stef:)

Hi George, I thought that you watched it too, as all Star Wars adventure there is something that you never can foresee what happens next. I think there will be one of another drawings or painting for this topic in the future :)

Pretty depiction of that Star Wars character you had made @stef1 :D

Thank you @cryptopie for nice words and I am pleased you like it :)

I love this painting ! pls feel free to Visit our discord at to share you post.

Thank you @xoxoone9 for your nice words and for sharing the Discord address :)

This is an incredible adventure piece. I enjoyed your development processes.

Thank you Max, you know how it is when you do something that you really like, that was with this painting and you are right it is interesting to see how the changes from picture to picture. I love to do the steps even for me later to know what I did right or wrong and to avoid mistakes.

Absolutely amazing!!!!! @stef1

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