[Txmek Streams] PoE 3.17 Day #3/4 - Berserk Lightning Strike min-maxing gear

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As you guys know I play PoE every league and this time I decided to stream my adventure with this game. If you want to get some help, ask some question, or just hang out and talk don't be shy. I'm gonna be streaming in a Polish category just because I might have more chances growing there, but don't worry I'll be answering questions in both Polish/English languages. Be aware that I live in 1 room with my parents and it might be loud there.

DAY 3/4

Finally I swapped to Lightning Strike and now the gameplay is so fast. I did a lot of upgrades, so far I got bout 10 exalts but I haven't sold some stuff yet. At this moment I have about 18 m DPS. I'm trying to improve the build but I need to get more currency. I got all 4 voidstones, I've already beat Maven/Sirus/Uber Elder and all that stuff. I'm just missing The Feared/The Hidden. Time to farm for some upgrades!

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How did the league go for you? I'm on my 3rd alt now lol.

Man its really weird. I hoped for this league to be one of the best leagues but instead its so shit. haha. The league mechanic is almost non existent - I'm too lazy to even use it. The atlas changes feels weird too, of course there is more strategies now, but nothing is that profitable as it used to be in previous leagues. Especially when scarabs/essences and most things are almost for free. The only thing that holds me still in the league is that my friends are playing but I'm so bored already. I started as Spectral Helix Berserker, changed to Lightning Strike, quickly fucked all content besides simulacrum 30 (made only 28 waves), bought Headhunter then decided to sell HH after 1 day cause there is no reason to play with HH, because farming bosses or running expedition is more profitable than doing juiced 100% delirium maps. I sold most of my currency for $$$. After that I farmed Elderslayer invitations with my budget version Lightning Strike Berserker, then I got bored and I made Tornado Shot Omnisence ( played 1 day with that build ), got bored and made Spark Champion. Sold it after 2 days. I realized there is no fun builds in PoE, atleast I can't enjoy them. I sold most of my currency for $$$ again and I made a cheap Corrupting Fever Kinetic Blast Gladiator to farm Expedition and gamble gwennen for Mageblood (Its already day 5 since I started farming it and gwennen gave me NOTHING). I'm still playing with the build, currently have over 250 exalted orbs in stash and over 150 in equipement. I'm thinking what to do. I don't know if I want to go for another build (maybe AuraStacker?? maybe AutoBomber??), or sell everything for $ and end the league. This league is really boring, but if I quit I'll be bored too, because besides PoE I have no games that I like to play. Idk gonna decide probably in next 2 days what to do. Maybe i'll sell half exalts for $$ and for the rest make some cheap build to force myself to play this game for longer :D

Dang you been busy!

I been playing around with Expeditions for about half a week now. They are starting to grow on me. I have yet to run a logbook. They look quite crazy.