Day 17 of LUT Squats Challenge

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Today I did two sets of squats. The first one for 70 squats followed by 40 more later on in the evening. I added that little push so I could take my daily squats over the daily target.

Recently I've noticed my knees making popping noises when I squat. Apparently when I googled it, it's quite normal and good warm up excecise can help. That's what I haven't been doing as I just go right into my squats everyday. I'm going to start doing warm ups tomorrow to see if the knee popping disappears.

Here's my progress so far

Squats Challenge - Day 17
Over achieved295


My Squats Challenge is to raise fund for Cancer Research, you can find the full details of it in this post here


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You started with a 70 rep set???? Wow.. Congratulations!

Now you just pumped me and motivated to complete my daily challenge!

Be right back with a three day recap!