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RE: Embers to flame

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I'm glad you are feeling better. Evening walks are the best. It is difficult to stay focused internally when something so much bigger than you is breathing on you with salty winds and showing off how incredibly firm yet flexible the sand beneath your feet is.


Exactly, that feeling of being small, a teeny weeny incy wincy little part of something so much bigger. It puts things into perspective. Also, all that bloody sand getting everywhere gives me problems larger than. Any the universe could conjure for me. 😉

Thanks for your comment Gin, always a pleasure.

Ha, come to think of it, you do strike me as the sort to be fiercely patting sand off of your shoes once you get to your vehicle. I mean that as a compliment - you are detail oriented and like things tidy. Maybe you were born on a Thursday, the kindergarten poem line goes: Thursday's child is tidy and neat. I am a Wednesday. Wednesday's child is ever so sweet. Very true ;) It fails to mention anything about tidy though. I never remember to knock the sand off my shoes.

A Tuesday actually, but you're dead right; I turn sand-patting into an art. I detest it in my vehicles or anywhere upon my person for that matter.

Wednesday and sweet you reckon? All good, but forgetting to pat the sand off? Let the beatings begin!

Well, Tuesday's child is full of grace. So I assume the beatings are graceful. I can see you ballerina leaping about with a fairy wand as a swatting stick. I'm not too scared;)

I'd make a good ballerina if ballerina's couldnt dance, were ugly AF and looked terrible in their costumes. If that's what they are, then I'm a ballerina. Twinkle toes, they call me.

Graceful though, I'm sure. I just googled it, and apparently you call a male ballerina, a ballerino. That should make you feel better about it all.

Hurrah for ballerino's!

Are you sure though? Aren't they just called male ballerina's?

Oh, you can definitely call yourself a ballerino. But truthfully, everyone will call you a male ballerina behind your back.

I would never do that though.

I will call you it to your face.


Well, the electronic version of your face. Your picture, that is.

Happy Wednesday afternoon. I'm still soaking up the dregs of Tuesday over here. I'm not quite ready to let it go yet.