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RE: Embers to flame

in #thoughts6 months ago (edited)
Sometimes it seems life as a whole should be simpler. Too much hurry, scurry all the time. Too much coming from every direction. Too loud. Along the way as I've aged, it seems I have needed more and more of that "self away" time to keep things feeling balanced.
It is good you recognize when you need a reset and then you go do it. Too many people know they need it but don't take it and then they burn out.
I'm glad your walk helped. It sounded peaceful and rejuvinating.

Society seems a huge rush these days and don't seem to have time for the most important things. Wasting ones time on Facebook drama, for instance, has a massive impact. People need to find a way to block it out for their own good, but the fear of missing out on something is a powerful thing I guess. I tend to know when I need a break, a gap or detachment and I needed it last night.

Thanks for commenting, I always find value in your remarks.

It does seem like our society in general now sees more (false) value in doing MORE,MORE,MORE instead of choosing to do less things and doing them well and enjoying them. Kind of sad. The time will pass too fast and I believe too many will one day be looking back wondering why they spent their valuable life's moments like that.
I know taking control over your life is a bit of an illusion, but it is worth the effort to try I think.

Yep, that's right, and when one is looking back at all that wasted time and's too late to go back.